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Oscar Pistorius Astrology Chart

Updated on March 14, 2015

Oscar Pistorius


Oscar Pistorius Natal Chart

Aspects are the angles connecting one planet to another by degree. Some angles allow the energies to be smooth and easy-going as if they are built in, automatically functioning well. Other angles pose more of a challenge having to learn how best to apply for good results.

Aspects are angles determined by the distance by degree between two celestial objects.

  • Oppositions and Squares - Rough; presents challenge(s) to consider.
  • Trine and Sextile angles - Non-conflicting smooth energies.
  • Conjunctions - Intense and not necessarily conflicting but can be; 2 objects very close.

Astrology Natal Chart Interpretation, Oscar Pistorius

Moon Square Pluto

Mr. Pistorius is a deep-feeling person who often has difficulty moving on from past events. He also has inclinations to be a loner. His manner of relating is fairly intense and sometimes demanding. It may instill a trapped feeling in another.

Interactions have less conflict when situations are examined more thoroughly before jumping to conclusions. It is likely that Oscar draws conclusions before having enough information. As a consequence, he then experiences anxiety and feelings of defeat or disappointment.

Emotional responsibilities that go along with having a companion may be overwhelming or burdensome. Limitations may feel like impositions and he also may lack confidence in himself. Behaviors can be extreme unless he has characteristics that soften and stabilize. After he has learned to negotiate and compromise, he'll experience less conflict reaching his goals.

When he is motivated to assist others, he realizes how useful he can be. Helping others allows him a positive outlet to express nurturing. He may plunge in deeply only to freeze over in an instant if someone tries to force him into decisions or manipulate him. He has an extreme sensitivity to the underlying thoughts of other people in the environment. For example, In his childhood, if someone was upset about a matter, Oscar might have been the receptacle for their feelings.

Various feelings get bottled up inside and may burst forth like a volcano at a later time. These feelings can churn into black-gold that fuels immense talent. This aspect causes intense sensations and excessive passion. There is an ambition to purge long suppressed rage and emotions in a creative manner. Done constructively, it can bring power and success.

Others may be subjected to a jealous and secretive nature, drawn in by self-contained personal traits. Neither much time nor effort is spent on dates and mates who offer only a casual rapport. However, he might have concerns about his own possessive, or obsessive and sometimes overbearing, behavior. Perhaps to do with the possibility of destroying or losing people he loves.

Bottled up emotions inhibit the ability to share deeper thoughts and feelings. He might be haunted by trust issues from past events and choose to avoid possible embarrassment and vulnerability. He maintains a barrier to protect himself from manipulation and dishonesty which accumulates and causes pressure. Psychotherapy would be helpful to alleviate internal stress thereby reducing pressure. Also to gain new perspectives, tolerance and flexibility.

Although Oscar relates well and understands emotions, he sometimes feels powerless resorting to manipulation to maintain relationships. Compulsive confrontation may suddenly erupt, even to the extent of violence, creating effects that cause significant changes for him and others. He may threaten to get what he wants or expects, make an accusation to gain the upper hand or even use comfort and intimacy.

Emotional disturbances, physical illness, and the undercurrent of hidden emotions within his personal life are highly dramatized. Compromise is essential since the world does not revolve around personal needs and desires. Self-preoccupation re-directed toward helping others could become a way for emotional intensity to flow safely outward, reducing inner pressure.

He has an investigative nature and personal survival is a concern. He questions to know what a romantic partner has hidden and to acquire better understanding. He may sometimes brood or sulk creating an atmosphere that causes another to feel a sense of eminent danger and the desire to leave. However, he can also appear to be brooding when he isn't.

Generally not submissive, his intentions are to rule. If he thinks another is trying to change him, or force him into an agreement, the reaction might be extreme. He may even be violent using destructive force to regain control. In an exaggerated manner of rebellion, he may occasionally act out the very thing the one is suggesting he change.

Unless his attitude is moderated and self-controlled, he can be impatient and aggressive. When he is direct, he may cause work and social difficulties which he is not bothered by because he prefers to be true to himself. Self-control and forbearance with a change of perspective helps to maintain relationships.

