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Devotion to God takes out of sufferings

Updated on September 22, 2016

Power of Prayer

In today’s world, in a world of gadgets, science and inventions, there is still something we have not been able to reveal enough. Something has always remained undiscovered, alike are so many.

All these questions can be answered with no invention, proof and prints. However, it is always answered with the belief and the trust in our hearts. The power of devotion and trust is the only way we can know all these questions.

We in our now-a-days life and in the busy schedule might have forgotten to give time to GOD, but God is always with us. Some people remember God only when they are in sorrow or pain and ask for help that human cannot give them.

Believe it or not, there are many instances that can be counted in every body’s life where a miracle has happened that he or she might not have expected of as well. Whereas, we in this practicable world hardly trust what we cannot see and that has no proof.

There are others who pray out of a sense of duty thinking that they should do it, not necessarily because they want to do it. Then there are those who deeply devout and remember God out of love and reverence.

Trust and Devotion to God

However, just a mild trust and devotion to God can actually bring us out from all the sufferings and pain. God is actually just a part and soul of our life who also needs attention and love from our end like our parents, child and near and dear ones. He unlike others is the only one who wants love and care from us rather than any material demand. It is true that if you give him $ 1.00, he will return you in thousands.

But for fame, name, wealth not to worship him.

He should be worshiped without anything in return and our soul should be just sacrificed to him saying that “I do not know what is good and what is bad for me, it is you who need to show me the path towards the truth and safety of my life” and just bow down to him your life would become so smooth and all the big and small problems will never bother you at all. We all need to have the faith in God as without faith praying God would be meaningless.

The Bible says, “Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened to you”. Lord Tennyson in his famous poem, ‘Idylls of the King,’ writes- More things are caused by prayer than the world dreams of.

It is not enough to just remember him once in a while as if doing a favor to God that “Yes, I do remember you” but as I said he should be with you in your heart, in your thoughts always.

There may be different beliefs and ways to worship God in different places and communities, but one thing always remains the same the love of God for us.

Not only worshiping God and following as much as we can, whatever he says in the Holy Books but we should also try to engrave the same in our family, friends and especially our next generation. Because the sins and the ugly things in the society, family and our environment can only be abolished from its roots when we all become dedicated and defecate the enmity for one another.

Nourish yourself first

It is well said that a human who cannot love others can hardly love God or himself. Envy, evil thoughts, doing conspiracy and hurting others with harsh words, defamation of others are all kinds of evils that we should not nourish our lives.

We should not think to take revenge and spend our lives in creating problems for others but need to concentrate to be peaceful and happy in our life by following the footprints of God.

We should not entertain ugly gossips and taking interest in others’ sorrow and make fun of them but should make a clean path to eternity. It is said in the good books and by our elders that if someone enmities you, you should not curse him rather than good for him. We should treat them so well that they repent for all faults and the evil in their heart and soul leaves them forever. Loving God is not only reading Holy books and visiting Holy places but to also spread Good thoughts of God around you. You should make and build habits in you in such a way that people likes to follow the good thoughts you have and says of God by looking at you. The enchanting beauty and heavenly mercy of God should reflect through you and brighten up your surroundings.

Follow the words of God

To become good for heart and soul and to follow the words of God, it is not necessary for you to leave the entire world, your family. In our day to day life and moving on with the world as well you can follow the footprints of God. Some people though believe in the power of prayer, yet they have a mind-set that form of worship also lies in the service of humanity. Despite being wordless, it strengthens their confidence and paves a way for them for a successful, happy and peaceful life.

Let us with all this divine sayings, mold our lives accordingly and make ourselves fit to be the right instruments of service and thus make present day, man and world fit to create and enjoy the kingdom of heaven on earth with HIM. Thus let us all do for what we are born in this world and follow the sayings of our Lord who wants all of us to be happy from soul and heart.

Let God bless us All.

The Lord Ganesha

Every year, the Ganesha festival is played in Mumbai (India) with lots of joy and it comes to an after the innumerable giant, ornate idols of the wish-fulfilling God of wisdom and prosperity are immersed in the sea. Before immersion in the month September, the idols are worshiped by local communities for consecutive 10 days. Here, the devotees throng Mumbai's downtown Chowpatty Beach every year to bid farewell to their most beloved God.

Increase your will power

Nothing can be achieved without willpower and trust. If you behave deep inside that you can achieve something you will definitely achieve it. Yoga has many techniques by which you build not only but also improve memory. That's why so many people practicing yoga see the benefits spilling over to other aspects of their lives. Artistic yoga works on all five aspects of physical fitness - strength, endurance, flexibility, agility and co-attentive ability. In addition to physical benefits like weight loss, muscle tone, higher energy levels, yoga works on the emotional and memory power of a human being so that he or she feels more balanced and energized.


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