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Past Life Flirtations

Updated on March 8, 2012

Three Incredible Dreams

Do we have a past life or lives?

Does it matter, anyway? After all the here and now is what is important, right? I personally think that today is the only sure thing. Of course, to have a goal (or in fact many, many goals) is important - and to understand, appreciate and learn from the past is also very valuable. Whether these were past lives or not, I'll probably never know. But these three dreams were so vivid that I will never forget them as long as I live.

Past Life?

Do you remember anything that feels like a past life?

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an exotic woman from the far east
an exotic woman from the far east
A scene depicting a middle or far eastern harem
A scene depicting a middle or far eastern harem

Far East Harem

Picture a beautiful woman shapely, dark black hair to the small of her back wearing harem pants and shiny ballerina shoes. This beautiful woman, at least in my dream, was me. Living in a fairly populous harem, this 38 year old woman had a few wrinkles around the eyes, but otherwise, was a bombshell of a woman. Funloving, happy, perhaps a little bored and certainly neglected, she had nothing to live for but the moment when the master-lord-sultan would remember her and call her to his chambers. But there were many others - perhaps 200! Oh well - time to saunter around.


The woman in the dream met a handsome young man of 18 years - young enough to be her son, for sure! He was attractive if not arrogant, full of his maleness. Her naturally flirtatious nature attracted him. He provided her with interesting company, gave her reports of the outside world. More than anythings else, he smiled with shiny white teeth and looked into her eyes when he spoke to her. She was, in spite of herself, enchanted.

He was the son of one of the other harem wives. Of course, what was meant to happen, happened. The two of them were discovered, and her live was over. Until the end of her days, she was allowed to stay in the harem, but not a single soul was allowed to speak to her for as long as she lived! What a punishment to bear! My dream ended soon after, but I could only imagine that she died much younger than she should have, perhaps of a broken heart and a broken spirit.

Italian Renaissance

Courtesan, or escort-partner, was a celebrated lifestyle by men perhaps always. Although it was in vogue at the time of the Renaissance, and perhaps for ever, this was the life of the young and beautiful (naturally!) courtesan who fell in love with a married man.

He was dark, dashing, and very kind. Unfortunately, he was also weak and economically dependent upon his wife. Married to a strong, powerful and well connected woman, he listened to his wife but did not love her. For social and economic reasons, they stayed together. In his heart, he belonged to the young and independent courtesan.

Naturally, the relationship had to end. The wife was jealous and refused to share her husband's attentions and affections. The two sadly parted, never to see each other again.

Young and Beautiful, Educated and Cultured

Italian courtesans dressed in clothing true to their era - the 15th and 16th century - the Renaissance
Italian courtesans dressed in clothing true to their era - the 15th and 16th century - the Renaissance
Authentic Black-American slaves working in the fields, 19th century
Authentic Black-American slaves working in the fields, 19th century

American South Civil War Era

A young black girl of 15 years old was fathered by her white master. The wife was a strong, controlling woman with a teenaged daughter. The young black girl, by contrast, was the image of her father. He recognized her as his own and placed her into the plantation to work, a much better position than being a field hand.

The father was irresponsible and an occasional drunkard. There were times when he attempted to sexually abuse the young girl. He drank, to the disgust of his wife and daughter, and went out riding. One night, he never returned. Found dead the next morning, he was buried and the wife, a mourning widow, stayed in the house with her daughter.

As soon as the funereal activities were finished, the wife sold the young black girl at an auction. No love between them, she wanted her out of her life as soon as possible. Her presence alone reminded the wife of the infidelity of her husband who she in fact despised.

The young black girl went to the north, drifting about, never finding happiness. She had several children, each with a different man, and died a poor woman near the Mississippi River. Sad, isn't it?

Twenty Years Later

When I think about the ill fated love sories in my dreams, it makes me wonder what I was thinking. In my early 20s I had low expectations of love, unfortunately.

I am happy to say that these dreams had no bearing on my life as a woman. I managed to find my true love, marry, have children, and remain a fulfilled woman. I was lucky, definitely. Somewhere between that time and now my thinking changed considerably - that I deserved a happy secure life which includes love and family - and it definitely came about.

Love to hear your comments.

Renaissance Courtesan


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    • EuroCafeAuLait profile image

      Anastasia Kingsley 6 years ago from Croatia, Europe

      Yes, definitely. In my case, I have no idea if these were reality or just some impression. At any rate, I saw myself in each of the three women, and forgave myself for the mistakes made and the part I played in the resulting chaos. In a way, it healed me and helped me move on to a happy love relationship that I now enjoy.

      Thanks, Lone77star for the long and thoughtful comment.

    • lone77star profile image

      Rod Martin Jr 6 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Some powerful stories. Thanks for sharing.

      Certainly what we do now and in our current lives is important, but I have found that, with the right help, addressing issues in the past can free up the present.

      From late teens through early adulthood, I participated in spiritual counseling. This was influenced by my father's burning passion for spiritual knowledge. I feel fortunate to have been born into this family. Now my parents have passed away, and my own thoughts continue to turn ever more toward spiritual matters. After 60+ years, I'm still finding lessons from nearly every experience in my memory -- from 9 months old to today.

      But past lives and the ability to spot the impinging energies from the past, allowed me great spiritual freedom. In one instance, I found the ability to "walk" outside this physical body and to see clearly without human eyes.

      In other instances, I found the ability to do things that no purely physical being could ever do. Occasionally, I still find this ability, if I'm humble and have faith.

      I've never been one for going to church. I go occasionally for the fellowship and the sense of peace, but find private prayer and meditation far more rewarding.

      Perhaps the most startling instance of memory involved two waking dreams while working on a novel about prehistory and the sinking of Plato's Atlantis. In both "dreams" I was female, a fact I found curious, but not disturbing. In each, the room became dark, and the vision took over while my eyes were wide open.

      In one, I walked down a beach toward some rocks next to a moderately tall cliff. In a pool of sea water, a small green fruit had collected and had softened. Normally quite bitter, the fruit was now almost sweet. I felt an overwhelming relief that my fellow refugees would now have enough to eat.

      The other, had me leading the consecration of a site at which we would build a settlement. Many friends had been lost in the destruction we had escaped. It was a somber ritual. Finally, the last airship arrived with the last of the refugees who would help build the settlement. And the last one to get out looked startlingly familiar. Not in the dream, but in my study -- at my computer -- a river of tears streamed down my face. I had never known such a torrent. The grief and joy were overwhelming as I realized that the man standing on the beach was my dearly beloved.

      Sometimes, knowledge of past lives can help heal. And, so long as we do not hold attachments or become envious, the details can help with our creativity.