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Building and Utilizing God's Own Powers Residing in Us

Updated on March 9, 2019
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I'm a mathematician and have taught mathematics and related courses for over 3 years. Still working on myself. Still I rise

Psychic Awakening
Psychic Awakening


  • The human body is equipped with appropriate mechanism by which it is able to respond to emergencies at all times in protection or defense of itself. The eye for instance, would blink to shield off itself from oncoming dust particles. Assuming the particles had actually entered the eye, it would increase its supply of fluid or secretion to lubricate itself and dislodge or flush out the extraneous matter. This illustration is true for all phenomena of self defense and body's reactions in the face of emergencies, to restore and sustain a state of balance or harmony.

Forms of Attack

  • The notion of defense presupposes the risk of an attack. In other words, there is an envisaged risk of danger or attack (real or imagined looming or launched) against which the body has to be defended or protected. In this regard, we can identify two forms of attack namely: physical attack and non-physical or psychic attack.
  1. Physical Attack refers to any harmful force launched through a physical medium onto the physical body to injure or harm the body. The harmful force could come by way of severe knock or blow to bruise, batter or fracture the body; it could be by way of sharp object to lacerate or puncture the body.
  2. Psychic or Spiritual Attack on the other hand, could be explained as a process whereby an evil thought or force is transmitted through a medium other than physical to a person usually with intent to harm or injure the person's psychic or spiritual body. Any harm done to the psychic body would of course, invariably translate to harm on the physical body, as what affects one affects the other.

"The human psyche or psychic body could be construed as the soul body, a spiritual counterpart of the physical body of man."

Concept of Psyche

  • The word "psyche" is a Greek word meaning soul force, life force, or spirit. The human psyche or psychic body could therefore be construed as the soul body, a spiritual counterpart of the physical body of man. The psychic body is in touch with the soul over which it forms a garment, and is also in touch with the physical body which it fits into symmetrically. While the physical body is largely negative in vibration, the psychic body is positive and exercises a protective influence over the physical body. The protective function of the psychic body is carried out through the aura.
  • The aura is an electromagnetic field of energy exuding from the psychic complex and overflowing the physical body to form a protective shield. The electromagnetic energy of the psychic body flows through a nervous system called the sympathetic nervous system which distributes vital life force and cosmic energy via specific centers known as psychic centers, to all parts of the body. The psychic centers are not physical organs, tissues or glands but rather, are electromagnetic energy points located in close association with specific organs, glands or tissues of the body, where they operate as a network in rhythmic relationship with one another to create and maintain body integration, balance and harmony.

The Phenomenon of Psychic Attack

  • The concept of psychic attack is centered on thought vibration involving thought transmission and thought reception. The psychological content of a thought is one thing governed by the laws of the universe. However, the semantic meaning attached to the thought derives from the human mind and this determines the effect of the thought that is projected or received. The goodness or harmfulness of a thought or any substance for that matter therefore, does not reside in the thought of the substance itself but in its particularistic order of meaning or intent of its use as held in the human mind.
  • The human mind will not accept a void. It strives to determine or formulate the meaning of intent or concepts that come to it in its bid to avoid a vacuum. This tendency to assign meaning to concepts that seem indefinable or strange or to substitute acceptable concepts for those that are ambiguous is what brings about superstition. And of all forms of human sufferings, by far the most worrisome are probably those having to do with superstition, ignorance and fear. Superstition derives from ignorance about fundamental laws. It has the effect of creating fear. Fear can weaken the human aura, collapse the psychic defense mechanism and make a person vulnerable to a psychic attack.


