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Organized Religion as Crowd Control

Updated on May 6, 2014
The story, Jungle Book tells of a child raised by animals who happens upon human beings and learns to function in both worlds. There is plenty of truth in this story.
The story, Jungle Book tells of a child raised by animals who happens upon human beings and learns to function in both worlds. There is plenty of truth in this story. | Source

Ignorance and Myth as a Combined Psyop

Consider for a moment, some weird stories that arise out of strange encounters in nature. Among those are the human children raised by wolves, cats, goats, monkey and pigs. They are called feral children and sometimes a strange confluence of circumstances unites human babies and very young children with animal care givers. Indeed, even the story of the founding of Rome has Romulus and Remus raised by a she wolf. These two are said to be the founders of Rome around 753 to 728 BC. There is a lot of myth surrounding these two, but at least there is supporting evidence of human children raised by wolves. Romulus it turns out, has many characteristics in common with Jesus Christ, but the closest Jesus ever got to being raised by animals is in his birth place in a manger. Both his natural parents were with him as the story goes, so he did not become a feral child. A 1920 example of a wolf raised children came to light in the Jungles of India where two girls were found being raised by a she-wolf in a pack of wolves in a cave, It is not known when the wolves “adopted” the two children or the circumstances. Attempts to care for and civilize the girls failed when they both died under human care (1, 2). Stories also exist of abandoned children adopted by animals. Sometimes, an animal has lost its own children and is in mourning and upon finding a human baby, adopts it and cares for it as its own. Such is the power of the mothering instinct. There are stories where humans adopt animals and raise them as their own. There is a famous story of a park ranger who encountered a dead grizzly mother with two live cubs. He took both and cared for them. One died, but the other grew into a full sized grizzly. The two are the best of friends. There are plenty of stories of inter-animal adoptions too, like dogs caring for kittens and others that seem outright impossible except for the existence of voluminous evidence.

Children raised by animals all have the same characteristics. They take on the nature and personality of their adopted parents. Many have a dread of human beings. Once captured and “re-educated” by humans, the task almost always fails and/or they die in captivity. Some escape and go back to the wilds that they grew up in their formative years and with which they are familiar. This leaves many people who have had such a turn of events to believe that they should have never interfered and let nature take its course. Perhaps the stories of werewolves have their origins here. Basic species learning begins early in life and is cemented in by around two to three years of life for humans, less so for animals, after which it is very difficult to reprogram learning. Any feral child raised by an animal mother has extreme difficulty learning to be human, like walking upright, learning a language and other human activities. The later this relearning starts, the more difficult it becomes. The opposite is also true insofar as chimps have been raised as humans with chilling results (3). One particular experiment has the elements in the movie, Planet of the Apes. Most pet owners consider that their dogs and cats have very human like qualities, especially if they have been raised from a very early age without their own biological parents. There is a standard joke about how much dog owners look like their dogs.

Consider the young child who survives a war, and there are plenty of those. Many will cling to dead mothers until rescued by soldiers and in some cases by animal mothers who lost their child in the same war and then adopts the newly found baby. For the rescued baby adopted by an enemy soldier, they will likely be raised in another culture and may grow up never to remember anything of a former culture. This can happen as a spontaneous flow of events, or it can be deliberate, such as in the case of dismantling of first nations cultures around the world with the theft of babies and young children. On the other hand, if the child is not discovered and is raised by the animal mother, the adopted child will take on the characteristics of the animal parent and behave like that species. As babies are highly adaptable to learning at an early age, they can literally become like any animal that happens to raise them.

Residential schools were designed for the single task of smashing existing cultures and re-educating the young into a new invading culture.
Residential schools were designed for the single task of smashing existing cultures and re-educating the young into a new invading culture. | Source

This all points to one very important reality; that is; to get children at as early a stage as possible to educate and bring them up in any cultural way desired. The very young are totally dependant on the kindness of parents, no matter who or what those parents turn out to be. Thus, there is a ready conduit to program that young person into whatever the parent wants the child to become. In some cases, like the Nazi brood mothers restructuring of society, the state had total control of all the children so raised and they were brought up to be perfect Nazis.

Class division and hierarchy has existed in human cultures around the world for a very long time. It is one reason why this societal structure is historically tenacious. This is easily verified by studying the literature of any long standing, continuous culture around the world such as India. Class division exists in a civilized and specialized condition, so that a few at the top are learned and most are not and do tasks to not only support themselves, but all the specialized folk around and above them including the elites in this hierarchy.

Human beings are also naturally in awe of nature, some events of which can be overwhelming in scope. Natural forces became the gods that were the very first to be worshipped and sacrificed to. These became the foundation of our myths that embellish the pages of world scriptures. Those who accumulated knowledge to understand some of the more obvious patterns and ways of nature, were in a unique position to gain control of those who did not. The more learned the culture, the more these elites could predict phenomena and the more mysterious they became to the uninitiated. They attained a mythological status of their own. The elite learned early to become as gods over the rest to lord it over the rest. This continues to the present moment where we think that we are the masters of deductive and inductive logic. But logic of any kind appears to be as rare in the 21st century as it was during the Roman imperialist and classical Greek eras. Instead, most people are given only enough knowledge in order to fulfil their designated role in society. Questioning and free thinking are discouraged, obedience and rote memory encouraged and plenty of distractions are provided to occupy the masses. In the place of real knowledge, myth is inserted and this comes out in abundance through popular movie entertainment. We have more in common with the Medieval period than we wish to think. This is the nature of crowd control at its heart. Religion, that primarily functions through faith and belief in supernatural occurrences, is the preferred tool of control. This is the chief reason it is so pervasive. The natural world is seen to be governed by the forces of superhuman beings who not only created the phenomenal world, but demand worship, sacrifice and obedience. It just so happens that there are mediators present to receive the benefits that this creates and they are among the elites. This is the true destination of sacrifice, obedience and worship. This is the foundation of organized religion and it is also the source of chaos in our midst, visible all around us as we watch the madness of human beings tearing each other to shreds and laying waste the planet for the profit of the organized few, the self made gods in psychosis.

