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Past Lives and Reincarnation Books

Updated on November 17, 2009

A lot of people mistakenly believe reincarnation to be a religious thing but it really isn't. Sure, it's a big facet of various religious doctrines but it's also a standard belief of people like myself, who couldn't be forced into a religious grouping even if God himself was holding the clipboard. Reincarnation is actually perfectly logical and scientific on a number of levels, far more than several other religions which spring to mind as I write this. Not that I'm knocking anyone else's personal religious or spiritual beliefs -- I'm simply pointing out that you needn't be all "woo-woo New Age freaky freaky" to acknowledge the possibilities of reincarnation. Personally, I've believed in reincarnation since I was first exposed to the concept, which was about age 10. It was always sensical and logical to my mind, which is rather scientific in many respects.

It's also worth noting that I rarely espouse an idea or concept unless I've feel I've been presented with enough evidence to support the belief. Whilst I do realize these are intangible concepts and one cannot prove them, I find reincarnation to be a far more plausible part of the human equation than, say, someone who walked on water and fed a whole lotta people from one loaf of bread. Again; not knocking anyone's religion, but rather pointing out that any religion has aspects which can be viewed as unusual or uncommon by those who don't subscribe to it. This article is not meant to convert the unbelievers, but rather put the curious in touch with what I'd class as the best scientific arguments in favor of reincarnation. I would encourage you to have a look for yourself and determine whether or not the concept of reincarnation resonates with you.

Journey of Souls

Dr. Michael Newton's first book Journey of Souls was so incredibly fabulous and popular that he's gone on to publish several others -- all fabulous as well! If you're a skeptic with regard to the afterlife, reincarnation or life's purpose in general, this book will turn your skepticism on its ear. You see, Michael Newton started out just like you; he was a total nonbeliever. A trained psychologist and hypnotherapist, Newton often regressed people to their childhood experiences without thinking anything else was possible -- until one day he accidentally regressed someone straight into a past life. This particular book is comprised of case studies of various patients and what's most fascinating about the book is the focus on time BETWEEN lives. Which, if you actually believe in reincarnation, is your real "life", whereas this one is essentially a spiritual boarding school. Have a read; if you love it, you'll love his other books as well!

Many Lives, Many Masters

Dr. Brian Weiss' story isn't too dissimilar to Dr. Michael Newton's -- Weiss was a highly respected shrink who started treated a young woman with hypnosis and happened to accidentally regress her into a past life. The results were a bit more involved in this case, however, as it turned out that his patient's spirit guides had personal messages for Weiss and his mission in life. Weiss has gone on to become hugely popular as a public speaker and author and if you'd like to learn more about reincarnation and past lives I do recommend his writings.

20 Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation

20 Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation is probably the book you'll want to read first if you're a skeptic. Dr. Ian Stevenson is a professor at the Virginia School of Medicine and he's gone about this study in a very scientific manner. His methodology is pragmatic and will satisfy even the biggest of nonbelievers. You may not be a convert by the time you finish reading this book, but you'll no longer be able to definitely label reincarnation as horse hockey.


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