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Past Life Regression and Reincarnation Research Point to the Idea That Hell Doesn’t Exist

Updated on August 24, 2013

Based on our research with past life regression, spirit release/ depossession, and life between life, we don't feel that there is an otherworldly place such as "Hell." If there were, it would support the notion that there is a higher power that punishes us for "wrong" behavior. We don't believe this.

Instead, we embrace the tenets of karma and reincarnation. This philosophy dictates that everything we put out will come back to us, if not in this lifetime, then in a different one.

This doesn't mean punishment or reward, but that karma and reincarnation is what it is because of the laws of energy.

For example, you hurt yourself or another person through irresponsible behavior. Although you may not consciously carry guilt, the eyes of truth are always watching you in accordance with the laws of cause and effect. In other words, your progress on Earth (every action, intent and word) is cosmically recorded, then reviewed by your soul upon death and before the next lifetime. While your personality might not set up future circumstances to balance karma, your soul does.

Some might say that "Hell" is experienced in varying degrees while incarnated in human form, rather than in the afterlife.

Finally, our higher selves or souls, not our personalities, choose the circumstances of each life, so we really are completely responsible for everything that "happens" in life.

If everyone understood and lived by this concept, the world would be a different place. Still, all idealism aside, the world is exactly the way it is destined to be at this time.

Copyright © Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo


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