Feelings of being restricted cause him irritation. His views of the past are ambivalent in that he is either for or against various events that occurred. Some times he wants to write it off as completely irrelevant and at other times re-experience it. The future is full of uncertainties we have little control over at the present. Thoughts of the future may provoke anxious thoughts instead of looking forward to how things unfold.

There's an emphasis on freedom that causes an urge to break down obstacles. Repressed tension and pressure causes the dreaded concern that venting it may result in damage. He is restricted and molded by this sensation of destructive emotional energy which is difficult for others to understand. Inner pressures increase when he feels he in not in control.

It is essential that conflicts are kept to a minimum because constructive outlets for its release are hard to find. These pressures stimulate transformation creating space for change. He may even try to force issues in hopes of confrontation for this purpose, although the consequences may lead to dramatic life changes. A primary issue is the lack of trust he has in others. It would be helpful for Oscar to have proper outlets to allow the energies to dissolve.

Moon oppositional Ascendant

He wants to know everything about his close associates and they may feel he interferes too much. His intuition senses the needs and moods of people around him and he is sympathetic. He may tend to over identify with the feelings of others which can be draining. Confusion can occur from a difficulty discerning where his feelings end and the feelings of another begin. It is suggested he learn how to filter out and sort his own thoughts to distinguish the difference.

Highly emotional, Oscar may demand immediate attention to relieve his feelings. His expression may differ from how he truly feels at the time because he might imagine a reaction of disapproval. Expressions are animated and he is either emotional or nurturing and possibly both. There is a strong need to be needed and he might be inclined to feel vulnerable to unforeseen and imaginary harm.

Co-dependency can develop causing emotional strain when separated. He lacks confidence in his ability to tend to the responsibilities of a relationship and therefore hesitates to make a commitment. When a person becomes emotionally insecure during childhood, there is a need to learn ways to cope and come to terms with those feelings. Feelings of devastation when endings and losses occur have the potential to be experienced at more drastic levels.

Grief and despair can affect daily routines obstructing the ability to have much confidence toward future planning. Disappointment reinforces the belief of unworthiness beginning a pattern of lacking confidence while the positive things become obscure. Some people counter inferior feelings by exhibiting behaviors of aggression and arrogance along with a need to dominate or control.

Achieving a preconceived self image generally doesn't change our emotional state. Perceiving our self as the one observing the self image helps to recognize we can not be the self image we are looking at. We are the self, or the one doing the looking, so the self image we create is really a non-self-image. Dissolving a belief that we should fit into a particular image of perfection, for those who anticipate on such, helps to overcome feelings of unworthiness.

The habit of self rejection and the belief at the core level is not really affected due to the elation of success being temporarily experienced. The critical voice is more likely to produce a higher goal to achieve. A skier who competed on the US Olympic team years back described feeling like a failure because she was only ranked about 10th in the world. Aspiring to high goals is fine until one's love and self acceptance depends on reaching those goals.

Disappointments or traumatic experiences, even from many years before, can lead to feeling vulnerable and to unstable emotional states as they are carried around unresolved. Finding comfort and satisfaction in relationships can be very difficult. Filled with more doubt than confidence, behavior might be based on past events instead of present situations.

Emotional baggage serves as a defense mechanism of protection against repeating past traumas or mistakes. It becomes a problem when it inhibits the development of relating in a healthy and appropriate manner. The emotions are the resulting symptom of negative core beliefs and subjective imagination.

Moon square Mercury

The Moon represents all things maternal, both toward us and within us. Also, our emotions, moods, family and home.

Mercury represents our mentality, the way we think, whether logical or illogical.

Communication is animated and witty with an enjoyment to tell stories. Humor and imagination with an ability for satire. A struggle between the head and the heart which may result in wavering or might be irrational one moment and logical the next. There may be a resistance to try and blend the two to form a logical thought. Talking is likely to increase when either nervous or excited.

His subjective nature can cause moodiness and hypersensitivity. Much is drawn in from the environment and indecisiveness can result. He may misrepresent himself on occasion and have doubts about himself. When the mentality dominates, the emotions sink deeper into the subconscious influencing from a pervasive and hidden position. His feelings are less noticeable to himself than they are to others. When the Moon's influence is stronger than his mentality, logic can diminish and choices are made based on his feelings and instincts.