The Mechanism of Psychic Self Defense

  • Psychic self defense can be defined as an autonomic mechanism by which the human psychic protects the body against psychic or spiritual and even physical attack. It is a function of the subconscious mind, the psychic structure and the human aura. The subconscious mind is a domain of tremendous power, capable of doing what the physical body is incapable of doing. It can engage in contemplation, imagination, concentration and visualization as a process in mental creation. It can generate a thought and transmit it through space, unhampered by elements of matter, time and space to anywhere, anyone, anytime.
  • Evil thoughts as well as good thoughts can be transmitted and received, depending on the content of the subconscious mind and the quality of the aura of the person sending and the person receiving. Thus, the subconscious mind, working in concert with the aura, can enhance or disrupt thought transmission or reception, for instance, when a person has a well charged and expanded aura and the thought projected to him is not in harmony with his subconscious mind, the person's aura will block the incoming thought or vibration and keep the body protected. Equally, evil thought emanating from a person can be blocked by his own aura and forced to remain within his subconsciousness to harm him.
  • Self defense is applicable to both outer and inner selves, whichever is the case the defense mechanism of the body is organised , coordinated and executed by the inner self working through the medium of the subconscious mind, the psychic complex and the human aura.

Techniques of Psychic Self Defense

  • Psychic self defense does not occur as a conscious or deliberate exercise. It is an unconscious phenomenon and the techniques are essentially and substantially the methods or procedures that one consciously adopts in order to put in place an appropriate psychic framework that has the capability for rapid response in defense of the body against any form of attack.
  • The techniques of psychic self defense derive from the various exercises and experiments geared towards raising or expanding our consciousness, magnetizing our psychic centers and strengthening our auras. They include: The practice of deep breathing exercises, holding of positive thoughts, and harmonizing with the Cosmic forces.
  1. Breathing Exercises: Breathing exercises are those exercises which we engage in to regulate breathing so that instead of allowing breathing to occur naturally on its own, we voluntarily control its rate intensity and duration. In this respect, breathing exercises can be classified into three categories namely neutral breathing, negative breathing and positive breathing. Consider for instance positive deep breathing exercise. Each time we take a deep breath and hold it, we introduce into our system a quantum of Cosmic energy, which then goes to the various psychic centers to energize them and enhance their magnetism. This development has the effect of making the entire psychic body vibrate with high-pitched electromagnetic energy which then overflows the physical body to magnetize and strengthen the aura. A strong aura, no doubt, is a formidable armor in psychic self defense. To strengthen our aura therefore, deep breathing exercise holds the ace. Best results are often obtained if this exercise is carried out with built-in sound and color vibrations.
  2. Holding Positive Thoughts: The thoughts and convictions we hold in our subconscious minds do affect our life and in particular our mental health significantly. It has been emphasized earlier in this discourse that the content of the subconscious mind and the quality of the aura are important factors in psychic self defense. The subconscious mind reasons deductively, accepting definite instructions and ideas and working forward with them as an inviolable order. The subconscious mind therefore, can be programmed through subtle suggestions from the objective mind to do for us a number of things such as to engage in positive thoughts, to assert confidence, to affirm a condition, to reject a claim, to conquer fear etc.
  3. Harmonizing With Cosmic Forces: The macrocosm and the microcosm were created using the elements: Fire, Earth, Air, and water. There are exercises and invocations for harmonizing or aligning with these elements or Cosmic forces. The mystic who is initiated into these elements and is harmonized with them is psychically protected and served by them.

Breathing Exercise
Breathing Exercise

"Every man whose heart is not pure is incapable of being an agent of divinity and a trustee of God's own powers."


  • Psychic self defense is hinged on the use of God's own powers or forces residing in and passing through the body of man. To qualify for the use of these powers and to obtain the desired results, one must have purity of mind and body and exhibit a high degree of righteousness and confidence.
  • The vibrations of the psychic centers can be lowered by:
  1. Fear.
  2. Negative thoughts.
  3. Emotional states characterized by prejudice, anger, intolerance, bitterness, hatred, malice as well as inharmonious substances in form of foods, drinks etc. taken into the body system.

Might I add with emphasis that every man whose heart is not pure is incapable of being an agent of divinity and a trustee of God's own powers.


Uduebor, J.A. (2015). Psychic Self Defense. Unpublished Convocation Discourse. Nigeria

© 2019 Ehilenbalu David Uduebor


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