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Potential & Purpose (13) Build Relationships

Updated on July 29, 2013

Do you know your purpose?

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Do you want to know why you are here?

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Build Relationships.

Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly,… Psalm 1:1

In other words, don't keep company with those who are not going where you want to go or doing what you want to do.

You build relationships by sharing yourself with other people. You build relationships by listening to others share themself with you. When people hear of what God did for you, they will be inclined to believe God can do the same for them. He can and He will, if you believe. You glorify God when you believe Him and act upon it. Look at King David.

An example of fulfilling your purpose can be found with the life of King David, a man the Bible says, "The Lord sought...after his own heart and appointed him leader..." (1 Sam 13:14) This man was chosen by God to serve his generation. Did you see that, God chose him? His purpose was to lead the people of God back to God by uniting them. His purpose was to return the Ark of the Covenant back to the Holy Land. He did it! Who wouldn’t want their headstone to read: “He Served the Lord.” Now are you thinking David was able to unite people without some help? No! He had to get people to trust his judgment. He had to get people to trust him. You know how he did it? When questions arose as to how he would do something, David always went to God in prayer. And people saw him do this over and over again. He developed his relationship with God and people knew he was lead by God. David trusted God.

Now let's bring this principle a little closer to home. Pastor Muka, my pastor, came to America in the 1980s with a scholarship based on his experience in automotive design. He did not know at that time that he would come to America and build people. But look at how God trained him: in the military. He served 17 years, and loved it. After completing his military assignment, he was supposed to return home. The political environment prevented him from doing so. He feared for his life. However, God being all seeing and all knowing knew He would send him home in 1999.

After 14 years of being away from his home, God allowed this Man of God to return to homeland in 1999. Arriving in central Africa in 1999, God showed him the potential in Africa. God’s first command was for the Pastor to build people. He commanded him to find 12 disciples to be trained to do God’s work. Pastor Muka left Africa in July 1999 but by September, he had a list of names, with pictures, of the 12 chosen. Now, these “fishers” had to be trained.

The pastoral training was to take place in southern Africa: Zimbabwe. The disciples were in central Africa: the Congo. The road to Zimbabwe was not easy. The proper documents to travel had to be secured. The funds to travel had to be raised. The “fishers” needed much encouragement and so did NBIMinistry staff and supporters. However, in the end, as He always does, God made a way. In October of 1999, NBIMinistry began an aggressive campaign to fund the travel cost to fly the “fishers” from the Congo to Harare, Zimbabwe. By March of 2000, the funds raised were delivered to our liaisons in the Congo. By April 2000, the “fishers” were entering their first day of training. In 2001, they all graduated. Today, 2011, the 12 are serving God in Holland, the United Kingdom, Kinshasa, America, Germany, Kananga and Zimbabwe.

If you have no idea what your potential is, hopefully, you will know by now. Hopefully, you know by now, you have a purpose. The Ministry is proud to have the relationship we have with Andrew Wutawunashe, Overseer, World Witness and Family of God Churches. Through him, the disciples were trained. The Ministry is proud to have the relationship we have with Maman Mona deLuxe. Through her, we were able to get all the paperwork done that was necessary for the disciples to travel, eat, get their shot records updated and travel across the land. If you have never been to Africa, let me tell you, travelling is not like it is here in the States. You need a lot of support financially, emotionally, physically and spirituall. We are eternally grateful to God for the opportunity to be used in His service to see the potential of these young disciples developed and we are grateful to Him for the opportunity to be "vessels of gold..." (2 Timothy 2:20) used by the Master.” We are also exceedingly joyful to have good relationships in Europe. Without their support, yours truly would have never made it to Africa. We are extremely grateful once again for Maman Mona for her extending her home and all her servants for our use for 23 days while we were in Kinshasa and Lubumbashi. We cannot thank God enough for the relationships NBIMinistries has built with Pastors, their congregations and their families in Africa, America and Europe. , Kananga and America. Without this support, we would not be able to keep the great command that Jesus gave, “Go ye therefore and teach…them” "baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost" (Matthew 28:19-20). In order to fulfill your purpose for which God has created you, you must

  • Recognize God: He created you.
  • Trust Him: He will not leave you.
  • Define It: Identify that gift from God.
  • Write it down: Write, Write, Write. If God wrote the commandments for Moses to give to His people, why aren't you writing?
  • Develop It: Get some're gonna need it!
  • Test It: Now see if the training works.
  • Build Relationships: Connect with others that are doing what you're doing.

We are called to be “fishers.” Are you ready to fulfill the purpose of God in your life? Good! Let’s go.

God bless you.

I love you, in Jesus’ Name!

To discuss or learn more about the Potential and Purpose Series, e-mail me at

Let's keep in touch! Send me an email ( or and let me know what you discovered about you!

To all my readers, Thank you. Because of you, my potential is exercised and my purpose is fulfilled. I hope you discover your potential and define your purpose. I have! God bless you! --S. Campbell McQueen

To discuss or learn more about the Potential and Purpose Series, e-mail me at

Potential & Purpose Series

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(16) Book References

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    • profile image


      7 years ago


      Thank you for allowing me to share the goodness of God with you. Thanks for your enriching comments. I just read your writing about the miracle that took place in your life at a young age. Isn't it amazing how God can allow us to experience things that we remember all our life? It's also amazing how we can remember details about the event. Little do we know how He is using us at that time to bring us into who we are now: fulfilling our purpose. I have no doubt God allowed you to experience that miracle so we could read about it today.

      Thank you for sharing.

      God has called us for "such a time as this" to fulfill our purpose in Him.

      Keep writing,

      God bless............S.

    • profile image


      7 years ago


      I cannot say anything to are right! God is the source of our life and you are right...if we have bad relationships with people, we need to check and see where we stand with Him.

      Thanks for your response...we share in the same vision and purpose in do HIS will! Amen!!!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      amen....God is the source of our life and as I tell people if your relationship with people are broken then check to see how your relationship with Jesus is...

    • Guanta profile image


      7 years ago from New York City

      Thank you Sherri@NBIM - I appreciate your Hub and got a lot of useful information from it. Thank you for sharing.


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