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Only Gods Perfection Goes Forth

Updated on February 15, 2015

"I use a lot of different words for God - infinite intelligence, primordial, perfection or universal creativity. All of these, to me, are God. And 'God' is a word, I think, that some people feel uncomfortable with, so they can use another word, you know? It's the great mystery."

Alex Grey

Once Upon A Time In A Land Far Away...

A philosopher first and foremost, I am always thinking about things. When I am troubled or afraid, and especially afraid, I look for something to sooth my fear. I can be of no help to anyone, not even myself if I am afraid.

It is my impression that what we think about draws events and people to us and we follow the path, from this influence, that will bring us more of the same. So being the philosopher I am, I always want to bring the best possible outcome to any situation where I am troubled or afraid. Last night, events in my life brought me to heart-pounding fear, and I could not relax or sleep as a result of my vision. I tossed and turned in bed, trying to get past my discomfort. Time to find inspiration in the book that has never failed to give me sound advice.

In 1935 the book, "The I AM Discourses" written by Godfre' Ray King, was published. Simply put, it is about being, seeing, doing, and feeling one's Divine Self and ultimately, intentionally creating one's Divine Self. So, I capsulize all the thoughts that are giving me this fear and discomfort. I put that all into a question. What path shall I take here? Then, I open the book and start reading both pages until I am sure I have received the answer. Last night, it started with how we think of others and ourselves and the energy that either inhibits the good will of others and ourselves, or it opens up something that has real possibility. I read on, and I finally think I understood reincarnation. It talked about how our negative thoughts and feelings of others can actually stunt that person's ability. It also stunts our abilities. It is the immediate karmic fulfillment for what we have done to another. I don't want that, not for myself or anyone else. I thought about another article that I had written called, "This Is What I Want" where I said I would be willing to agree to respect you and myself, because I want to find something on which we can both agree and which would improve both our lives. I still do want this, but even more I am willing to stop indulging my fears and holding back from actually respecting you and myself. For me, it comes down to this--it really is up to each of us to be more responsible for what we are thinking.

The next part of the text was about habits or actions we take automatically which are detrimental to us. Undesirable habits have a mighty hold over the psyche and can cause much unhappiness and issues with our health if left unchecked. The book went on to say that every time we stand in the face of repeating a bad habit, yet again, instead, to say the words aloud, "Only God's perfection goes forth." And, continue to say this until peace has returned to your mind and to your being. It took a few minutes saying this over and over to myself and actually visualizing that I live in a world where this could happen, but my turmoil left me. It appears to me that many of us in this world could use this and maybe it would help to get us past our fear. We will not do the right thing for each other if we live in fear. We will not do the right things for ourselves either. It does not matter whether you believe in God or not, you surely cannot be naïve enough to believe you are the highest source of power in this universe. A power far greater than our own knows everything there is to know about perfection and we have everything to gain by being a conscious co-creator with this source.




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