Oscar might have habits instilled that serve the purpose of increasing his personal security. He restores inner balance with excessive rationalizations. If this behavior is continued on a habitual basis, he may start to deny that his emotions are even valid. Repressing them only creates more imbalance.

A maternal person may argue about a better way of doing something and he may criticize their way in return which further complicates the matter. Perhaps he was allowed to have his way during childhood at times when forms of discipline should have been applied. Although his partner may not care how things are done one way or the other, Oscar may have developed a habit of power struggles to retain the position of ruler-ship.

Because his feelings get in the way, his view might be irrational causing difficulty in his judgement. He might think the treatment of him is unfair when it is fair. Proper discipline and opportunities to learn self-confidence are important lessons when young that help build strength of character and judgement.

Might tend to dwell on trivial personal matters and have a real sense of insecurity. His communication ability is much better with those he is close to. Less subjectivity and more objectivity is needed when evaluating the ideas and advice of others.

Habits he developed for the purpose of protection (Lunar impressions) conflict with his conscious mind. This conflict should be addressed and overcome. Deep feelings or passion may overtake rational thoughts that cause his judgments to be influenced by an intense attitude that may be unreasonable. His decisions might be conditioned from issues of the past that still hold a place of prominence within him.

Inner tensions stir up insecurity and self-doubt creating nervous activity. He may stubbornly rely on his beliefs, values and attitudes as a form of stability. However, inflexibility causes conflicts in relationships. Oscar might be inclined to jump on the defense aggressively without considering the other person's point of view. When a person suggests he is wrong in some way, he might react with defiance in a compulsive manner.

Communications can reach a halt due to misunderstandings caused by his sensitive nature and perhaps even paranoia. Although he is less inclined to be hostile with his close friends and family, he may still experience a sense of insecurity and be defensive.

He may neither realize nor acknowledge a hidden dependency on intimates. The tendency to be self-preoccupied gets in the way of perceiving the needs of another to be as important as his own. It would help for him to direct his attention to others and gain awareness of their needs and difficulties.

Obsessive thoughts of security occur when his rational thoughts (Mercury) get over taken by lunar influences (Moon). Distinguishing between fact and fiction, reality and illusion may be troublesome at times. He'll continue to defend his thoughts even when they're based on little certainty. His life might be one of perpetual confusion.

Mercury in the 10th house - This position helps mental clarity and the ability to be tactful. Diplomacy may exaggerate into deceit. Indicates travel, sales and quick responses. The tenth house is the Mid-heaven having to do with the structuring of our goals, success and personal security. Much of his thinking processes are goal oriented.

Mercury in Scorpio - A fascination with mysteries, unanswered questions and investigation. He tends to speak very forcefully when angry having the potential to hurt someone's feelings. He is forthright and says what he means. He is inclined to respond to pretense with sarcastic remarks.

Square Ascendant - He is mentally active and enjoys discussing ideas and sharing thoughts. There is intense passion when Oscar states his opinions that he needs to moderate his manner of expression in order to maintain conversations. As much as he enjoys gossip and rumor, he should avoid making it a habit. He has an air of superiority that does not hide insecure feelings. His lack of confidence in communications is noticeable to who he is talks with and misunderstandings occur.

Mercury trine Jupiter - This increases Oscar's ability to plan and organize, he can put pieces together into a whole. This aspect also increases the skill to present his thoughts to others. Increases optimism and the belief in his ability to succeed. This aspect also increases his integrity and standards. Local and state functions are likely to seek his appearance. He enjoys a variety of interests and will probably travel.

Mercury conjunct Pluto - He is a born investigator with very strong opinions and stubborn beliefs he does not like to be challenged about. He enjoys learning the psychology of others to help in his understanding.

Mercury conjunct Venus - Artistic ability and an appreciation for art. This aspect increases the desire to make compromises for the sake of harmony with others. He is skillful at expressing his opinions in a manner to not intimidate and researches for better understanding. Oscar may experience conflict coping with direct and close competition. His imagination, although intense, is also charming and he has talent to express himself well.

The Astrology sign containing the Moon describes the traits used in private life and with family. The Moon represents who a person is on the inside, where most people believe they are more strongly their real selves.

