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Our life on earth is a mystery!

Updated on March 11, 2014

Threats of jungle!

Story to highlight purpose of human life!

There is a beautiful story in the Upanishad scriptures. A man, forlorn, was trying to find a way out of a thick forest, unable to find any. Meanwhile, he finds to his consternation that a hungry tiger scenting human, is chasing him with a roar. The man, who was walking hitherto, ran for his precious life. Unfortunately on the way, there was a deep well covered by shrubs and vegetation due to nonuse. As ill luck will always follows in succession, this lonely stranger fell head long inside the deep well, that too without water. The only fortunate thing was, he had not hit the bottom but was dangling precariously due to the overgrown shrubs. To save his life, he was holding some weak branches of a tree that has grown on the sides of the well. As he was thus dangling, a few drops of honey were falling from a beehive. This unfortunate man stretches his tongue to taste those precious drops of nectar as though it was god sent. Meanwhile, he finds that a big snake was waiting at the bottom of the well, in anticipation of a prey. It was hissing and threatening every one. The man was at his wits end. To add this turmoil, he finds that two rats of white and black were slowly cutting the branches with its teeth.

This particular story is written to highlight human life on earth. The earthly life of any individual is compared to the thick forest from where there is no exit. He was chased by ‘death’ in the form of a furious tiger. As he tries to escape, he falls down the deep well that is akin to the family life. This man dangling precariously is attracted by the trivial pleasures like the honey drops. Yet he cannot escape the fierce snake waiting at the bottom of the well. The black and white rats are nothing but day and night which eats away the allotted span of life. The little pleasures we enjoy are like the honey drops amidst the troublesome life like family, children, wealth and fame. But, the inevitable thing is, he cannot escape death which is waiting to pounce upon him. Neither can he ascend the well since the hungry tiger is awaiting him to come up.

In the scriptures and epics of Hinduism, many such illumining stories are studded with morals. Even in the Bible and Quran, there are many parables highlighting human life. The aim of all the spiritual literature is to make man understand the ephemeral nature of human life. Every one of us is surely aware of the temporary nature of sensual pleasures. None can enjoy the pleasures forever. They are of momentary nature. Hence man seeks again and again some alternative ways to enjoy the various pleasures which are trivial. He innovate different cuisines to cater to his taste buds. He manufactures different aroma of scents to satiate his smell. Music offers various genres to cater to his ear. He wears velvets and silks for the sense of touch. It is obvious that the world offers varieties of such things which induce him to possess. God has created this beautiful world with varieties of sights, natural sceneries, different kinds of flowers of various hues and smell. He has provided man with foods of different taste and variety. Human psychology needs varieties to satisfy him. For instance, if there is only one color, none would appreciate it. The seven colors give a sense of satisfaction. Every plant is different; every bird has different varieties of feathers and wore varieties of colors. See the varieties of animals in the forests. Even in the insects, there are thousands of varieties. There are thousands of varieties of butter flies which display colorful wings.

Creation is variety meant to attract the people. Even animals and birds enjoy nature. The peacock displays its colorful wings when it notices an overcast sky. Man naturally becomes a slave to the senses and he is easily enamored by the world. Hence the sages and saints have devised many ways to illumine the mind of ordinary individuals towards higher truths about life. They warn him whenever he strays from righteous ways. The lure for wealth and women has degraded human life. Hence the prophets and saints warn the human race against the pitfalls of greed and desire. But, modern technology is hell bent to entertain the mind of human beings with varieties of recreation like cinema, music and information savvy. But one must be careful to choose what is beneficial over the long time.

We all know that our life on earth is short and if we miss the purport of life in the side lanes of sensual pleasures, then we will descend to the state of animal species. We are blessed with intelligence and intellect. We have a choice to select elevating ideals against degrading pastimes. Hence let us utilize our life fully for evolving higher and to reach the aim from where there is no descend to earthly life. This is called ‘salvation or self-realization in different religious scriptures!


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