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Paul was using unusual material to perform miracles

Updated on October 4, 2011

By permission of Nyora of I do have the right to re-write this.

God was using Paul to perform some very unusual miracles, some people carried handkerchiefs and clothes which Paul had worn.

The people put these on the sick people, when this was done the sick people were healed and evil spirits left them.

Some wandering Jews were also trying to make evil spirits go out of the people, the seven sons of Sceva were doing this, they were saying, "By the same Jesus whom Paul proclaims, I order you to come out!"
One time an evil spirit said to one of the sons, I have heard of Jesus and I know Paul but who are you?

This at this stage I would like to point out it is not every one who can just go around saying to people that they are healed.

Jesus did the healing by the authority from God, many people don't do that, they think that they can just say the words and the healing takes place.

All the people who go round and healing others would be followers of Jesus Christ, they would have the authority in them, many think that they can do the healing without the authority from God.

The man who had the evil spirit in him jumped up and fought these Jews as he was much stronger than they were, he tore off their clothes and they ran off out of the house.

So you see without the authority we can not do anything.

When the people heard about this they had more respect for God, and they were giving more and more honor to Jesus.

Many believers began to admit all of the evil things they had done, some believers used to do magic, these believers brought their magic books and burned them up before everyone.

This was influencing more and more people in a powerful way.

So you can see that not everyone can heal others, only those who are true believers, Jesus said that when we lay hands on they will be healed when we believe, have Faith and Trust and do not Doubt our hearts desire will be given.

Paul says that we are to pray for kings and all those who are in authority, so that we may lead peaceful quiet lives, we want to be godly and serious, this is good and acceptable before God.

Christ will come and judge people who are alive and those who have died, prove to sinners wrong, correct and comfort, with all kinds of patience and teaching.

Do your best in all things, remember to pray for the sick do this with authority.


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