Moon in Leo

When Oscar feels he's been slighted, he may either sulk or react in a dramatic way. He places an importance on his social status and confines drama to the home to avoid a public display. He is passionate and may exaggerate. This placing of the Moon increases his generosity and the ability to reason, be sociable, integrity and a sense of justice.

Leo is a Fire sign. Fire signs are considered masculine, positive, assertive, active, outgoing, and motivating. They do things, stir things up, take action, go after what they want and make things happen. He may get caught up in the moment without the ability to remember what he did or said. The Moon here appears to make the emotions active, assertive and positive.

Pride is a possible downfall with Moon in Leo. The desire to take charge of everything can cause him to come across as domineering, and he may be attracted to power and status. Although he may work for a cause he believes in, he is inclined to be stubborn to get what he wants.

Break-ups may effect his ego worse than his heart. Although he is protective of his own freedoms, he might get jealous. There resides a natural air of authority in him along with dignity. When confident of the out-come, he takes risks. To fail in front of others causing him upset. Happy to give advice, he does not receive it well from others.

Emotions are dramatically expressed and can sometimes overwhelm others. This is a good placing for responsibility and prominence and is financially favorable. He is inspired toward great achievements and has grit and determination to endure rough times.

He has an innate need to be in control and likes the limelight. Increases the dynamics of personality as well as being sociable. Might be proud and snobbish in some ways and prone to bragging, extravagance, exaggeration, easily offended and sometimes stubborn.

He seeks attention and tends to tell others what to do, assuming the role of a leader. Wisdom teaches us to learn to rule with the power of love instead of the love of power and in so doing, allow the light of our soul to shine through.

Moon in 6th house (Virgo is the sixth sign and is ruled by the planet Mercury)

Work, duty and health conscious. May change jobs frequently, particularly if it isn't emotionally fulfilling. Physical susceptibility is with the small intestine, stomach area and might be prone to getting an ulcer. Prefers stimulation and variety at work and has an emotional need to be useful and organized. Sensitive to body aches and pains, aware of minor health discomforts.

Moon square Venus - He enjoys receiving affection. He may give in too easily to keep the peace, however, he may eventually develop resentment if he is the one backing down too much. Affection and approval may compel him into becoming friends or lovers too readily. He may get involved too quickly with people who like him before considering whether he likes them. There is a need to learn to discriminate more and sort out what he wants and needs in a relationship.

The type of woman he is comfortable with clashes with the type he is attracted to. He needs to address this internal dynamic and find a way to resolve it. His Moon is in Leo and Venus in Scorpio.

Might expect to be the center of attention, needs to keep a rebellious nature under control and might be over-assertive to cover shyness.

He is likely apprehensive to admit his feelings and form close relationships for fear of what demands and expectations may exist. When Oscar feels closed in, he might have inclinations to date someone else to break through the restrictions. It is suggested he gain an understanding of people's motivations in order to perceive manipulations more clearly.

Sun trine Moon - Increases sincerity, warmth and friendliness. Land development and homes are areas he can build a rewarding future in. He has opportunity to rise to prominence if he chooses. Has an abundance of creative talent about relationships but a tendency to be apathetic. This aspect helps to balance the will, habits and emotions.


Mars in the 1st house - Oscar aggressively projects himself into all situations and he makes himself heard. Physical exertion provides outlets for his energy. Remaining inactive can cause energy to internalize and affect his emotions and mental stability. This can produce illness and impulsive displays of temper.

An emphasis on personal gratification and integration, such as sexual relations. Might have a tendency to skim over the opinions of others and should take the time to understand them better. Control over his temper, ego, accidents and possible violence is necessary. This aspect increases ambition to communicate and be seen and known.

Sun square Mars - Adds a rash and impulsive aggression to his will. Before acting defensively, he should learn to understand what the person's intentions are because he can be very quick to react. He may have a quick temper that suddenly flares without warning. He is likely to discuss only the subjects he knows about and try to keep it at that.

Venus trine Mars - There is an intense passion to his approach in life. There is more intensity in his relationships compared to normal. This aspect increases understanding of human nature and he tries to help others when it is needed. It also makes him more willing to make compromises which encourages others to do so with him. A talent in art, music and drama that can be developed.

