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Peace Be Upon You My Brothers and Sisters: Ramblings Eric Style

Updated on August 18, 2020
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Holding degrees in philosophy and Law. Formal studies or certificates or degrees in business, theology, insurance and security. Ex-preacher.

Just a 1,000 pound Buffalo

Incredible beasts
Incredible beasts | Source


No this is not a sermon but doesn’t the title sound like one – Oops I meant “won”. Peace be upon you is such a wonderful thing. I am not a Catholic, but I just love some of it. I sometimes, not enough, attend a first Mission to Norte California. (That means California) I am a peace be upon you dude. I do not even get peace be upon you. But so many have blessed me with those words. “Peace Be Upon You” is so cool. And when I say it, I danged well mean it for you.

Peace be upon you my friend, for everyone is my friend and everyone deserves peace. Excuse me, I am bleeding from my eyes. Isn’t that a great concept? It simply means tearing up. My ten year old gets it and never cries yet. Can you imagine having such a great childhood? I cannot. Peace be in your heart and mind. Let it be in your smile.

I was quite the bare knuckle fighter some years ago. I am not young chronologically. Funny that thought of age. I am certainly younger than I was. So the broken fingers and joints in the hand are/were arthritic. But I tossed out my medication. I concentrated really hard on putting my peace upon my hands. My Lord, they are typing away. They kind of hurt. So I wish them peace and they work just dandy like candy. I now wonder about the pain. Maybe just a wake up call to enjoy life even through pain. How cool is that?

Peace be upon all your troubles and hurts. Peace be upon your thoughts of others and just as important to every part of your body and soul. I have been working on it for over 30 years but I am starting to just get it yesterday if that makes sense. No probably not. My little right hand finger is acting up. OK finger I will wish more peace upon you. Isn’t that crazy thinking. Hey do not think you can do this in one day.

I am wrong there. Awake of body can just happen without years. Music. It is hard but learn some more about music today. I will not explain that idea. Take it or leave it. But maybe just a nursery song.

Just a Fav.

Another Fav.


Actually a hybrid Peace Rose
Actually a hybrid Peace Rose | Source

The Little Ones

Now check this out for incongruity. I am one hardcore Christian. 80 percent of the time I pray and Jesus walks with. Seriously I do that praying deal constantly and unceasingly. For most that sounds really strange. My wife just gets blown away by it.

That church mission thing is just what I like to do. I am religious to a nothing. But a whole bunch of people from all walks and locations getting into “Peace be upon you” is a trip. Did I mention that in that church ground my youngest learned to walk? Probably just coincidence but I do not really buy into coincidence. I think a butterfly flapping its wings in Russia affects my life. Hey now I can act normally I just choose abnormally.

My knees give me give me grief. I fully abused them growing up. So I take my arthritic hand and put them on my knees and rub real hard until everything is hot. Bye Bye pain. So funny if you think about it. I pray --- Thank you for being alive when I do it. I need to go see a shrink. I have two friends that are psychiatrists both tell me I am certifiable crazy/insane. My son told me that he was not weird but only strange. I wonder about that as he is a certifiable genius at ten years old. I have only put in a minor in psychology and studied it for hundreds of hours and the best I can come up with is “peace be upon you”

I think my boy gets that I like his quirks more than his achievements and normalcy. Can I be normal in doing that as he wrote out and taught himself Amazing Grace on the key board? Sorry son but you are not only strange but weird.

I turn out all the lights right a dark. You can see the planets and stars and moon better with our high powered binoculars or bare eyed.

So the boy took the basketball in the dark. Fine. But then he shot it in the air and then headed it and then caught it behind his back. Now if I drank and smoked like most of my past life I would not believe that. But in my garden chair I saw it. I am not heavy but I am his brother. Peace be upon him. Did I mention he speaks two languages and dabbles quite well in Spanglish and a bit of Filipino? Now that boy needs more play time and peace upon him. Come on now, so do you.

I Really Like Poetry Sang

You Bring Peace on You

I would say that I am no genius but that would be a lie. I know for sure that peace be upon you will make you better all the way around. I do not and will not pretend to understand that. It almost makes no sense.

Have you ever played a wooden flute. Do it. Just the blowing through it will calm your spirit. And peace will come upon you, this I promise. Better yet get some bamboo and mess around with blowing into it. We are scientifically knowing that the blowing out of air does something to bring peace upon you. Did I mention that that knowledge is at least 4 thousand years old? Or is that 4 thousand years young? I do know that those who have passed breathe peace into me.

I have six rocks my boy and daughters have given me. They are rubbing stones. Get at least one, they are like worry or praying beads. I have one with a nob on it and one rough. But most are smooth baby. I have a river rock in my hand now as I peck this out with one hand. We must all learn to play a piano with one hand, I stink at it.

Sorry for a delay here. I had to get up and dance at 7 o’clock in the morning. I am weird and strange and Yahoo to that. Did I mention that I just went outside and dug my hand down into my garden dirt and let it sift though my hands? Just let my ramblings filter through your thoughts. But let peace upon you.

I am older than most people. But I am on fire with love. Join me. Bless yourself with love upon you. Peace is the result of love. Love that bad back. Put peace upon it.

Today already I am having more fun than most in a week. Normally I would say to not look at me. But in my weekly study of German/ Deutsch I say look over here. I am saying peace be upon you and you are exploding with love.

Do not stare at your hands and knees like me. Stare at your heart, like my feeble brain should do. Put peace in your heart at first just for you. Really nurture yourself. And then say peace be upon you to your wife or dog or cat. Get it done right now. Hey how about we both go out today and say it to an enemy. Not for them, just for us. How fun.


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