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One word for Life "Relative"

Updated on February 20, 2016

There is one thing that I liked the best in studying science, and that is how things are relative, even though I am not talking about Science here.

How many people do we see in our life who say that they are happy? I am not saying that there are no such people, but we rarely find people who are happy in their life. If a person earns $3000 a month, he would say I wish I was making at least $5000. and when the person starts earning $5000, he would wish for more. A human being is insatiable. And that's the main reason for our misery. We always want more, and mind you, all the things that we desire are relative to what we want to have. and that's the main problem right there, We always compare to the things that we have now to the things that we want more from our life, instead of what we had before. We forget to compare ourselves to the right things. The comparison should lie within self. When we look for comparison externally, we should know that we are setting ourselves up for failure. We would never be able to outdo the expectations of everyone.

Like I have mentioned in my title, the word "Relative" is actually relevant in most of the aspects of our lives, one of them is Judgment. we judge people everyday in our life, even though inadvertently. But what we fail to comprehend for ourselves when we judge others is what is the standard the other person lives his life up to. we have the differences in culture and religions, but we know about that and we can easily point them out and make our opinion based on that. But what we fail to comprehend is the differences in the same culture or religion. I have often heard people saying they shouldn't have done that, if I was in their place I would have done something different. People make themselves standard for judging others. They always think of themselves as the basis when making judgment or criticizing others and when there is a deviation from it, it just means that the other person is wrong. If someone says to us that the other person is this and that, we shouldn't automatically take it as an absolute assessment.

We need to be more emphatic and understanding. There is nothing like absolute, everything is relative. Its just a matter how we choose to interpret it in the first place. That makes all the difference.


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    • Paul K Francis profile image

      Paul K Francis 22 months ago from east coast,USA

      Nice article. I like your ideas on this subject. After suffering through some difficult times, it can sometimes be mind boggling to see how much it takes for some people to be content. But I judge them not! Have a wonderful day!