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Updated on November 27, 2010



What miracles You've performed!

So much! But, on the sixth day,

The best of Your creations ...

From a little piece of clay.

Created in Your Image

You breathed life in him to stay

A child of Yours forever ...

That little piece of clay.

Imperfect, still ... he's alone

You took a rib ... as he lay

And made the perfect helpmate

For that little piece of clay.

Together they ruled Eden

Until satan came their way

Upset the perfect balance

Defiled pieces of clay.

Cast out from Utopia

A horrible price to pay

Disobeying their Master

They were cursed pieces of clay.

If it were not for Jesus

Wrapped up in a bed of hay

In a stall in Bethlehem

There would be no other way!

He's The Living Sacrifice

And to Him, each day, let's pray

To save us and have mercy

On sinful pieces of clay!



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