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Paarl Perle Established 1856 in the Paarl and Stellenbosch Western Cape RSA..

Updated on July 3, 2015

Paarl Perle from Paarl and Stellenbocsh Western Cape.


Paarl Perle Established 1856 in the Western Cape

Paarl Perle White Perle Wine from the Paarl and

Stellenbosch Western Cape‎.

11.5 percent of alcohol.

Ripe green grapes with an after taste of an


Established 1856.

For over 150 years natives and settles have

been dining, unwinding ‎to the smooth acquired

taste of Paarl Perle.

What I love most about you Ms Perle you do

not make me forget my problems.

I pick up the pen.

Budget my groceries for the next three months.

Clean my bedroom and town house.

Elated yet not reckless, I drive my scooter Poetic

last name Hades, at 40kms per hour, we ride

into the sunset, traffic is never an issue.

When it rains and drizzle we rest, tomorrow is

another day.

Let us drink and be merry.

Reflect on our weaknesses our short Fallings

let us rejoice and be steadfast in our gift of life

‎as well as remember our achievements.

Let us Pray for our loved ones.

Keep the memories of those dear to us that passed

alive‎, by making them proud by taking care of all

that they left behind, all the dreams they did not

get to see.

Nothing is impossible.

Should a thought come to life in the mind and

surface, ‎then it is possible.

What is stopping you from being happy?

Eliminate doubt, fear, paranoia, your every move

should be calculated and planned, spontaneous.

Praise God.

Do not fear death, it can not take you alive, who

does‎ your life belong to?

Rejoice in every day.

The world.

The elements of life.

Reality is based on choices.

People love mind games.

Never mind them.

Your life is your dream, materialise your fate.

Choices are land mines.

Blinded by love, experience teaches us not to love

and trust again, Ever.

What is the colour of Heaven?

If you African, it is Yellow.

Yellow, Yellow, Yellow.

For Europeans Heaven it is a pale white, with red

hair and freckles which paint a tale of divinity.


China eyes, minute, yet spiritually inclined.

I believe from the depths of my heart.

God is a good pure women, who can only love

one man.

A women that carries your heart.

Bears your children.

Carries your surname.

Letting no man enter and break this happy home.

That is the greatest gift.

Her love you should treasure.


In order to have no regrets.

Get your life in order.

Have 3 properties that are paid up.

Even if it should it mean you can only have your

first‎ child at age 48.

Should you have a passive income of 20 000 rand

a month excluding your salary, the child's

education‎, recreation, comfort and confidence

will be nurtured..

Meaning being born in a private hospital, getting

a Privileged education.

You can afford to live in a good surberb.

Frequent holidays.

No debt.

Do not live beyond your means.

Be careful what you wish for, it might just come to

life " Chinese Proverb"‎.

Gods Poet Nkosi

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