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Paradigm Shift: The Doorway to All Knowing. How One Night Changed My Reality Forever.

Updated on October 24, 2019

Three years ago I had an experience that I could not easily explain. It all happened in my own mind, that one night changed everything I knew about the world and altered my life path forever.

It was late at night and I was by myself in my room. I was sitting cross legged on my bed up against the wall. I was in a half lotus position and I had draped my comforter over my entire body. There was no light or sound and I was in a calm state of mind. I began to relax and breathe deeply. After some time, I arrived at a place suddenly which felt distant and at the same time vaguely familiar. In front of me stood two guards clad in metallic shimmering armor. Behind the guards stood an immense door about 100 feet high in an archway which appeared to be made of wrought iron. When I approached the doors immediately the guards crossed their Spears and looked directly at me. Their helmets completely obscured their faces, instead what I saw was my own reflection on either helmet. Their helmets were adorned with wings on either side. These beings did not seem to be interested in doing harm but seemed bound to protect what was inside this gigantic storehouse. The guards did not speak but seemed to communicate with me telepathically. I was told that this place is like a record of everything. It contains all of what is, has been, and even that yet to come. I was asked how I ended up there and I answered honestly that I was not sure of how and that I felt sort of lost but that I was very interested in the place they had just spoken of. They proceeded to tell me that if I wished to enter this place I would need to return with three specific things. One was a clear intention of what I wanted to find or see or know from within that place. Next was that I would not use this information for anything but the highest good and never for selfish personal gain, revenge or any purpose that could do harm, and lastly they said that something else was... Shhhhh a secret and I don't remember what the third bit of information was.

Since having this experience I was led to join a school where right now I'm enrolled in the study of spiritually.Through this experience I have had almost no issues with finances, I met the person who I knew I would spend the rest of my life with, I have met many new friends and come across the paths of old friends I thought I might never see again. I have had so many other incredible experiences and have heard numerous stories that have left me in a state of awe. The Doctors who teach at the school that I study in regularly enter into the deep levels of mind, and bring back past life profiles for students as well as anyone who requests this service. I have so far received three intuitive reports from this school and since having this experience my entire view of who I am and why I am here has changed, grown, and shifted several times over. I believe the time is right now for me to share All of Which I Know with anyone who finds this blog.

Stay tuned for my next post where I will talk about how I found the school where I study at and teach in now.

© 2019 Cameron Omnia


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