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Organised, relaxed and full of happiness, Herb Exe.

Updated on September 9, 2015

Herb Exe, my good brother.


Herb Exe, Mosotho Sam.

‎Mosotho.( You Amaze Me).
Organised, relaxed and full of happiness, Herb- Ex.‎

Your Kindness is nestled in gratitude.
Your friendship is upright.
Your love is nurturing.
Your words are kind and they heal scares of time.
Your laughter is hilarious, like that for a chip monk.
Your wisdom is that of a monk from the mountains of Lesotho.

Your m‎ind is a fountain of wisdom.
Your trust could never be misplaced.
Loyalty is all you know.

All the music we have shared.
Hip hop shows we have performed in.
Girls would not get in between us.
We brothers and respect what dwells in our hearts.

May you continue to grow materially, spiritually and emotionally.
May you continue to provide for your family.
May the Lord watch over your loved ones at all costs.
May you not be bruised by pain.
May you cherish the little things in life that we take for granted.
May your wishes dwell and manifest in your reality.

May life and circumstances be kind.
May you c‎ontinue to walk in the light.
May you c‎onversate with God daily.
May your prayers be answered.
May darkness turn into light when a new day breaks.

Thank you for caring.
Thank you for the pennies that got me through the month.
The rands for the petrol to help me get home, and back to your residence
the next day.

May your Kindness be nurtured.
May you prosper.
May you witness your deepest dreams c‎oming to LIFE.
May you continue to love self.
May the Universe bless you with a spouse.

To many more pleasant memories.
To joy furnishing in the face of adversity.
To happiness finding a place in your exsistance and heart.

May life be kind.
To the accumulation of pennies ‎into a fortune.
To travelling the earth.
To good food.
Lots of rest.
To joy.
Love and liberation from suffering.

My dear friend Sam.

Gods Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala


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