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Part 2:True Worship vs Attitude,How Do They Relate?

Updated on August 20, 2010

How Your Attitude effects Your Blesing(s)

In continuing the discussion of attitude and it's role in worship; let's take a look at a few things...

First, your attitude is the way that you perceive things, process them and then react to or act upon them. That's about as basic as one can get with a description of it. When it comes to God, where does your attitude sit? I was verbally assaulted by a couple of guys yesterday; one particular guys tears into me on sight every time he sees me; yet the man does'nt even know me! The man also has friends who have recently joined him in the harassment, with one of them declaring: "There is no God!". This is NOT the first time this very thing has occured. In fact, the city in which this has repeatedly re-occured claims to be quite proud of it's religous heritage! Indeed! These persons are fine examples of extremely bad attitude(s), which may also explain the severe and pronounced lack of happines in their lives.

We need to understand that God DOES exist and be appreciative of that fact since it is due to his desire that we were/are created.Appreciation is an attribute of a great attitude.It allows others to know firmly that you recognize their deed(s)/actions on our behalf and that you are glad they did thwm. It also allows a person to know that they matter to you. As for God, there is a couple of very fine examples of this found in the bible. One is in 1 Samuel chpter 17 where a young David, having a true appreciation for God is taken aback that noone steps forward to challenge the giant Golliath who repeatedly deifes not just the army of Israel, but as David says:"The army of of the Living God"...

David apreciated the evidence in him own life that showed him there was a true and actual God and that God was there with Israel. Armed with confidence in God and very little else( a slingshot), David stepped-forward and as we all know he came away victorious.

Now this is not to encourage anyone to take reckless dares and chances with their lives, just a demonstration of the attitude that David had. David placed a high regard and value on the things of God and was willing to back it up with action.This same type of attitude was attritbuted to Isaiah, who at Isaiah 6:8 responded to God's call by saying:"Lord here I am, send me!".

Then we have the ultimate example, when there was need for a perfect human life lived fully and completely without sin Jesus, the only begotten son of God, the highest ranked being next to Almighty God himself, volunteered to sacrifice his place, status, and life and fully trust God to guide, guard and protect him while placing him in a most vulnerable situation/state from human infancy onward.

We should have the very same eagerness/willingnes to please God. We have a great deal to be thankful to God for. Foremost is the fact that we are alive. Even when facing hardship(s) as many today are, there is always hope as long as we can and do turn to God for the same guidance and protection that David, Isaiah, and Jesus did. It's a matter of availing oneself to God and actually doing what He reveals to you to do. In a lot of cases what He looks for is for you take real steps toward him, to learning more about him and why you should accept and appreciate him, then asking him to govern your life with the understanding and knowledge that He is the best one to do that.

Are you available to God?

Do you offer an open heart, and mind to the concept that learning more about God and then acting upon what you learn is something that may be beneficial to you? Worth a try...Truth Is...

Many think they already have a relationship with God that is pretty good. ..Maybe, maybe not. The fact that He led you to read this article should serve notice that he wants to se you bring your efforts to the next level(or next two or three) and get closer than you are now. God will not have much to work with if you close yourself off from his efforts to get closer to you. Think about that. along with this:no matter HOW close you may think that you are to God, you can always get closer...Truth Is...To my knowledge He has'nt called ANYONE since Abraham his "friend", so there you go!

As for those who have their doubts about God's existance or his ability to improve your life; how will you find out if you don't seriously look into it and ACT!? How did you learn how to swim, ride a bicycle? read? You had to step up to it and put forth the effort to learn correct? The same principle applies where it concerns learning about God and effecting a positive relationship with him. The only way that will be possible is if you have the right type of atitude, or willingness about you. If you are close-minded or totally too opinionated to relinquish what you believe to be total control of things(God has a way of teaching even the ornery however), you retard the intake of accurate knowledge of God which in turn impedes any real growth in your relationship with him.

As promised, this as with each previous article shall be brief in order to allow meditation and application before we loot at the next part: Humility: A Neccesity For Pleasing God

Truth Is...


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    • profile image

      Joseph 8 years ago

      Great series. Love your hubs!

    • profile image

      spankthat 8 years ago

      Thought provoking and on-point!

    • profile image

      gr8one 8 years ago

      Love it!

    • profile image

      iirealnfx 8 years ago

      This is worth sharing with others

    • profile image

      iirealnfx 8 years ago

      This is worth sharing with others

    • profile image

      kingB 8 years ago

      You're at it again, I love reading your stuff truth!

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 8 years ago from Chicago

      This is excellent teaching. Thank you for this fine work. I hope it reaches some of the lost or misguided.