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Orb images captured at Faerieworlds 2012

Updated on August 8, 2013

The magic of Faerieworlds captured in photos

Orbs come out in force to celebrate the realm of the faerie.
Orbs come out in force to celebrate the realm of the faerie. | Source
Mt Pisgah, Eugene, Oregon provided the backdrop for Faerieworlds 2012. Thousands attended.
Mt Pisgah, Eugene, Oregon provided the backdrop for Faerieworlds 2012. Thousands attended. | Source
Believe... And they will come.
Believe... And they will come. | Source
Music magic as Ireland comes to Eugene.
Music magic as Ireland comes to Eugene. | Source
Orb hunter.
Orb hunter. | Source
My fantastic fairie.
My fantastic fairie. | Source
Winged party goer.
Winged party goer. | Source
Children of the realm.
Children of the realm. | Source
Night light magic!
Night light magic! | Source
Night action captured
Night action captured | Source
Headliner Delhi2Dublin. Nothing else like them on the planet.
Headliner Delhi2Dublin. Nothing else like them on the planet. | Source

Orbs love to party!

Traveling to Eugene, Oregon's Mount Pisgah to attend the world’s largest faerie festival was admittedly a short journey; convincing me to do so was a bit more of a stretch.

But, as one that believes in the possibility of all things possible, I was compelled to do so and journeyed forth with a sense of great adventure!

Faerieworlds is an annual event that is a bit difficult to describe to one that has not attended it. To say the least, eye brows raise a bit as you disclose to the interested party that indeed a world exists where faeries are not only believed in, but celebrated with great pageantry. Nordic and Gaelic musical beats meet festive costumed dancers and party goers of all ages. All are welcome to the laird of the faerie, and thousands come to celebrate their lore.

Every cultures on earth have folk tales of 'little people,' fairies, wizards and orb filled woods. That's what's celebrated at Faerieworlds.

Arts and crafts, clothing, food, mead and drink abound in a village setting cast against the base of Mount Pisgah. Costumes are optional, but arriving in street clothes is akin to being fully dressed at a nudist colony. So, with flowered wings attached to flowing dresses, Merlin costumes, hoofed newts, gremlins and steam punk revel rousers, this celebration of the Faerie fills the valley for three days; before packing up the tent and heading off to faraway lands.

For me this was somewhat of a back to the future moment. As I captured hundreds of images of the crowd attending the Saturday night concert, the orbs where out in force and I was there to greet them. Three years earlier I had captured arguably the finest orb photograph ever captured, as the crowd walked through the kingdom of the faerie.

Each year since I've not been disappointed. Orbs love to party!

Perhaps someday you’ll allow yourself the magical experience of Faerieworlds. Until then, enjoy the photos.


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