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Only Love. To Patricia Scott and Dear Ones

Updated on February 13, 2015
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Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

Exquisite and charming


“I have phrases and whole pages memorized,

But nothing can be told of love.

You must wait until you and I

Are living together.

In the conversation we'll have patient...then.” -Rumi

We are all Eternity’s children, playing and dancing on the Wings of Infinity. The elegance and majesty of the Spirit shine like butterflies in our hearts, as we strive to offer our beauty; our persona, in a world filled with grandeur.

Intuitively, there may be a sense that we are being guided from within; that we have our own uniqueness, as we strive to express or bring down a Higher Consciousness, into the Earth Arena. Jews, Muslims, Jains; Christians …all follow what is seemingly our own journey, and yet Love binds, singing and blending, like the mother and child, into the core of every Heart:

“Suddenly the drunken sweetheart appeared out of my door.

She drank a cup of ruby wine and sat by my side.

Seeing and holding the lockets of her hair

My face became all eyes, and my eyes all hands.” –Rumi’s Thief of Sleep by Shahram Shiva

Celestially Yours


Amidst all this the Master Blender showers His Grace, ever compassionate in our darkness, and singing in our joys. Both Light and night are the dance of Love, and the Devotee knows that this Light sends forth its healing rays, even when the shadows are dense.

Thus Love is ever growing in the Soul, glowing in the heart, with a final flow or manifestation of the Divine, in and through its messenger-temple, the body.



However, Love, with the essence of fire, and ever-pruning like the river, will continue – for its own glory – to bring us stings. The mother in childbirth may indeed have a forced labour, but beyond the valley of the struggle, there is the certainty of the mountain that holds ‘sweet’ promises. Soon the newborn is delivered, and there is ceaseless joy.

Paul, the great servant of Christ, expressed this eloquently:

“If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing.” 1 Corinthians 13: 1-2. (NIV)

The great writer of the Interior Castle, St. Theresa of Avila, exhorts us not to be afraid. She assures us that all things are ephemeral; to be patient, as in possessing God we possess everything.

“Let nothing disturb you,
Let nothing frighten you,
All things are passing away:
God never changes.
Patience obtains all things.

Whoever has God lacks nothing;
God alone suffices.” – St. Theresa of Avila.

Celestial Love




All this deepens my love and as such God’s Essence, like a tuning fork, resonates in my Heart.

“O God, why should I worry about believers, non-believers and stark atheist? Who cares for the externals? All are Your children. I only know that I experience the thrills of victory-bells, like a sweet furnace in my Heart.” - Manatita

And so the flower adds fragrance to our beauty; nature dances to the rhythm of this moving world, birds sing sweetly in Paradise. Love radiates the life of harmony and twirls with its vision or dreams, like clay, to shape our destiny supreme.

Wherever or whenever we can, let us be strong; pray for fortitude, send out kindness to our ancestors and past hurts, and rejoice with the inspirational gospel and immortal song. It will be an inner Freedom and not a passing one, a triumphal coming home of the Spirit of Bliss, Serenity and Delight, saying: "Free at last, free at last, give God the glory, for I am free at last, and my Soul is filled with LOVE." Rumi expresses this with loftiness and sublimity:

“When I am with you, we stay up all night,

When you're not here, I can't get to sleep.

Praise God for these two insomnias!

And the difference between them.” -Essential Rumi by Coleman Barks.


-Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. Copyrighted, 12th February, 2015.

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    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 3 years ago from london

      Thank you, Patricia.

      I was away, so sorry.

      I try, and while my words may be beautiful, be certain that I'm also practical and recognise the pain. I commend your family for its Fortitude, faith and yes, Hope, that necessary ingredient without which the banquet would not be right.

      Please accept my prayers and the tiny morsel of Love from what God has granted me. Glad you like Rumi. Look him up if you have time. Salaam!


      I thank you so much. Give me time and I'll look you up. Peace, Bro.

      Hi Victor, my faithful friend. Was away, so sorry. So glad that you like this piece. It's in some ways, a poetical rendition of prose, although not intended in this piece. Much love.

    • vkwok profile image

      Victor W. Kwok 3 years ago from Hawaii

      This is a deeply moving hub, Manatita. Bravo!

    • cam8510 profile image

      Chris Mills 3 years ago from Missoula, Montana at least until March 2018

      Beautiful words and message. Thanks for sharing them with us.

    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 3 years ago from sunny Florida

      Yes it is love that lifts us every time. And the stings that come with it make it that much more precious. And coupled with love is that sister HOPE that keeps our hearts and souls alive and believing in the possibilities that are just ahead.

      The video on the wings of love was perfection.

      Thank you so very much for your kindness and thoughtfulness in sharing your love across the world to our home and family in this tiny burg in the US.

      We are truly the family of humans...not even time and space can separate us.

      Angels are on the way to you this morning. I am deeply moved. ps

      Voted up++++ and shared ps

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 3 years ago from london

      Thank you, BlossomSB, and God bless you, too, my Friend.

      Deergha, I also read your Hub for Stephanie, as you know. May they continue in God's love and beauty. Thank you so much. Salaam!

    • dghbrh profile image

      deergha 3 years ago from ...... a place beyond now and beyond here !!!

      Very nicely done with the presentation about life's many phases. But lastly the love and wisdom wins the ultimate quest of this time we are here and you have drawn a very clear image of that through this hub. Its kind of a cool taste of water to a craving soul amidst the wide desert of life. The peace and love towards the strong Family of Patricia and her daughter Stephanie is really very commendable, Manatita. Keep up the good work.

      Om Shanti !!!!!

    • BlossomSB profile image

      Bronwen Scott-Branagan 3 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      So very beautiful! May God bless you.

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 3 years ago from london

      Thank you so much Bill. Appreciated.

      Mary, I thank you for a heart of discernment and beauty. Peace.


      Thank you so much. Let us continue to praise indeed!

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

      A wonderful message as Valentine's Day hovers in front of us. You do these so well, my friend.

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 3 years ago from london

      Thank you, my sweet. Higher blessings.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 3 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Your words and the beautiful video has such a calming effect. I love your thoughts on love. Thank you again for poetry that touches my heart...

    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 3 years ago from southern USA

      Truly exquisitely expressed words of love and all that it entails. Our dear friend, PS, will love this so much. We praise God for each breath we are able to take! Up ++++ Peace and blessings always

    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 3 years ago from New York

      You've captured the ups and downs as well as the ins and outs of love. We must love and yet the love often comes with a price. We live for the love of God.

      Voted up, awesome, and beautiful.