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On Jesus, the Christ Whose Protector is Saint Joseph

Updated on August 20, 2015

Praises are due to Jesus, the Christ, who is God!

Of God to whomever are thanks are due! Realizing so truly my need of others. That's Thessalonians that says night and day and nor yet of others, quote and unquote.

And when I was reading that scripture, I was so happy to find that. And how I write is nor does anything else to do that does and that belongs to us. Nor yet of us Shea's, nor yet of us Keifer's.

Nor is anymore writings that were mine for I am already ready keeping on and on of more good thoughts and more good thinking on the pages of my notebooks.

And for dreams and for visions that God has given have come to me when I needed encouragement and increases of faith, hope and love.

Nor of hope I make prayers that my works will be completed and finished or done.

After the pursuit of perfection and understanding, when God has been for my wisdom over the years. When I receive Jesus at the Holy Roman Catholic Church and I only believed for God's Wisdom and for God's power and whenever that's Jesus! O Glory, O Love!


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    • SherAnne profile image

      Sherry Shea Jubelirer 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Honestly my readers, more appreciation and comments are absolutely encouraged!