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Our God Is a Generous and Almighty God

Updated on December 6, 2013


Our God, Almighty and Generous, He

Our God, is so almighty and generous,

our maker of Heaven and Earth,

He created all that we know and see,

everything having a great worth.

No power or force, to be greater than Him,

no equal in giving can there be.

There's no end to love He has shown,

with no greater wisdom, than He.

He created the moon and billions of stars,

above our wonderful Earth,

The sun that shines and gives us light,

and in our very being, in birth.

He's given to all, asked nothing in return,

but to love one another here,

He sent His Son and He gave up His life,

that which we all hold so dear.

He sent to Mary and Joseph, Baby Jesus,

and a son to call their own,

Raised and shared in His milk of kindness,

that only He could have shown.

Jesus was nurtured and became a man,

a carpenter's craft, He was taught,

With His ministry and miracles then,

He was sacrificed and our souls bought.

In following Christ Jesus, His only Son,

We can all make our journey there,

To be with Him and God on high,

and with our choice, our souls to spare.

All the treasures of silver and gold,

and of no greater value, can we find,

Than to follow Him, the Son of God,

and in not leaving our souls behind.

Each of us was given the choice,

and in our making it, a triumphant shout,

Yes, I will follow Him, and sins, leave behind,

for it is His business, I am about.

He waits for us with outstretched arms,

to greet us all at heaven's stairs,

His beautiful message He sends to us,

of His great love, and that He cares!


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    • holdenh13 profile image

      holdenh13 6 years ago from Louisiana

      I appreciate your message. Jesus is Christ and reigns over all!