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Online Bible Verses - Psalm 46:10 - Be still, and know that I am God

Updated on January 13, 2013

“He says, “Be still, and know that I am God””

Psalm 46:10

Sometimes things look too big. Way too big to handle. One might be looking at a huge medical bill they cannot afford and are not insured for, coupled with catastrophic injury. Maybe throw in an already diseased state to begin with; one that already existed prior to breaking every major bone on one side of your body. Heck, add to that a struggle with alcoholism which had begun to look hopeless. While we are at it, let’s put the proverbial whip cream on and cherry on top: a spouse who has had just about enough, and who’s “best friends” are advising her to leave.

A God sized predicament, one of many we could dream up or perhaps speak to and recall, a scenario which prompted a state of hopelessness.

But no task, no matter how big, is beyond or outside God’s ability to fix. And so He tells us today, be still and know that I am much bigger than any problem you might face. In addition, I love you and want to help you. The only thing standing in the way would be your unwillingness to ask with a completely open heart, to yield and relinquish control. Be willing to do it my way. After all, it was your way which put you in this mess to begin with.

Can you accept that? Good. Now just be still and let me fix it.


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