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Peace Came By For A Brief Visit.

Updated on September 29, 2009

Peace came by for a brief visit.

on February 23, 2004. ©-MFB III- All rights reserved

Peace came by for a brief visit
throughout the entire world
at 7:00 a.m. yesterday
entire populations were overwhelmed
by the quiet calm of it
pulses slowed, smiles widened,
everyone felt safe... children danced
in the tall wheat fields of Afghanistan,
bellies full, and laughing
tugging on the strings of kites
that were once bombers,
Bin laden was found hanging
from a woman's nylon stocking,
in a cave that when lit showed
signs that he had been tortured
to near death and then
executed by unknown forces.
The Taliban vanished, and was
banned forever as a ruling factor,
it's soldiers napped in the sun,
as their wives lovingly
prepared meals for their awakening,
anticipating the marital bliss they would share.
All around the planet,
racism lost the race
bigotry shrunk
and the klu klux klan went,
Klu klutz klunk!!
Love conquered all undaunted,
America was inundated with
a shedding of God's grace,
It's people leaped giddy with it's flow
Africa eliminated hunger and aids,
a young girl from Hong Kong
sang a breathtaking interpretation of love
and instantly China recognized
the rights of humans as right.
Weapons became Tanks for nothing,
guns were melted into mirrored sculptures,
that now reflected brightly upon this new age,
Missiles turned up missing,
their silos now were filled with grain.
to feed the hungry everywhere,
the entire planet was unplanned,
unmapped,and unregulated,
borders merged
till all men were as one,
sharing the wealth
of the land and sea,

Peace came for a brief visit
and sadly I slept through it
with a big smile on my dreaming face....
till suddenly a car backfired
just outside my window
as the alarm on my radio kicked in
and a report on the latest Afghanistan deaths
came blasting from the speaker
Sirens went by dragging reality with them
in a long wail,
any further sleep eluded me
so I raised my creaky bones to face
the world I've always known and wiped
the dream dust from my eyes
as I spent a moment trying to recapture
the pieces of my vision of peace dissolved.


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    • jandee profile image

      jandee 7 years ago from Liverpool.U.K

      Hello, If only it were so ! Aren't dreams incredible ..

      Lovely writing,jandee


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