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Our lives follow a pre-decided pattern!

Updated on August 16, 2013

Our lives follow a blue print.

Today there are plenty of CDs, DVDs and even advanced blue ray discs which can store huge content of data. But we are not aware of the invisible data storage system that is part of the consciousness. All the talks, feelings, thoughts and emotions are duly recorded in our consciousness without any omission. This arrangement is in place ever since human beings walked on the earth. While a child takes birth in the world, it doesn’t wear anything on its person but there is an invisible garland wound over its neck which contains the good and bad effects of the past births. This invisible garland is actually the blue print for the present life. Many in the Civil Construction work are aware of the blue prints containing the plans, elevations and sections of the future constructions. They follow the details given in the plan and construct the buildings according to the plan detailed therein. In the normal course, the plan is followed in Toto unless there is some hurdle during the construction. The plan generally depicts the basement and the position of main walls and cross walls. Accordingly, the foundations are prepared to accommodate the walls at the correct places and to the required dimensions of the rooms. Once, the foundations are laid, we cannot deviate from the plan any more except in some exceptional circumstances. Likewise our life is fixed on certain parameters. The foundations for our present birth have already been laid in the previous births and the basement fixed. In a way, our life too has to course through those parameters only.

Many people talk about fate and destiny. But they are nothing but the results of past births. Whether we believe it or not, every life takes the twists and turns as decided in previous births. This explains the differences in births of babies with reference to the parents, the health, and other parameters. We have seen some children born in affluent families and many of them born to poor parents. Rationalists may tend to blame the socio economic conditions prevailing at the time of birth. They are unaware that each baby brings with it, the good and bad effects of the past. Even those who believe in God sometimes blame him for all the woes of the world. Each one reaps what he sows earlier. The crop cannot be different from the seed. Then why blame God? He is not the reason for our success or failures. He has ordained certain laws during creation. He has blessed man with a thinking mind and choice making capacity. We are aware that no other species are blessed with this faculty. Since man can choose his path by discrimination over the pros and cons, he is solely responsible for his actions. God has given him thinking power and discriminating intellect. He has ordained that man is solely responsible for his actions.

In many Religions, rebirth is ruled out. But most of the Eastern Religions believe in rebirth and reincarnation. They believe that God too descends on earth at appropriate times to guide the erring humanity. As mentioned in the Hindu scriptures, each soul evolves through different births from plants, birds, animals and finally evolves as a human being. Jesus and Prophet Mohammad are two prominent examples of great souls descending on earth to correct humanity. They bring about monumental changes in the society by their teachings and life. There is no dearth of saintly personalities in every era. They take birth anywhere in the world at predetermined time and mostly they take birth in humble surroundings. People listen to them after watching and observing their life. Due to the faith in those great masters, some miracles take place in the lives of many people who are adversely affected by many difficulties. Really the Prophets and Messiahs are harbingers of Society!

Jesus and Sai.


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