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Updated on April 19, 2012

Finding Purpose of Life


Philosophy of Life

For a very long time there has been a debate over purpose of life that its being a systematic creation of Supreme Power or just a result of biological accident, with this there is also a conflict in various viewpoints of looking at our very own purpose of existence.

A set of people believe that we as per our karma are all set in a specific life situation and our destiny is already frozen by Divine Powers, The more we try to fight our fate, the worse will be life situations, thus it is better strategy to allow ourselves flowing in the stream of life events. People claim to read all our future life events just by looking at our palm, or birth horoscope. At the same time there is also a set of people who do not believe in horoscope and therefore are also sceptical on the possibility of anything predetermined about our life. They believe that Life is all about the haphazard events as a result of mere coincidences and hence we do not have any specific goal set by Supreme Power. They in fact refuse to the existence of any Supreme Power evaluating our karma controlling our fates. If one will introspect in depth, he will find- actually it is both ways and that to without contradicting both the beliefs.

Life Situations & Trends

Let is analyse it in detail in context with our life events and Hindu Scriptures to find out exact purpose of life. To answer this all time evergreen question that is we here with a free will or just as a slave to our fates, Let us do a bit of introspection by observing our life events on a graph as follows in few simple steps:-

  1. Take a big piece of paper for making a graphical representation of your life events.
  2. Mark X Axis as time line on your graph representing various events on time scale which left unforgettable impressions and you remember them for some reasons good or bad even with passage of time.
  3. Now you will have to mark all those big and small events of your life starting from your childhood to till date on Time Scale X Axis, which had given you some amount of happiness or unhappiness.
  4. You also need to quantify the event’s happiness or unhappiness and mark it on Y Axis. You can rate your happiness out of 10 and give marks to all those events on Y Axis.
  5. Remember you have to give marks with reference to your feelings about that event at that point of time. Like you may not feel as happy today as in your childhood about getting a toy. So your mark should be say 9 out of 10 for getting a toy in childhood. Or you may not feel as depressed today as in your teenage about not able to watch a movie, so you can give yourself -9 out of 10 for that event.
  6. Example in the form of flow of events is given here for reference:-

Moments of Life

· Got a toy +10/10

· Joining School + 3/10

· Got punishment by teacher -7/10

· Got first position in class +8/10

· Got sick -5/10

· Failed in Surprise Test -2/10

· Could not make it first division in class 10th -10/10

· Got first division in class 12th +8/10

· Could not get an admission in any Engineering college -4/10

· Got admission in B Commerce +6/10

· And so on…………..

Long Term Plans of Supreme Powers


Graphical representation of Life Situations

Trends of Life
Trends of Life | Source

Life Teaches Art of Living

The final MAP will give you a true picture of your life. Irrespective of your achievements/ failures today, you will observe a common trend of highs and lows in your life. Any body of us, if map our life in the similar way as mentioned above will find that a trend of plus and minus in your happiness quotient is imperative. We will find that life is not destined to be full of successes only or full of failures only. It offers us a combo package of both to make us learn the art of living and harness our psychophysical energy system to manifest excellence against all odds. We all have some unique strengths and weaknesses, Life teaches us to leverage our strength and defeat our weaknesses so that we can contribute to the cosmic equation with our valued uniqueness.

Our karma would have given us a frozen path to walk on, Life with all its hardships, teaches us to be tough and make our own new paths with our free will. We are also not a result of mere coincidences but are the unique creations of Supreme Powers set on the stage of life, exposed to the stream of events in a planned way for learning the art of living and eventually to be able to exercise free will.

Purpose of Life

Life is nothing but stream of moments, It is up to us how to experience those moments. We chose to be happy in those moments, we will be happy forever, we chose to be sad, we will be sad forever. Because life will always come along with both good and bad moments just to make us learn the Art of Living and Equanimity of Mind.


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