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Online Bible Verses - Matthew 16:15 - Who do you say that I am?

Updated on July 22, 2012

““But what about you?” he asked. “Who do you say I am?” Simon Peter answered, “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.””

Matthew 16:15 – 16

Gosh. Sometimes I sit down, read the verse and think, “Wow, this one covers too much.” A hallmark topic, a cornerstone of the Gospel. I could write a book, in fact books have been written. The topic, “who was Jesus”?

Depending on that answer, who is He?

First, let’s discuss who He was not and why it must be as such.

He was not merely a teacher, for if He was that and only that, then He was a poor one. Let us not forget who He claimed to be, and nail it down in the same direct fashion of His claim. He claimed to be one in the same with God, having all authority commensurate with that title. And, if that were a misrepresentation, then He would be a teacher putting forth falsehood. Not the kind of teacher one would aspire to be, nor hope to be taught by. So not just a teacher.

Not just a prophet, for the definition of prophet requires 100% accuracy for claims and predictions. Again, any falsehood regarding identity would disqualify.

Conspirator? A peculiar one, in that establishing a legend of sorts and fledgling institution now claiming billions of members worldwide required that He not stick around to appreciate any of it. That in pulling off the deception, He was willing to be nailed to a cross.

Revolutionary. To be that, one would have to believe passionately in the movement He fought for. If so, and if not who He said He was, we would rather be dealing with a lunatic.

So it boils down to three possibilities: Lord, lunatic or liar.

Peter saw some amazing things happen and believed. But wait a minute, did Peter not deny Christ three times when it counted? He did. And did Jesus discard Him? He did not. He forgave Him, loved Him and saved Him.

Same promise He has made to me, even when I let Him down.

I’ve looked at my life, my own history and experience. Also at the state of this world, along with the message of the Gospel in considerable detail including analysis concerning its validity. Have come to the conclusion we have enough evidence to demand a verdict, and placed my faith in the risen Christ as Savior and Lord. So I talk to Him every day, believe He is there to hear me. Believe he was there 2000 years ago on my behalf (and yours). Believe I will see Him someday, that is my hope.

Seems like kind of a crap shoot otherwise, I suppose worst case being I will just be in the same boat as everyone else.

Maybe come back as a bird. I would like to fly. My little cockatiel is sitting here on the kitchen counter making noises, his name is Kinklefritz. As I look at him, I see beautiful evidence of intelligent design. Someone made him, he was no accident. Brings me back to personal God and who He might be. Right back to where we started today.


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