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Our Divine Reality vs. Our Human Reality

Updated on June 25, 2009

Follow Your Path: just don't go "there"!

When I say "just don't go 'there' " I am talking about when we get stuck outside of "that place" (the higher consciousness, the Christ Mind, the Higher Self, the Mind of God, Allah, Ein Sof, etc..., that "place" that is out of that sense of duality). When we get stuck in i.e. wondering what is right and what is wrong and it keeps us from acting to create change, or keeps us from believing we are worthy, or makes us think someone else is evil or a worthless sinner...just don't go there!

Throughout each year, the people of the various religions and spiritual paths offer times for going within, to contemplate the mysteries of self and their place in the world; philosophies and sciences have to deal with situations and circumstances that bring up the questions around the concept of the human soul and its place in the grand scheme of the Universe. Some questions are asked: What is my human soul self and what is my divine soul self? Am I being human enough, am I being divine enough? Should I perfect my humanity or my divinity? Am I a worthless sinner or am I Child of God? When am I acceptable or not acceptable? What is acceptable for governments, sciences or technology to create for people to make use of and spend money and/or vote their conscience on? The questions can go on and on, around and around trying to decide what is what! But the True answer is "...just don't go there!..." (to that mind space of duality)

Contemplation is great, and necessary, but acting from believing is ultimate! Even if our minds change later on a particular matter, at least we kept the ball rolling and got the experience that moved us to more change.

When is our humanity overriding our seeking our divinity? or vis-a-versa? should it? NO! "just don't go there". There is a "place" where our mind, heart and soul are all working together as one unit, a team.

Self-aggrandizement and self-belittlement are to the right and left of that "place". When people are starving in a country and the government is spending money on making a nice government building or improving their own private homes; or the business corporations are taking jobs from one country to another so that business can make more money for its own selfish purposes, they are to the right or the left of that "place". When some in the sciences, philosophies, religions and spiritualities do nothing, or little, except seeking the answers to their own specific questions, how could they possibly get a grip on what is right when they are not out there experiencing among the people how their actions affect others? Just where are these people that create those circumstances...are they in their "place"? Are they stuck outside of their "place"? What are they perfecting? Who is pulling their strings?

So the point is not to focus on your divinity only, or your humanity only, but focus on that "place" that incorporates both. Where is that "place" that brings the answers to the questions of what is best for all involved? A true win-win situation. And when someone is not in their "place", who is pulling their strings that keeps them from finding their "place"? Be it the devil, satan, the fallen ones, the nephilim, the jin, the boogie man, the not-self, the dweller on the threshold, dead spirits, the subconscious or unconscious patterns from childhood, family, media and society, and the resultant attributes and attitudes therefrom? or a combination thereof? focus on the unity in love, not on divide and conquer.

Knowledge and harmony are key. Finding your "place" is paramount. Believing that we are loved and can love regardless of our imperfections is Truth. God is within us in varying degree according to our individual perception, we must uphold the vision of our divine potential. We are "not" without that energy that God is. In our human state we are imperfect, but our divine state is within us, for us to uncover and discover. And because of that divine potential, we are worthy to do better for ourselves and each other. There is no state of human perfection to attain, but because of the divine potential our humanity can meet and merge with, we are worthy.

I think that belief, that lie that has gotten perpetuated that we are worthless sinners, is from those "strings that get pulled". In wrong mindedness, some have used that as a tactic to try and scare others into change, into accepting concepts of God that were twisted "truths". Hence, many have rejected any concept of God as the I AM THAT I AM (God in me, IS worthy).

We can be humble in our Mind of Christ (our Higher Self), giving the glory to God and not be moved by flattery or condemnation from our stability in "our place". And being in our "place" the answers to all of our needs and that of others will come forth. Imagine a world: One world, the Kingdom of Heaven, a world where all people, children and adults alike, are "in their place", that "place of Love".

For the betterment of self and humanity, I share this song/poem:

*Keep my Flame blazing, by God's Love raising,

direct and keep me, in my rightful place.

I AM Presence ever near me, keep me mindful of Thy grace.

Flame of Christ, ever cheer me, in me show Thy smiling face.

In the name of the I AM THAT I AM.

Many Blessings and Infinite Mercy to all of you during this season of Lent, or whatever you call your special time of contemplation, fasting and prayer for the cleansing of self and the unity of humanity in God.

*copyright: 1963 Summit Publications, Inc.

Our Divine Reality



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    • shanelaboucane profile image

      shanelaboucane 10 years ago from wasilla

      I hope everyone learns a little bit more about themselves from this. I did.