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Paranormal Activity in Your House

Updated on May 19, 2014

Unusual Activity

Some unexplainable things have been happening in your house, but are they the result of an actual haunting? Have you experienced any of the following?

Unexplained movement of objects. This isn't just a matter of forgetting where you put your keys. Items move. Repositioned into unusual formations. If the changes are more subtle, begin to snap some cell phone photographs of items and note the time and date of their locations. Be sure no one in the household is playing a prank by moving things.

Sounds with no physical origin. Footsteps going up an empty staircase. Music playing. Knocking on a door when no one is there.

Feelings of being watched. Having the unsettling sense that you are not alone in the room.

Eerie or fearful feelings in certain places of the house. Feeling relatively safe in some rooms but not ok in others.

Changes in temperature. Experiencing a definite and unmistakable drop in temperature all of a sudden.

Changes in personality, mood, relationships. Noticing that one or more people in the household are beginning to experience changes in personality, becoming more withdrawn, hostile, angry or depressed.

Nightmares and unrest. During dream state, you are open to the spirit world. Lingering ghosts can haunt you in your dreams. The general atmosphere in your home will be of unrest and unease.

Dark masses, ghostly forms, bleeding walls. Catching a glimpse of ethereal forms that dissolve as quickly as they appeared. Seeing bizarre activity or hallucinating can make you feel as though you are losing your mind when it is the negative energy that is affecting your brain's perception of reality.


Have you experienced paranormal activity?

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To get proof

You can try to get physical proof of paranormal activity by setting up an audio recording device in the areas that you suspect might be affected by spirits or a video recording device to capture movements. Take still photographs whenever you sense a presence, and the energy often appears on film or digital reproductions. Spirits or ghosts sometimes will interact with you directly but unless you are spiritually prepared for such, this is not recommended. Don't attempt to converse through Ouija boards or other divination tools without knowledge and experience.While some ghosts may be benign, others have malevolent intentions.


Calling for investigative support

If you don't feel comfortable doing this yourself, you can contact your local paranormal investigators. They often volunteer their services free of charge.

Paranormal investigators will come to check out your house as they gather data for their own research. Their goal is to validate or debunk (disprove) any claims of paranormal experience. Using electronic equipment that can record phenomena produced by other worldly spirit, these investigators can capture video evidence of moving objects and visible masses of energy and even sound recording of disembodied voices. At the conclusion of their investigation, they can determine if your house is haunted meaning there is evidence of unexplained paranormal activity.

What they cannot do

Unfortunately, a paranormal investigative team usually does not conduct house cleansings to rid you of your unwanted ghostly house residents. It may have some professional connections with clergy, mediums or psychics who specialize in this.

What you can do

If you find that your house is genuinely haunted, there are options for you to consider:

1 Move. Generally, the entities are attached to the house and will not move with you. In some cases, however, they attach to a person, in which case, it would be good to know how to protect yourself spiritually. (Please read "Spiritual Protection: For those who find themselves in dark places.")

2. Seek help from clergy or spiritualists. They can banish the entities from your abode.

3. Learn what you can and reclaim your territory yourself. Knowing your spiritual rights helps your claim your power over the disembodied. There are truths that even the dead cannot escape. (Please read Hubpages "Seven Secrets About Evil You Must Know.")

Some people capitalize on their haunted abode, appealing to the growing market of ghost hunting aficionados. If you are considering this option, learn all you can about your home and property's history first; then take steps to protect yourself spiritually. Take a lot of insurance out and be sure your guests sign a form to release you of any responsibility should harm come upon them. Ghosts don't like having just you in what they consider to be their place. Imagine if you open it up to an endless parade of gawking guests.

Are you haunted?


Would you consider outside help to end paranormal activity?

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Spiritual Protection

Spiritual Protection: For those who find themselves in dark places
Spiritual Protection: For those who find themselves in dark places

What is spiritual protection? A warrior dons armor to protect himself from harm by physical assault. Spiritual protection is like spiritual armor to protect not only one's spirit but also his mind, body and soul. Arrows and bullets afflict only the body, but a spiritual attack can do harm to one's mind-body-spirit well being.

Learn how to shield yourself with all-important energy, the seven secrets about evil you need to know, and the three sacred secrets you must never forget.

This is a must-read for anyone who encounters dark entities either intentionally (ghost hunting) or unintentionally (haunting). This information also helps strengthen those who embark on a spiritual journey to develop their psychic abilities with or without divination tools. (Kindle version only .99 cents.)



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    • b4u2 profile image

      wtf u cannoT D0 a damThing here!!!??? 4 years ago from 22 f u!

      I have the pic's on my home page, u can visit them there. Look in the upper right hand corner at both photos and please post me your thoughts. I have been into the paranormal since forever! It's my 'normal' a natural exsperience/s for me. I wish I was in my writing mode right now, but w/time i.e and me not in that frame of mind at this time I will leave u w/this. I have so many interesting story's and photos I'd love to share w/you all, soon my friends I will devote more time for this. Have a great night!

    • b4u2 profile image

      wtf u cannoT D0 a damThing here!!!??? 4 years ago from 22 f u!

      Can someone kindly validate these photos please? I come to the conclusion that it’s a simply freakish camera digital in combination w/the atmosphere sort of thing. Simply b/c it was two separate frames/shots in btw the two photos, its almost exact but ever so slightly different positions however it the same objects so therefore the same conditions creates the same etc…whattah u think my Huber friends? Below is what I posted in another site after a response was of a negative/insulting comment although I anticipated in these types of reaction, or in that link is the norm for me and/or no responses at all…they are the intrinsic sort of folks who feel comfortable enough w/me to have the notions that I am who I am so I will be accepting of the humor. It’s irritating to say the least I hate being the joke & the patronizing attitudes make me think of them as simply ignorant & undermining…encouraging returns reply’s are much welcomed. As one gives, one receives…either wayƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

      [My reply on the feedbacks I received]óI did not go out last night/Eve thinking I’d get anything this significant, a perfectly proportionate features etc…I was stunned when I saw these, I didn’t expect to see anything but sundown twilight. I debunk everything until it’s proven i.e. this is why I put them out here. I wanted collaboration or a professional opinion; never ever did I get anything this. The orbs I usually shoot are great w/faces inside, some w/out & other stranger oddity’s, but if I put this on some of the sites I visit, I’m sure I will get reactions of sorts. I would even appreciate if someone said it was somethi9ng else or the other, however I am mystified as to what it maybe? I show my photos of many things I snap, but the reactions I get when they are not really explainable are quit a different matter. If it was anything else it probably wouldn’t even get a remark (boring) but when its of some significance (and it’s me) the reactions are nothing at all… attention from these things is not what I am probing for at all…only collaboration & an offer to what it maybe or not be is all…thx for the overwhelming…I know if it was anyone other then me…well…. and when it famous either way good/bad or indifferent, you’ll say I seen it 1st_or deny…ha ha ha no matter, its simply going in my collection of weird & strange things☺


    • Michael Gates profile image

      Michael Andrew Gates 4 years ago from Bundaberg, Qld, Australia

      This is a great article! I have had some strange occurrences in our house on occasion, kinda creeps me out. But on the other hand I find it all exciting and interesting... I love doing ghost tours in all different place that I've travelled. Great choice of topic!