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Patricia Monna

Updated on October 10, 2015

Patricia Monna

Self-professed psychic, Patricia Monna, describes having always been able to sense when people around here were ill or near death.

She now receives vision about distant events (a.k.a."remote viewing"), and with the aid of Google Earth, locates specific sites where crimes may have occurred.

She also runs a New Age shop in Calgary, runs retreats, provides life coaching, and advertises her availability as a model.

Psychic Policework?

Monna has gone public with her belief that police should be more open to taking tips from people who claim to have extra-sensory perception (ESP).

The Canadian police are understandably reluctant t except psychic tips as they are not acceptable evidence in acquiring warrants or making a legal case against a suspect.

Patricia Monna
Patricia Monna

Find Me

Monna is a member of "Find Me" a group that provides psychic tips on missing persons and murder cases. However Canadian police are reportedly not so keen on taking advantage of this offer.

My Take on It

I feel the police are correct to accept tips from psychic just as they would any other information presented to them. If these tips proved reliable I am sure they would become more receptive to hearing from the the psychoc, regardless of the source of their information.

After all, some psychic are clearly scam artists or delusional, and others (including Monna) make their living from psychic work and so might be subject to a desire publicity rather than just a desire to help.

Every piece of information that goes into a case will be rakes over by defense lawyers and psychic tips cannot currently hold up tp this scrutiny in the way that forensics evidence can. So a police officer that pursued one suspect and neglected another based on a psychic tip could leaves themselves exposed to charges of misconduct.


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    • Nouveau Skeptic profile image

      Nouveau Skeptic 4 years ago

      There was a time similar things were said about Christianity, but some people are sincerely skeptics all their life, just as some people are atheists. I don't doubt your sincerity, but everyone has to go with their own assessment of how the world is.

    • profile image

      Patricia Monna 5 years ago

      I understand skepticism, but after successfully locating 10 people that I was intentionally looking for, it no longer becomes a coincidence . I cant explain how I do it, but just because we as a society choose not to believe in the unbelievable, it doesn't make it any less real.

      My last person that I helped to find was Jack Culolias who was found on December 23, 2012 just meters away from where my coordinates led investigators . I have the proof, as the media was there to film it.

      You can see for yourself, my google coordinates in the media release.

      go to and click on media. The clip is called

      "Valley Search Group uses psychics to help find missing people."

      In the end, what you choose to believe will be up to you. I am not out to prove anything to anyone. I just want to help. If I have this "crazy" ability to help bring missing loved ones home, and I DONT do it, what kind of a person am I? I am trying to come forward and do the right thing and help, because I dont believe that it should matter how we bring these people home, just that they are found, so that healing can start to take place.

      I have never been paid a cent to help locate a missing person. It takes time and dedication to do it. It isn't quite as easy as people would imagine it to be, and this does come at a price for me. It is time away from my loved ones, so that I may help them find theirs.

      Everyones a skeptic....until they need you.


      Patricia Monna

    • pennyofheaven profile image

      pennyofheaven 5 years ago from New Zealand

      We had a TV series here some time back called Sensing Murder. They chose from 75 different psychics and mediums from both NZ and Australia. Almost every episode the same 3 psychics were chosen and were given just a photograph of an unsolved murder victim. Almost always they provided information that could be confirmed before they even looked at the photograph. Since police rely on hard evidence they had independent investigators to further explore the information provided which a lot of the time included actual names and descriptions of who the psychics believed were involved. Fascinating stuff.