A Classic Legend From Rome Tells of Two Founders Raised by a She Wolf

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Rome, Italy

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Could it be that the "war in heaven" refers to combat between nation states run by competing self made gods; the elite? Today, we can literally combat in the heavens!
Could it be that the "war in heaven" refers to combat between nation states run by competing self made gods; the elite? Today, we can literally combat in the heavens! | Source

Study the various religions and beliefs of the world and you will find this common thread. The real lords of the world are the elite, who sometimes literally call themselves gods. A classic 20th century example stands out. The emperor of Japan during WWII was revered as a god incarnate. During negotiations to realize the surrender of Japan during the final days of WWII, the emperor had to be spared over the hundreds of thousands in Hiroshima and Nagasaki as the emperor was considered to be a living god and you cannot kill god without destroying the planet. Emperor Hirohito was spared while the two cities were atom bombed to dust and radiological horror and this god was then forced to sign the articles of surrender to the US in front of his millions of his followers and worshippers. It is ironic that two regions were totally destroyed despite saving the god. But, even though this god failed, he was still revered as a god and most Japanese continued to worship him. The masses, trained at earliest childhood, grow to revere their parents and later the state and its apparatus that becomes the parental substitute. That state could be a theocratic institution such as in Iran. Religion can be imposed on a conquered people such as happened to the first nations, whose families were ripped asunder and the children taught in residential schools in a religious mindset. And what do we learn from religion as developed for the masses as crowd control?

Unlike animals that have no problem with any natural biological urge, human beings for the most part, are a jumbled mass of illogical confusion over these same natural, biological conditions as biologically, we are also animals. There is no denying that obvious evidence despite propaganda to the contrary. We are taught shame early, that natural urges are sinful, wrong, ungodly, unclean, diseased and must be sacrificed on pain of torment in this life and the hereafter. This is enforced with sufficient torture to gain compliance on the part of most. We are taught to sacrifice to an ever watchful, jealous and vengeful god of one kind or another. In the real world today, the closest we have to godlike dimensions is the National Security Agency (NSA) and its counterparts that have untrammelled knowledge of everything we do, anywhere and anytime of everyone. These are “the books of life” that are kept in perpetuity on all of us to be used as evidence against us at the whim and leisure of the powerful elites who function in a godlike manner ready to change laws at the snap of a finger to their desire. Plenty of new laws spill out of political assemblies to prove the point. This is the ultimate in crowd control and is the descendant of a long standing psyop that functions as the post-fuedal, dark ages of ignorance religious control of society. As we drift toward industrial feudalism, this type of control takes on a new urgency. In the past, Christians had ten commandments, but today there are but two laws; non for the elite and whatever fancy they have for the rest of humanity. Theirs is total freedom while the rest are in bondage, mentally and physically, subject to arbitrary arrest and detention without charge, indefinitely. This dichotomy can only exist due to the ignorance and dumbing down of the masses, while the godlike elite lord it over everyone and everything with total knowledge.

We live in an age of seeming miracles. Everything we have now was impossible 150 years ago and anyone then who witnessed most of what we do and take for granted today would marvel in awe. But seeming miracles are all based on logical, tried and true, proven science and technology. It all functions on natural laws. There is not one shred of the supernatural about any of it. Yet, many still believe in supernatural miracles, despite evidence to the contrary. The existence of the cosmos and our ability to be conscious and function therein, apparently is insufficient and not miraculous enough. This faith is manipulated for profit, usually by war and based on faith in God or gods where millions are mass murdered and the planet ruined. God or gods are on both sides, but both cannot be correct. In fact, most have been led astray and both suffer under ignorance in an incorrect manner. Neither are of God or gods, but of the elite of the world posing as such. The real god of the age is profit made from pyramid and ponzi schemes; or more descriptively; fraud. On top of this, we are told it is due to our sinful nature, when in reality it is ignorance on the part of most and the untrammelled greed of the few. You shall know the truth and it shall set you free (4); to borrow from the Bible.

The fact that we exist in a material, energetic and dynamic cosmos is so overwhelming, that it creates a natural religious awe. Scientist have actually mapped and stimulated brains of people to create religious type experiences. This again is natural, but there are those who in a sinister manner, control the ignorant for their own private benefit regardless of the cost to humanity and/or nature. Religion thus becomes something not for respect and reverence, but for crowd control for private gain, the very anathema of what Judaism and Christianity once stood against. God, it appears, is used as a psyop. There is noting new in this, just a higher degree of sophistication. Deep indeed runs the deceit!


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