Mars in Aquarius - He is inventive and original in how he does things. He might be resentful of authority and a bit rebellious striving for independence. When working for important causes, he does better with a group than alone.


Pluto is housed in the 9th - Desires to learn things at deep levels of understanding. He'll probe until the mysteries are solved. He gets easily bored by anything of a mundane everyday nature. Once his opinions are formed, it is difficult to change them. It is suggested he give others the freedom of mind to have opinions that he demands for himself.

This is another aspect that shows he has deep understanding of human nature. Good for psychology and public relations. An intellectual attitude enables him to eliminate negative thinking. He deeply searches for self-understanding in order to gain freedom.

Pluto is also in the 10th - Wants to lead and make changes. Needs to practice patience and working within the rules to avoid opposition in order to avoid loss. This placing emphasizes work that heals and rebuilds people, perhaps in psychiatry or physical therapy. He has an impressive image with qualities that orient his actions to eliminate or integrate obstacles.

Venus conjunct Pluto

He needs to be loved and to love others. His attachments are strong as he doesn't take relationships lightly. He hopes to transform his conditions through relationships and therefore needs to be selective.

A nature within him that stimulates positive and negative reactions. He seeks fulfillment with another on deep levels of companionship and tends to be possessive. He may expect contributions from his partner to show their interest since he is willing to make commitments.

He is inclined to go too far too fast in the desire to make an impact and be viewed as a person of significance. One of his parents may be overly-protective of him.

Pluto square Ascendant

His approach is intense and there may be control issues, it is very easy to create the wrong impression in his relationships. Because of his intensity, honesty is very important. When problems arise with others, it is suggested he give thought to his own attitudes and actions. He tends to assume the command in situations where it is not his position to do so. He doesn't always have a good sense of judgment. He is skilled at organizing others to achieve his objectives.

Jupiter trine Pluto - Usually chooses to do what is right and honorable. He has instincts to discern right from wrong. He is inclined to involve himself in the affairs of others, and for that reason, it is suggested he choose a profession serving the public interest.


Jupiter square Saturn - He tends to compare his accomplishments to that of others. This aspect decreases, puts a damper on, his hopes for success due to a sense of uncertainty or laziness. He must persist with determination and endure hardship and self-denial. Faith sustains him through his most difficult times.

Moon trine Saturn - He works very hard to get around imposing limitations. It is a bit difficult for him to accept life as it is, always wanting to change his activities due to restlessness. There is either a need or a strong desire to achieve in order to build personal security.

As far as money, this aspects usually attracts it so he doesn't really have to work as hard as he may think he does. However, he may also, or primarily, pursue status. He might be thrifty but also like to collect something he values or has an interest in.

This aspect shows a maternal figure who was either strict or criticizing during his upbringing. Duties are completed before enjoyments. Stamina and patience is increased to complete tasks and overcome obstacles. Saturn here is a cool influence that suppresses the emotions. Feelings can intensely well up suddenly out of nowhere.

Saturn smooth angle to Ascendant - makes for less comfort in group settings with a preference for a more complete form of attention. He sets realistic goals that he knows he can reach and outlines his objectives and priorities. He is inclined to choose words well whenever he talks. Later in life, security takes on a primary concern to him.

Saturn in 10th

Gives much thought, even when young, to carefully plan a career that is satisfying and earns respect from others.
It is important to his emotional security that the relationship with his father is good, otherwise he may grow up believing the world is somehow against him.
Carelessness may interfere with his success. It is suggested he avoid short cuts and follow the rules that apply to what ever he does.


Oscar Pistorius Natal Chart Astrology


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    gemguy 2 years ago

    scorpio everywhere and it's ruling pluto squaring sensitive points of the chart. Completely makes sense. Venus in scorpio or venus square pluto is in the charts of many serial killers, even though his was different motivations. Interesting and insightful read Lizolivia. Thanks

  • Lizolivia profile image

    Lizolivia 3 years ago from Central USA

    Suzanne, I'm glad you found my hub interesting. I noticed too, that it needed some editing and was able to shorten it some. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Suzanne Day profile image

    Suzanne Day 3 years ago from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    An unusual hub and a descriptive reading. Voted interesting!