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Patience and Peace

Updated on January 19, 2013
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My peace I give to you, its a peace that the world cannot give, its a peace that the world cannot understand, peace to live, peace to give, my peace I give unto you. These are words to one of my favorite songs. A beautiful song that is so comforting. We all want peace of mind, peace in our life, marriage and family that sounds so great doesn't it? So how can we attain all this? Take time to meditate, every morning do deep breathing being thankful every day for a new lease on life. Wipe the dust off your bible and read it in the morning, try and use a daily devotional as well so you aren't reading the bible and not understanding it. I like to sing in the morning another great song that I love to sing is "this is the day that the Lord hath made, not like tomorrow or yesterday". Today is a new day a new dawn, sing of how happy your are, don't let the "I can't sing hold you back. " Think positive thoughts in your mind, do self affirmations, for example say " I am happy, healthy, safe and I am loved." Negativity will only get you negative feedback, remember that, because in order to have perfect peace, you must be at peace within your self. Try and calm your self when people are saying stuff that you don't agree with, then stop before you say anything and ask this question in your mind. Is this REALLY something I have to comment on or lash back about and the next question. How do I react so that this situation will turn out in my favor or in a peaceful nature? Sometimes I am the one who is always calming the storm so to speak, BUT it is really nice to know that I have the smarts to do it. Sometimes I think that I am bettering myself as a person for not saying anything at all, especially when it was an unkind word or talk. Many people say unkind things and they don't even know they are saying it, because they live life in a cloud of negativity. "Father forgive them for they know not what they do". Some people, (scientist say) they are born that way, but there are ways to help them direct their path. I personally think people can change what they were "born" into. Sometimes think I am an ultra positive person, just beaming all day. I hardly get down,from my cloud 9... LOL about 20 years ago, I called my pastor and I said " life is so good I am on cloud 9 things are really going forward for me, he said hold on Mindy, you might fall off...hahaha.. well I have been holding on all this time! Sure life has thrown me some curve balls, but in general I can't complain, praise the lord :)

Here is one more song I will sing for you my that uncle Mike Deasy wrote, and I love it. Have patience, have patience, don't be in such a hurry, when you get impatient you only start to worry, remember, that God is patient too and think of all the other times when others wait for you. I learned some patience in my teens when I was waiting 2 hours after school for my mom to pick me up, I would fret and fluster all to no avail, then I had a realization that I should make use of that time and instead I did my homework.

May your heart always be young and your dreams live forever ~ Native blessing

Get some family goals, those help to grow and unite you in peace together.

May God bless you all with patience and peace, ask Jesus into your heart and ask for forgiveness of your sins and start a new life today.

Love, Mindy

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