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Online Bible Verses - Hebrews 11:1 - Something to Believe in

Updated on July 26, 2012

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see”

Hebrews 11.1

Faith can vary in degree. Sometimes it can border on certainty. For instance, I have a great deal of faith that I will awaken to a new day tomorrow. Not a guarantee, but I am quite confident it will happen.

Am I equally as confident that Christ resurrected himself from the grave? That varies. Sometimes I am absolutely positive, full of unwavering faith. In other instances I may be a bit less fired up, but always feel it more likely than not. How in the world did I come to a point where I would buy into the Bible account from cover to cover? Well, it did not happen overnight, although I think it could have. God had His reasons for a gradual build up.

When I assemble all the evidence that has been presented to me, in the face of it I must make a choice. One tiny piece of evidence that has recently been added to an already huge and mounting heap, the process of aging. That would have seemed odd as a younger man, as you just don’t consider it until it begins to happen. Aging makes me think deeply and consider many things. I crank Pandora radio daily while I sit and work in the lab. With almost every single song I have hauntingly accurate recollections, some from when I was just a little kid. As I sit there working, I am overcome with emotion. I simply cannot believe how quickly 40 years have flown by. And God’s word speaks to me in Psalm 39:4:

“Show me,Lord, my life’s end
and the number of my days;
let me know how fleeting my life is.
You have made my days a mere handbreadth;
the span of my years is as nothing before you.
Everyone is but a breath,
even those who seem secure.”

And this is how an already strong faith gets stronger. What has already demonstrated itself to be reliable becomes even more so with time. I read it and find new things. Things which support and build upon a foundation laid by those prior. A mountain of faith is being built.

God’s word + that created on which He left His signature + His seemingly undeniable intercession in my life + fulfilled prophecy + a world lining up perfectly in concert with that yet to be fulfilled = a good enough reason to believe.


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    • lucabrasi profile image

      lucabrasi 5 years ago from Greensboro, NC

      Thanks friend.

    • profile image

      chrisinhawaii 5 years ago

      A nicely written hub, lucabrasi. Sometimes my faith will waiver too, but God just keeps bringing me back. "To whom shall we go", right? Voted up, useful, and interesting. Aloha.

    • lucabrasi profile image

      lucabrasi 5 years ago from Greensboro, NC

      Thanks Joe. Listen to local KLOVE as well.

    • teacherjoe52 profile image

      teacherjoe52 5 years ago

      Hi lucabrasi,

      I agree very much.

      My choice is wordoftruthradio or crosswalk. To each there own though. I am sure pandora is good.

      God bless you.