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Our Flat Earth, a Bible Based Earth Examination...

Updated on November 18, 2018
Dean Baron profile image

Dean is a research maniac when it comes to finding out the truth. He is interested unexplained mysteries of the paranormal.

The Most Accurate Flat Earth Model Available
The Most Accurate Flat Earth Model Available | Source

Are We Living in a Snow Globe? The Bible Seems to Say YES!

We, who call ourselves "Christians" really need to take a closer look at the book that we "claim" to follow. Many of us "boast" that we believe that the Bible is the most truthful and God inspired book in the world. We go to church and claim to only follow what is "written," believing God's Word over mankind's scientific "discoveries." Yet, no one, and I mean no one seems to mention the first chapters of Genesis and just what is written there. This hub was inspired by noticing a "globe" of Earth being proudly displayed in my pastor's office. My pastor, in my opinion is a "true" man of God, only like most of us, blinded to the "real" truth that is right in front of our noses. In this article I will try and explain what I believe is the actual design of our home, the Earth. The original "snow globe."

"Then God said, "Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters." Thus God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament; and it was so.

— Moses--Genesis 1:6&7 NKJV Holy Bible
An early depiction on how the Hebrews saw the Universe.
An early depiction on how the Hebrews saw the Universe.

Explaining Our Home From God's Point of View...

This is a touchy topic, something that most people will just skip past. However, if you claim to be a Christian "or a seeker of truth," then I highly encourage you to read on. Whenever I was first introduced to the "flat earth" possibility I laughed. I thought that anyone who believed such nonsense was completely nuts! Then the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to the truth. Please pray to Jesus to reveal the truth in what you are about to read before we get started. In Genesis, we read about the Spirit of God "hovering" above the face of the waters. At first glance this seems to be talking about God hovering above "planet" Earth, and that the planet is covered in water. However, I'm going to ask you to look at it a completely different way. Imagine a huge ocean or sea. Imagine God's spirit floating above this sea. Now, with the seen set to a giant ocean instead of a "planet," let's begin. In Genesis 1:6-8 God creates a "firmament" in the middle of the waters. So, now let's picture God "parting" the sea and placing a barrier between the dry sea bottom floor and the waters "above" the firmament. It also mentions dividing the waters below the firmament from the waters above the firmament. Now, with that much information please try and picture a huge sea, parted in half, a barrier (such as crystal) forming a gigantic bubble that connects to the sea floor, in which allows dry land to appear on the sea floor. Above the firmament is the ocean, and just on the opposite side of the firmament is a layer of water also. So basically, the firmament is "sandwiched" between two layers of water, one as the top of the sea, and one directly under the firmament. The chapter goes on to say that God commands the waters (our current oceans) to be gathered into one place and to "let" dry land appear. So now we have a "snow globe" on the bottom of a gigantic ocean floor. This is the exact way the ancient Hebrews seen it...As it was written.

The Stars Live in the Water Beneath the Firmament, and They "Sing" to God...

Flat Earth Map - Gleason's 1894 New Standard Map Of The World - 24" x 36" World Map Flat Poster - Includes FREE eBook - Zetetic Astronomy by Samuel Rowbotham
Flat Earth Map - Gleason's 1894 New Standard Map Of The World - 24" x 36" World Map Flat Poster - Includes FREE eBook - Zetetic Astronomy by Samuel Rowbotham
This map is extremely accurate when it comes to how our earth is really shaped. I have this hanging in my office, right behind my desk. 26" x 36" this poster is not small! Comes with a free E-book on Zetetic Astronomy.

And Yes, the Stars Live in Water Singing Praises to God...

Now I would like to discuss our friends the Stars. The Bible doesn't say much about the stars. Genesis 1:16 States, "He made the stars also." This is the only reference to stars that we will find in the creation story. But, after careful research I found that the ancients believed that the stars lived in a layer of water, just under the "dome." The Early Hebrew Universal Map (as seen above) seems to completely back this theory up. Also, if one looks at the night sky using a telescope then one can see just what the stars "really" look like. I performed an experiment using sound and water. In this experiment I placed a dish of water on top of a sub woofer speaker. Whenever I turned on the music the water formed a "perfect" star as seen in the above video. It really does appear that the stars are "singing" to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Just How Close is Our Sun?

Finally, I would Like to Take a Look at Our Sun...

Have you ever just looked up at the sun and thought about just how close it appears to be? Well, people all over the world are waking up to this theory. No way does it look 93,000,000,000 miles away! My theory is that the moon and the sun are really located in a different type of "dimension." I would be willing to bet that if someone tried to "fly" towards the sun or moon, that they would neverbe able to actually reach them. This is because, they are in a different realm, so to speak. Take a look at the curvature of the earth in the above video. It is obliviously being faked by filming with a "fish eye" camera. This type of filming is done all over the world in order to hide the flatness of our earth.

© 2018 Dean Baron


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