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Prayer is a Call to Glory - (1 Peter 1:3 KJV)

Updated on September 16, 2014
Jesus loved talking with the Heavenly Father
Jesus loved talking with the Heavenly Father

Prayer is an avenue pinpointing and emphasizing our communication with God and it is also indicative that we have been called to a life of glory.

"According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue" (1 Peter 1:3 KJV).

Conversation in heaven
Conversation in heaven

We are called to a life of glory

Isn't that extraordinary, we are called to glory (magnificence, splendor, beauty, grandeur and brilliance) and we are also called to virtue (moral excellence, a desirable and good quality), value and worth of life that pertains to godliness and godlikeness through our personal knowledge of Christ.

Conversing with God necessitates the highest conversation that our spirits, souls and flesh, can ever have in the earth, and in this endeavor is embedded the fact, that we are actually calling eternity where God dwells when we pray. Prior to calling God through prayer, we must first identify and have a clear revelation of who He is and what communicating with Him is all about. We as individuals, are called or invited to pray throughout scriptures, if we take it personally. For example, I mean the scriptures are full of accounts of prophets, priests and kings in the Old Testament having conversations with God and Him with them, and when we read these accounts they stir us up as well to desire that same essence and to sometimes even pray the same prayer. The psalms are full of these types of inspirations, when we hear King David asking the Lord to search his heart, and create in him a clean heart, and to wash him, it motivates us to want the same exact things as well, therefore making it a standing invitation to us too.

Basin of Laver - Symbolic of Repentance
Basin of Laver - Symbolic of Repentance

Repentance is cleansing

How we see the Father, will bring healing to our lives. Should we repent before approaching Him? Why? We should acknowledge the blood of Jesus Christ as the reason, we can approach the Father and repent of all trespasses, and allow the blood to plead our case, as it cleanses us from all sin to stand before the Father in peace. My reason why, is that I don’t nor can I trust anything unexamined within me, therefore, I am not willing to take any chances of Him not hearing me because of sins of omission. Should I just ask for things or that He promotes my agendas, as if He is a genie in a bottle, or a lucky charm?

Thy will be done should be our heart cry. We do let Him know that, we know we need His help. The scripture tell us that whatsoever is not of faith is sin (Romans 14:23). Do I thank Him for and in everything, and communicate to Him that I am thankful and grateful? Yes, we give Him our thanks and praises. Whatever your scenario, or my stance is we can always improve our approach, after all He is a holy God.

My hope in conveying this message is that we would be aware of our posture at all times and that we know, when to stop by the basin of laver for a spiritual bath, called repentance. Beloved, make sure repentance is part of your prayer life. Repent is what we do when we discern that everything we’ve done today has not been of faith. We are complex creatures that are full of unconscious inhibitions and attitudes, intents, motives, desires, thoughts, emotions, and wills, which we have; need to examine every step of our way. We have thoughts that pass through our minds just as rapidly as lighting, which only the Spirit and Word of God can detect and determine the worth or value.

We pray and follow Jesus' example
We pray and follow Jesus' example

Prayer is traveling from realm to realm

How do we go from where we are positioned in earth into eternity? We pray. Prayer is a call we are making through the spirit realm into eternity. We travel in our times of prayer to a higher place, from glory to glory. Now, that is awesome. We bring our flesh under submission to pray and we are stationed here on earth, but our conversation is in heaven where the Father is. We are called to glory to communicate and hear as we seek His face. It is astounding, the privilege we have been granted through Christ to pray to the Father, which dwells in heaven.

From this angle we must see His holiness and cry holy and hallowed be thy name. Above all else we want and desire His will to be done and His kingdom to come and to materialize in us as well as in the earth, as it is in heaven. What do we realize or know about heaven? It is where the holy God dwells and it is full of His glory. We must personalize the Lord’s Prayer in our lives experientially (every member of the Body of Christ,) but the premise has to remain the same, it is the model prayer, and within our prayers the embodiment of what this prayer instructs us should be inclusive. Perhaps we use different words but the ideal of this prayer is very important within our lives, because it is a call we are making to glory, to look up, and ascend higher in thought than is possible. There isn’t a thought greater than God.

As we make plans for each day we should include, if it be thy will, or thy will be done in and through this life of mine and in every prayer we offer up. We need to be thankful for our daily bread physically and spiritually, because we need both. Jesus said, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. We need our spiritual bread as well. We need His forgiveness, without it we can’t forgive others their trespasses. It must be crystal clear to all of us that forgiveness from God frees us to forgive others and ourselves. We need to be led in order to escape temptations and to be delivered from evil and we must walk in the knowledge that all the glory and honor belongs to God.

