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Minute To Win It He's got Your Next

Updated on February 18, 2016

Minute to minute you can win it

Minute to minute He's got your NEXT
Minute to minute He's got your NEXT

One day always leads to the next ~ take it one minute at a time

One day is always leading to the next! Waking up each day, we're thankful for our first breath. Then from that moment we tackle the minutes of life stringing them together to make up our day. Some days are met with sadness pulling us into a pit of despair. Then just as quickly the next day brings buckets of joyful hope. We experience days when we wonder the WHY'S, then prayers are answered, and we see the BECAUSE. We get lost in the navigation of our minutes not allowing the Captain to lead. We're wrestling with thoughts of conclusion when He's just beginning our next.

We need to remember in our moments that God has great plans for the next day. We need to not rely on our own understanding, but rather stand firm in the faith that God is in control. We realize and are humbled by all of our answered prayers. We trust in faith as we see so many of our lives still a work in progress. If we take the time to truly evaluate every minute of our existence, it undoubtedly proves OUR GOD is an AWESOME and LOVING GOD.

It's funny how as a society we are mesmerized with the quick fix, "the minute to win it" approach. When in our moment we often miss the steps it takes to allow for our next minute. Every action and reaction is planned and will be used. Every second is designed for the production of our next.

Have you ever sat in a place wondering will this continue. Sometimes it's a feeling you would like to last. Often it's an experience you wish to pass and pass quickly. We claim to trust in the outcomes and we push forward and yet so many of us throw in the towel before God is finished with our work. He is a potter and we are the clay, but we seem to want to mold ourselves as opposed to trusting He will be in every minute and the next.

~ Take a leap see what's NEXT ~

Let Go and Let God
Let Go and Let God

Thank You God

Thank you, God, for all of it, every minute, second and even millisecond. The tears followed by the smiles. The stress followed by the release. The ache of a heart followed by the warmth of a hug. Just thank you, God, for every magnificent act of joy or sadness, pain or recovery, and for every question followed by an answer.

You are everything good and we're so very blessed that you never give up on us, no matter what. You guide and gently pushing us toward the plans you have for our lives. You have complete mastery over our possibilities. You Lord is so very patient and understanding of our failings. You are our biggest cheerleader. In our successes, you are there allowing us to bring others toward you.

When we close our ears to your words or guidance you creatively find other ways to seep into the innermost part of who we are and there you settle our minds and hearts. It is here Lord where You do Your most amazing work. You creatively clear away the layers blocking us from Your vision of how we are to use everything for You. Thank you for taking your minute that is our forever in you, thank you for taking your minutes to win it, for each of us. Thank you for never giving up on us. We lack trust that you are in our every minute and in our next and you will always lead us. Why do we fight your love and protection when all we need to do is follow you to our next? You are all we need, sadly we live in this immediate world and we miss so much from one minute to the next. Thank you, God, for leading even when we don't follow.

Stop the rush into your next minute

We need to stop rushing into our minutes slowing down enough to see that we have a great God in the lead to follow. We need to let Him be the Captain leading us into every next that will come in His timing.

We begin to feel an urge to do an immediate something or go a certain direction without full clarity, and then fall to our knees when we see the power of God's direction. We must stop the hurry of this world and recognize every tiny miracle that God has provided and allowed.

We must be thankful for the barriers He has placed against the evils trying to take hold. One defense at a time, He may be using you as a protector or perhaps you’re the protected in a particular moment. Feel assured He is orchestrating a most comforting and beautiful symphony. He is using every tear, smile, anger, and pain together for HIS great plan. He is taking all the emotion the feelings and trial and success and mixing them together. He places us in His calming and loving hands where He decides our next minute.

He may hide them for a bit, at times, the bit seems like a tortuously long time. Never is it longer or more than the CROSS He bore for all of us, and to think He would do that for us, sinners. Then just when you can’t figure one more way to comprehend that reality. He opens His hands and reveals the beauty of His work. Yes Lord you always take One Minute and lead it to our next.

Put your hand in HIS

Let Him take the lead of your minute!
Let Him take the lead of your minute!

Take my hand and lead me

Our tears are so very often a response to the absolute radiance and passion You instill in our hearts as believers of Your promises. Smiles are the relaxing circles of comfort You provide to those who do their best to pick up their own cross and follow You with a burning desire for all that YOU are. We are so looking forward to what is NEXT, thank you a million times over, even when it gets tough in a loss, confusion, disillusionment we need to remember You are our next. There in your next we will meet those we lost, we will live in Your glory.

( Here is a little prayer you might say to calm your spirit and trust in His lead, maybe take a minute and read it. After all, what could it hurt and maybe it could even help. It just takes a minute to stop and talk to the one that can lead you. He leads in you this minute, to your next. One Minute at a time is all any of us can handle. We mess up sometimes and sometimes we get it right, but there is always the next minute. Until minutes just don't matter anymore, because you are finally home with Him.)


Thank you for allowing me to be led by You. I will try my best in those minutes where I want to win so fast,that your timing is perfect. I will pray for the patience You show in loving us unconditionally. I will follow you to the next minute, even if you have to give me a push. I am so excited for the next minute that I will have in You, for You God are all I need. Take my hand, be my Captain. Take the lead and I will follow you until I am home.


Peace in your STAGES :)

Wherever You Go by Audrey Assad

How do you feel about letting God take you to your next minute to WIN? it

Are you a minute to win it kind of person? Do you tend to rush things and not trust things? Can you give the lead to GOD and see what happens?

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    • BlossomSB profile image

      Bronwen Scott-Branagan 4 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      A lovely way to express the varying emotions caused by all the unsettling changes we meet along life's journey. How wonderful is our God whose love and care for us never changes.

    • The Stages Of ME profile image

      The Stages Of ME 4 years ago

      Thank you Faith Reaper have a blessed day :)

    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 4 years ago from southern USA

      Amen on this one. Life is ever changing, and it is true, one day it feels like the end of the world due to some circumstance, and then the very next day, the sun will rise, and everything has changed. I know about praying and seeing the answers to those prayers! He is an awesome God. Loved this. In His Love, Faith Reaper

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