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Orchard Trees Bacon Lust and Glory

Updated on May 30, 2015

Orchar Trees Bacon Life and Glory


Orchard Trees Bacon Lust and Glory

‎Orchard Trees Bacon Lust and Glory‎

Trees below the river banks of the white orchard‎‎and amarula tree.
Boiled eggs sprout from the branches only to be
fried under the ‎African sun.‎
The Kalahari‎ desert is composed of heaps
Of yeast, toast is served at sunrise.‎‎Breakfast is served when Ostriches
pluck their head in the sub Saharan soil, listening ‎to the sounds of the rains that are on their way....‎
The wind is childish throwing tantrums blowing
roofs of houses across the street.‎‎‎‎Vision is blury mist thick view kind of hazey. ‎‎In no time the natives know the air will be thick ‎‎‎mother nature rages mankind puts animals in
‎Reality is a zoo.‎‎Misconceptions are born in the mists of
uncertainty. ‎‎Heaven is composed of all that mother earth

All that lies in our world the symbol in our dreams ‎
manifest in our world, all we desire is a reflection
of our embition. Intelligence is shaped by our wit
and sense of humour. Honour is living on mercy
Treasuring our life against all odds living on our ‎knees ‎until our freedom is granted.
The hands of time bury history in the memory
of nobility. ‎

Regret is like a parasite sucking the life of ‎happiness ‎in board day light, darkness larks
as the sun sets.
Tomorrow is reflection of all that lies in today's
world‎, memories are built on the pillars of ‎yesterday.
Joy is in the mists of the forests of happiness
ever changing concepts of self and reality.
‎The ability to reason, complements uncertainty.‎

The Mind
Where do our thoughts come from?
Memory the ability to recognise and remember
and reflect on the past, weather pleasant or

The accumulation of knowledge in accord
with experience, help us to mature intellectually
and grow spiritually.‎
Are you happy?
What is your deepest desire?
What are the symbols In your dreams?‎
Are thought born out of free will or are they the off
spring of motive?
‎How is one to free oneself from thought?

Perhaps in the process of unlocking the chains of
time grasp a deeper and purpose for ones life and
exsistance .‎‎What have you done with your gift of life?
When your dreams shatter who picks them up?



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