We transcend time every day when we pray. Isn’t that tremendous, without even consciously giving it any thought prayer ushers us into glory and is in itself a daily journey we take. The words we speak to God in prayer are rungs or stairs we climb when and as we dress for glory. We dress for glory through repentance; we repent because we respect and reverence His holiness, then we are ready to climb the stairs to that space God has ordained just for us. It is amazing how naturally speaking it takes us time and we make steps daily to prepare for what is on the agenda for the day. Yet in a micro moment of preparation, that moment being the time we take for repentance and to launch us into the path to prayer, we are stepping towards glory to meet with our Father. It is interesting that it seems that we are praying so long at times, yet we can miss the point, any time we spend in prayer transfers us into eternity where the Father dwells. It is mind boggling to fathom the connection that we make in prayer. I hope and pray that I can inspire in you newness about prayer and about the connection you are really making and the relationship you have with the Father.

Thy will be done
Thy will be done

A relationship to treasure

Jesus treasured His relationship with the Father, and knew that He was calling glory every time He prayed. When we pray we are also accessing glory. Prayer is a journey we take day and night without a mode of transportation other than our spirits and words.

Our spirits are how we access the Father; they that worship God must worship Him in spirit and truth. Isn’t that tremendous, NASA needs a spaceship, some need a rocket, to travel the measure of separation in space and time, we usually need to take an airplane, bus, or train to go distances in order to reach our destinations, and yet we can be standing still, on bended knees and transcend time and space in prayer.

I am going into my secret closet and shutting the door
I am going into my secret closet and shutting the door

Go in and shut the door

We can go into our closets and shut the door and have a conversation with the Living God who inhabits eternity. Unlike any telephone conversation via cell or otherwise using any present day witty inventions that connect us to others in conversation, we have been given the privilege to pray. We can make contact with eternity and it is fascinating the glory and virtue that calls us.

Here you, and I can be praying to the Father in heaven, and this far surpasses any long distance call we can ever make in the here and now. Prayer is an attitude we can be in all day if we choose to, that is what heart to heart allows and empowers us to do. After we have prayed we can conclude our call to glory with Amen, our way of saying until we commune again most Holy Father.

He is too busy, and has a lot on his mind
He is too busy, and has a lot on his mind

Will you get through?

How about making a personal call to talk to any prestigious person on earth such as the President of the United States? What do you think the chances of speaking directly to him would be? Hello, may I speak with the president, there would certainly be someone answering the phone that probably would politely tell you in his or her own words, that is not possible. Jesus shows us that we can pray to His Father in heaven.

If we don’t allow iniquity to cloud our prayer life, He the Father will hear us. What does that speak to you? To me it speaks Wow! Oh my! I can direct my conversation towards His Father in heaven. That sounds like a call to glory to me. How about you?

Prayer is how we seek His face, so we must see His face as holy first and foremost. His face is unlike any face that we can ever behold on earth, because sin has marred all of our faces to a large degree, we don’t look anything like we would have looked if sin had not been allowed to surface. Our faces were brought into existence by the Creator, we were His idea, imagine before you and I came into existence we were thought into existence by Him. Sin marred what we all really look like.

We have an invitation

A call can be interpreted as an invitation. The Lord Jesus Christ has invited us into His family. Jesus always prayed, and this is what we must do too.

Jesus’ prayer in John 17, we know it as the High Priestly prayer. In this prayer He was praying for the disciples, then included all who would believe the disciples words, in verse 20,

"Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word;"

This is a wow verse. I accepted Jesus as my Savior and Lord through a tract; John the Beloved’s words found in John 3:16, and Jesus had made intercessions for you and me over 2,000 years ago. More than likely it was a scripture verse that illuminated your spirit as well, and that scripture verse is prophetic prayer regarding your salvation. Glory to God! Beloved, have you ever given it any thought about actually originating in the mind of God, we are ideas formed in and through His mind. Every thought in His mind is holy. His thoughts and plans for our lives began in holiness and will end in holiness also.

"For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them" (Ephesians 2:10 KJV).

Every one of us is somewhere on the pathway of sanctification. Not all are at the same level, but we all should and must keep on striving for the spiritual growth that will take us to deeper levels. We will never attain perfection until we see Jesus, but we should never be satisfied with merely maintaining the status quo or drifting into mediocrity or comfort. All of us have the same spiritual goals; growth in our relationship with God. Salvation is not the end of the matter; it is just the beginning, and we need to be constantly encouraging each other in our Christian walks. My attempt in making this writing available is to encourage you to see prayer in a new and living way; my desire is that your relationship with God is real and lasting, full of fire and anointing as you commune with Him in your own closet.

It is a personal intimate call and it is how you perceive it that will determine whether you will treasure this time. Each member of the Body of Christ has received the same invitation and only we can answer it as it pertains to us. Why answer the call to prayer? We should answer the call because we’ve been invited, as a child of God and prayer is our only way to communicate with God. This invitation is special and unique there is a certain amount of honor transferred to us through the process, that honor being a privilege and one of the benefits the psalmist instructs us not to forget in Psalm 103:2. Don’t forget the benefits of prayer, not in only asking what we want or desire, but in the communication we are given with God. We are valuable to God; it is a value I have never experienced in all my days on earth. I am sure there are people who deem me valuable, but not to the point of dying for me, nor would I desire or expect them to. I am thankful to God the Father for sending His only begotten Son for the salvation of the whole world. May prayer ever be your reality that you are called to glory.


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