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Pastor Creflo Dollar Wants Donations for a $65 Million Dollar Jet

Updated on May 28, 2016

Creflo Dollar, Pastor and Millionaire

Pastor Creflo Dollar advertisement
Pastor Creflo Dollar advertisement | Source

Creflo Dollar has his eyes set on a brand new Jet

Prosperity gospel pastor Creflo Dollar is hurtin' for money. $65 Million to be exact. This is the price tag for a new private jet that he says his ministry desperately needs in order to minister to the world. This is raising eyebrows from many Christians that seriously question why pastor Creflo Dollar needs a brand new Gulfstream G650, and why he can do what everyone else does -- which is to simply fly on a commercial airline.

The quick backstory is that Creflo Dollar's former jet was a 1984 Gulfstream G-1159A, and two accidents have taken place in it, which has forced Creflo Dollar and his staff to fly commercially (Source: CNN)

Author's commentary: Something just does not sit right with me about Pastor Creflo Dollar buying a private jet when many Christians believe that he should fly commercial or find a more modest price tag on a used jet. Many people would argue that $65 Million could do much more if it was put into actual ministries to help people, and he could still fly around the world with commercial airlines. The thing about prosperity gospel is that it leaves out the principle of modesty altogether, which is a problem. The Bible teaches that the Christian should be meek and modest. Meek doesn't mean weak, it simply means to "show restraint," despite one's ability to go too far or get out of control.

On the other side of the issue, if Pastor Creflo Dollar is soliciting money from individuals, and they want to fund him the money, then that is his prerogative to do whatever he chooses with the money (within the law). The problem is that he is a pastor, and perhaps he should solicit the donations privately, and not ask for them like he would for church tithes.

But wait...that's not all, Martians also need to hear the Gospel

Creflo Dollar is not happy that there are Christians that are upset with his $65 Million-dollar-fundraiser, so he took it upon himself to respond to all the "haters" by preaching to his congregation (and his worldwide viewers), explaining that it isn't wrong to dream big. In fact, he says that if they find life on Mars, he is going to have to ask his faithful followers to supply $1 Billion dollars so he can go preach the gospel to Martians.

After joking about needing to go to Mars, Pastor Creflo Dollar then invokes the name of Jesus, and says "through God, all things are possible." But before and after this, he continues to preach to his congregation to "dream on, baby."

Watch the video below to see what I'm talking about.

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Pastor Creflo Dollar Quote

"Just because the world doesn't have it, doesn't mean that you can't."

-Pastor Creflo Dollar (on needing $65 Million to buy a new Gulfstream jet)

Disclaimer About the Hub Writer and This Topic

Personal Disclaimer: I think I should state that I am a Christian, and I believe that many Christians today are not being taught what the term meek is. Jesus was meek, but he was not weak. He endured much more pain and suffering than any one man could bear.

Jesus also did not ride around the countryside in a lavish chariot to preach the gospel. He reached people where they were, and he did not leave out the poor, the prostitutes, the drunkards, and so on.

I think it is easy for people that do the work of God to succumb to the temptations of using tithes and offerings to live a lavish life, and use God's money for personal gain.

In Matthew 19:21, Jesus said to him [the rich man], "If you wish to be complete, go and sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow Me."

The above passage should remind every person wishing to follow God, that money and the desire to have more money will always compete with your faith. Pastors are no exception.

This hub topic was chosen because it has been popular on Facebook.Thanks for reading.

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