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Praise and Worship Is the Prayer That Changes Everything

Updated on October 29, 2016

That's My King! Who Is Your King?

Priase and Worship Is Also One of the Keys to Breakthrough

Prayer is the foundation of a Christian's walk through life. As a Christian (meaning following the teaching of Jesus Christ) we needed to be saved by Him (Jesus Christ) in order to receive salvation, to begin and continue our walk with God, for Him to hear and answer our prayers, to receive insight, wisdom, being able to increase our faith by hearing the word clearly now.

Some (as I did in my past) forget that praise is why we were created. We were created to praise Him. Look at it from this example....

(note that the names are just made up, just making up an example for this blog)

Bob and his wife Sally are born again believers, married and they love the Lord and they were led by the Holy Spirit to fast and pray for two days a month for a whole year so they could hear God clearer and to be free from bondage that has dulled their relationship with God and hindered blessings in their life for years and God desires the very best for them.

So they fasted and prayed for 24 hours drinking nothing but water reading the word of God and they are faithful tithers and they sow into the KINGDOM OF GOD (where they are being fed the word of God) to do their part in advancing the KINGDOM and they pray for others and this all is good from one perspective but it's one thing that didn't do. They didn't PRAISE GOD in the midst of their storm. Yes deep down they both had some very tough things they were dealing with that not too many people knew about. And they were quick to forgive one another and love one another as Jesus loved the church but without PRAISING GOD, it's like planning on making a cake and you have everything whipped up and ready to cook but the oven's nob is broken.

PRAISING GOD is what breaks down the walls of doubt and confuses the enemy, he (the enemy) believes you should be sad and upset that your situation seems uncertain, that the battle looks grim after he's hit you with his best shot. We have to change the atmosphere and PRAISE GOD with singing or we can PRAISE GOD by saying how good HE is and how wonderful HE is and how marvelous HE is and reading HIS word out loud and thanking HIM for what HE has done and what HE is doing (by faith) and what HE will do. Speak up the goodness of GOD in your life. Be bold. Our praise matters. It can and will be the difference to victory of defeat.

He (God) loves it when we are bold about who we serve. Even in the quiet place at home just PRAISE and WORSHIP HIM for 15 -30 minutes or longer, you'll notice a change in the atmosphere. If not do it a bit longer, maybe for an hour or more. Things that seems so big to you will seem so small after you lift HIM up. Lift up your arms or dance or just be still saying "Thank you for your goodness, you are welcome in this place in the name of Jesus". Worshiping and making time for HIM shows you value HIM over other things, over other people, over every circumstance. At times it's time to turn the TV off and just Thank GOD you have a place to lay your head, a place you can wash your body, a computer that you can use to receive insight, physical food to place inside your belly, spiritual food that is going within you, etc.

Jesus is the reason for every season, not just on CHRISTMAS, it an all year round of Praise and Worshiping of our Lord and Savior. JESUS is LORD! He is our LORD. He's our God, our friend, our God in our time of need, Alpha and Omega, our defender, our deliverer, our hope that we can trust in, our trust we can rely on, our everything we would ask for and dare think ......... and even more than that HE'S everything and more all in one. He is worthy to be PRAISED from every hill side, from every rooftop, from every mountain top, from every corn of the world, even in the comfort of your dwelling place in your room, He is worthy to be WORSHIPED.

Read the book of Psalm and recite how King David was so grateful to boast on His Maker, HIS GOD, because He is Holy, He is Almighty, He is So Good, He is loving, He is our redeemer, our help in the time of need.....If you have never done this please do so and you will usher in a change in your life that will make a mark in your life that will see that you receive the Victory each time you are in a struggle. Never forget Jesus overcame the world and there isn't anything God can not do. Praise the Lord everyone. Bless you all in Jesus name. I am writing this and the Flu just broke off me as I stayed in Praise in Worship for a couple days off and on and my strength is coming back. Jesus is our healer, our deliverer, our helper in time of need. We can do our best to prepare for the worst but we must continue to praise and worship through it all and expect the Victory. Click Here and can download a host of great declarations to pray plus an abundance of blessed material.

Declare it in Jesus' name

One thing I had been learning and reminded is to be thankful for the little things. Because the enemy wants you to forget or neglect the small things so that you will not usher in the big things into your life.

Here's an example of the little things (and to some they are big things)

The key is to not to take anything for granted. Not even the little things, to make room for your breakthrough for more to be added. I am being reminded even now. I practice a lot because I want to perfect it. I want to keep a steady flow of His provision in my life and help others do the same. God reminds us to not forget the little things and I am compelled to remind you as well.


  1. Thank you father that we have more than one bible in our home now.
  2. Thank you father that we have running water now.
  3. Thank you father that we have the lights on and electric on now.
  4. Thank you father that we have the internet working now.
  5. Thank you father that we have a place to lay our head at night, we are grateful.
  6. Thank you father that we have food to eat and liquids to drink when in need.
  7. Thank you father that we have places to sit down when we need to rest out feet.
  8. Thank you father that we have telephones that work, we are grateful for that.
  9. Thank you father that we have windows to look out of to see what you created.
  10. Thank you father that we have doors we walk through and doors we can close.
  11. Thank you father that we have heat working though out our home.
  12. Thank you father that I had gifts I have received in my life thus far and that I was able to give gifts to others in my life thus far.
  13. Thank you father that I have people in my life that care enough to encourage me even in a blog, a hub page like this one, so I can receive more things to be thankful for.
  14. Thank you father that we are all one body and that we realize we that can pray as a whole and get a supernatural turn around in our lives as a whole.
  • Thank you father that we have so many things to be grateful for, that you will remind us right now of what we can be thankful for.
  • Keep it up after reading the rest of the blog, you'll be blessed.

Just Praise the Lord! That's Right!

Prayer books by Cindy Trimm

Enter into the Rest

The Prayer of Salvaltion

Feed on the Word of God Here


Music and Video By Darryl William Crawford A.k.a. King Daddy Dee

Jesus is Lord


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