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Fathers Day ~ Who Art in Heaven...

Updated on October 18, 2017
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Our Stages are unique, Kathy enjoys sharing her latests thoughts and stages through Hub pages and looks forward to learning about yours.

Smooth sailing with the love of a Father

Scene One

On Fathers Day, we are in awe as we are reminded that regardless of the fact that many of us no longer have our fathers, here with us on earth, or in some cases never have, that no matter what, we are blessed to have a Heavenly Father who loves us unconditionally.

SCENE I ~ She woke up bright and early with an eagerness to hurry to the phone to make the call. That, “ Hey dad happy father’s day call.” Her heart is warm and fuzzy with the idea of sharing her latest news and maybe getting him to laugh with the most current silly little joke she can muster up. Her feet hit the floor as she heads to the phone, picks it up to begin the dialing, and then it happens. She remembers, “He is gone.” It has been three years and yet it feels like yesterday. She suddenly gets somber for a minute. Tiny tears attempt to well up in her eyes. She takes a long slow deep breath and thinks, “She doesn’t need a phone. She can talk to him from her heart straight to heavens door."

We all have a Father who will always lift us up. He is there to turn to all the time. We can turn to Him in our daily walks. He is a Father who wants only for us to place our faith and hope in Him. When we allow ourselves to be poured into by God our Father and live for Him then all things are possible.

(Philippians 4:13 “ I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”)

We honor the fathers who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their families in the many past and current wars.

Scene two

SCENE II ~She woke up today to the baby calling from her crib. She wearily reaches for her slippers to give her footing to hold her, as she will hoist the little one to her hip. As soon as she attends to the little one, providing a fresh diaper and sippy cup of juice, she will make her way to the office area of her small apartment. Here she finds a comfy spot to sit at her computer. She anxiously opens it up because she knows their Skype session is about to ensue. The timing is meticulous as he is far from her, deployed in the desert country of Afghanistan. She has awaited this early morning call all week. It is Fathers Day and she is so excited to see the man she loves as he shares his few minutes of joy with her and their baby. It is the best present he can imagine as he lives out his days in a chaotic world of war far and away from his loved ones. The web camera turns to green and there He is and she just smiles.

Today is a day to honor a father who may have been raised on the streets in turmoil but chose to break the mold of his existence and better himself for future generations. A Father who did not make the choices in his life but rather overcame those choices made before him.

Scene three

SCENE III~ He is just five years old, but he knows what day it is. He knows it is "Fathers Day". He is keenly aware at his young age that today is the day his grandma and he would take the annual trip. His Gram has prepared everything as she has for the past three years of his life. His clothes are laid out on the bed neatly and he has specific instructions to head to the bathroom and brush his teeth immediately following breakfast. After one last look around the old rickety house that has been shaken by wear and inner city happenings, they will head out. It's still dark outside as they make their way to the corner. They will catch the Metro Bus and head to the larger bus terminal. Here they will board another bus with a little more comfort. Gram has packed some snacks and toys for their long journey. The little boy is excited, as he will be taking three buses to see his father and three more to get back home. Their time together will be short, as it takes so very long to get to the prison. Gram is weakened by a heart condition and, therefore, can only make the tedious trip once a year. What better day to allow a child to hug his father. It is, after all, Fathers Day. This same young man will grow and after twenty-five long and dedicated years have passed, he will share this story with his own son. They will also be taking a bus ride only this bus will be heading to New York City from the suburbs where he has lived the past five years with his lovely wife. His son is also now five years old and the are headed for the Christmas Show at Radio City Music Hall. This young excited boy is the child the couple chose for adoption as their first tiny human to guide and mentor. He wanted to give a child like himself a chance, a child that did not have a Gram like his. Because of his Gram, he became the father who made good choices and did not let a history of negativity repeat in another life. He was the change because he was loved, and his story was different because of the faith of a mustard seed. The faith that a worn and tired gram placed in her Father in heaven and the faith in Christ and tomorrow she displayed and then shared with her grandson. The kind of faith that grew into a beautiful life of a lost and abandoned the little boy.

Today was a day to honor the dad’s that no matter what storms come against them, and no matter how many waves knock them down, they get right back up and keep fighting to be the models for their children.

Scene four

SCENE IV~ He sets his work clothes out the night before. He always wants to present his best for the job he feels so blessed to have. Life has happened to him so many times. He has struggled with life’s trials and come through strong and courageous for his family. He has battled through the storms of illness that have hit so many he loves including himself. He learns to be a provider in an economy that no longer appreciates the hard work and loyal dedication. He is very grateful for what he has but is also painfully aware that although he is a professional and gives everything he does one hundred percent, that due to economic downturn he will always feel the stress of making ends meet. No matter how he sees himself his children and wife adore him. They are so happy to make a special meal they have thought out days ahead to honor his effort, love and continued commitment to them. They appreciate that he is hungry for the word of God and makes it a priority to keep his family grounded in their walk. He admits his imperfections and asks for support when he needs it. His family is proud of him for he is a dad that goes over every hurdle. If he knocks something down, he goes back and jumps over one more time. He does his utmost to stay ahead of the proverbial snake that is always trying to gain speed to bite at the heels of those he loves. When it gets close he turns on his own steadfast heels and spits at the slithering poison and says, “GET OFF MY BACK AND THAT OF MY FAMILY.”

Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Pillar ~ FATHER


Conclusion ~You Father are all knowing and all providing. You’re in the valleys and the peaks. We honor praise and worship you today and always. We are so grateful for your complete love and so very thankful for our earthly fathers. Whether they are here present in our daily lives or awaiting our reunion with them in heaven. Today was a day to honor the fathers who tried their best to make things better for their children. Ultimately we are in awe of a Father who would give us His love and protection unconditionally as He wraps us in His arms. We are obedient to His plan for our lives and eager to learn from the lessons from all of our Fathers.

© 2012 The Stages Of ME


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    • The Stages Of ME profile image

      The Stages Of ME 5 years ago

      Thank you for your kind words. Our Father in heaven is all we truly need. God bless you always and hugs back :)

    • Jo_Goldsmith11 profile image

      Jo_Goldsmith11 5 years ago

      I just loved this! I wished my heavenly father a happy father's day. As this is the only one I have ever truly had. This is beautiful, awesome and inspiring! I voted up and the way congratulations for Level V Commenter award! :) You so deserve it! hugs! :)