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Our Eyes Stay the Same From Birth?

Updated on November 13, 2022
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Our life stages are unique. Kathy enjoys sharing her thoughts and stages through her writing and looks forward to learning about yours.

Our Eyes ~ What do you see?

My husband shared a fact with me as he stated, “ your eyes stay the same size. You are born with them, and they stay the same.” Now, this is very true. However, eyelids and lashes change as you grow into an adult. They change again as we age and begin the process of wrinkle and squint.

IGoogle it, and I am sure many of you will too, but as I reflected on the information I kept returning, they stay the same. What was it about this statement that intrigued me?

I must admit I have been experiencing a renewal as of late, of which the details are irrelevant. But, I kept returning to this simple fact - our eyes stay the same from birth and throughout our lives.

The truth of the statement is our eyeballs stay the same. The eyeball is the center of the core, the part essential to see, as in action to understand—however, those with visual impairment as they visualize it in their mind. But, how different is that action, as it remains the art of placing a picture into our account, whether distorted and reacting to it. The effect remains the same, to see.

As someone who uses words to convey and even process my experiential learning, this statement captivates me, “Your eyes stay the same from birth.” Recently, I was floundering a bit with inspirational writing. It was not a block, so to speak, as thoughts were visualizing in my head; it was just that I did not act upon them, and I didn’t feel led to share.

So, before I focused on a new piece, I allowed some time to think and process my obsession with this statement. I realized the thing that kept me cycling back to this point was the idea that if things don’t change; they remain the same. Therefore, they’re constant, as they captivate images and note them in my brain. Either through instant imprinting or after visualization and refinement, they store and archive; it’s a fact; it just happens.

I realized we store things and, therefore, could recall at any moment. These visions serve us well concerning positive memory. Other times, they’re a distraction or, worse, a weapon of destruction in reliving memories that were unnecessary to spiritual growth if taken out of context.

I realize how past imprints have made me reach this point in my life. No one could go into their storage cabinet of visual memory and use it in time. We can use all things for good if in the right mindset. Can’t all memories and imprints help us learn, grow, and develop into a better-edited, formatted picture?

Seeing Through His Eyes

I went back and read some things I have written and re-read some things I have learned from others in my lifetime. With each piece I delved into, I saw room for correction in my work, either in grammar or content. In those things I read of others, I re-learned or experienced each of them.

My eyeballs may not have changed. The imprints and archived material are what it is; however, I have changed and continue to do so. I like you have experienced life’s difficulties, joys and sorrows, facts and fiction. I have been a student, and I have taught I have given and received love; I shared and had things with me. I have talked often and listened to little. I have often heard and spoke too low, as in not listening to the right things and not speaking up.

I learned that no matter what; I depend on a constant, and that constant is the reason I go to my archive and refine and edit and even re-use and open myself up to learning from the stored material. I have realized as I mature, I can always return to a happening, an archived piece, and see it through eyes that are not my own.

That constant is my walk of faith and the belief that Christ is my only constant, and I live for Him. Because of this and this alone, I must see the purpose in all things. I must trust in the Holy Spirit and see that exact likeness in every person I meet. I must take old imprints and look one more time and see them for what God intended.

I had a pleasant conversation with a friend about idols. We admitted to the truth of our dependence on said idols. We also agreed with the pure fact that they are not little statues of gold that distract us but the things we idolize above God. To our incredible frustration and dismay, these things we place before Him separate us from God.

Technology, money, status, pride, envy, sloth, sin, no need to continue, as I am sure you are right there with me. What if we took these distractions and accepted them for the tools they are and used our very constant eyeballs to see them for what they are IDOLS? Attempt to look at things through the eyes of God with His continuous correctness and empathy for all? What if we see others as our creator sees us? What if we saw the will of God as our formidable and only future?

“our eyes stay the same size from birth.” It is our perception, what we see, and how we look at it with constant and loving Christ-like eyes, always learning from our creator. I will look into your eyes, and I will see Christ in you. No matter what, please keep looking for Him in one another. Just look through His eyes.

Let Him be your constant

© 2013 Kathy Henderson


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