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Paltry pleasures vs Eternal Joy!

Updated on December 29, 2012

Sai embraces the Lion statue!

Self alone is the source of all Joy!

A healthy body and mind, sufficient wealth, cars, bungalows, a beautiful wife and understanding children, a nice job with a hefty pay packet….the list continues. How many people do not hanker for the above? Almost all the people have such wish lists as above. May be one or two points I have missed is, influence, power and status in society. The peculiarity with creation is “none is blessed with all the above in one lot”. Granted you are the blessed one but….how long you will live to enjoy the above blessings? Yes, a pertinent question. The above introduction stems from a small story narrated by Saibaba once.

One man desperately approached an astrologer to get his future predicted since he was not having sufficient luck. It is at this point; the astrologer examined our friend’s horoscope and pronounced many nice predictions as above. Our friend was extremely happy to hear the predictions. After telling him such nice things, the astrologer waited a little and he was examining one crucial point. He has become sullen for a while and slowly said, “Your life span is not long”. This pronouncement shattered the dream of our friend. What is the use of all the riches and luxury when you are not going to enjoy it for ever? One day or other, every one will die. All the pleasures of life will have meaning only if one enjoys them for ever. But the joy derived from the external world or from things or persons is fickle compared to the contemplation of self. Self is the repository of eternal joy which will not dwindle however much you enjoy it or however long you take it in. It is the perennial source of Joy and it is the only joy which lasts for ever.

The taste of nectar also fades in a moment when the tongue passes it into the gullet. The taste lingers only for a few seconds. In a way, the tongue can be termed as a greatest renunciate since it won’t keep any thing for itself. Likewise, all the sensory pleasures conveyed through the sense organs are of fading nature. Every one of us is aware of this great truth, yet we seek those paltry pleasures, the senses convey. There is a heavenly buffet ready for you. But you neglect it and turn to cheap tastes of the tongue. At least from now onwards, differentiate between the permanent and temporary and seek only the permanent source of all happiness!


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