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Peace and Love Or Else: Notes on Harmony

Updated on April 14, 2008

The Will of Heaven is more than an abstract elusive concept; Divine Will is the foundation of all of Creation. Returning to our True State is moving back into alignment with the Will of Heaven. When we create ourselves as less than our True State, we are asking for the Divine to give us the authorship to "create" something that is dysfunctional, unhealthy, and which clashes and conflicts with all of Creation. When we maintain a pretense that we are anything less than our True State, this fictional pretense is like asking Divine Light to create us a shadow of darkness. We are asking for something which does not exist. This request is not truly a request; as described in A Course in Miracles, it is a denial or rejection of the Divine disguised as a request.

What happens when we reject the Divine Will of Heaven? When we hold on to a pretense, a fiction of darkness, an illusion of conflict between ourselves and the rest of Creation? We create for ourselves a fiction of dysfunctionality, misery, disatisfaction, disease, and contention.

Interestingly enough for people on either side of the Religion vs. Independance argument, our self-actualization into our True State is Divine Will. When we reject and deny our Divinely-given Nature, we literally create problems for ourselves. They aren't real, but we encounter them anyway. Shadows. Self-actualization, streamlining ourselves into increasing alignment with our True Nature, results in a minimization of turbulence throughout each of our lives. We literally stop asking for trouble, and accepting the peace that is our birthright.

I knew that a Loving, fair approach to this situation in my life existed. Now I see it. For the world to fight the natural order of Harmony by moving out of alignment with the Divine is fecking dangerous! At the same time, the Divine wants us to be who and what we truly are, not rejecting it for the sake of fanciful notions of societal norms on one hand, nor of misconceptions that we're somehow evil or jerks on the other. A world of people moving into increasing Harmony with the Divine order of things is better for all involved. Aggression against anyone, and particularly against people acting with such a motive, puts one up against, and in direct conflict with, all of Creation. Perfect Love, and perfect fairness both. And with each shift in our common reality, our choices for Harmony with each other continue to accrue. Choices for disharmony keep those of our Brothers who make them continually encountering friction and turbulence, until they decide to choose something that actually exists. When someone choosing disharmony goes up against someone making a choice for Harmony, the person choosing disharmony encounters conflict. Manifest experience decries that as a pipe dream, but that's when I have to take a hard look at manifest experience and Causality and consider the source that's making the argument.

Causality itself is a choice for the so-called "Will of Earth"; that is, the idea that anything, and in this case everything, can oppose and conflict with Divine Will. There is nothing that does; we're seeing Causality, Space, Time, the world, everything we've created and each other, through a distorted lens. It's not in its True State. This perceptual distortion will be corrected; this is why we're asking for correction and making the choice for our True State. We want to see the Love, Peace, Joy, Dignity, and Harmony that exists, share in it, and increase it. And that is, to the best of my knowledge, the Divine Will of Heaven.


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    • Satori profile image

      Satori 9 years ago from California

      When all that was ever truly Created was Created by Love, the stuff that wasn't becomes mere illusion. Asking for a cause that Created illusions will only be effective in temporary, unreal circumstances, and tends to keep people thinking within those contexts. Eventually they'll want to get out of them, because they produce results that are unsatisfying in the extreme. Facilitating that eventual choice has got to be one of the most satisfying things to do in the world right now.

      Thanks for reading. I always value your comments. =)

    • profile image

      pgrundy 9 years ago

      The concept of casuality has certainly been stretched far beyond useful limits. Not that it has no helpful applications at all--it does--it's just that now people look for a cause for everything, and sometimes that is a huge waste of time because that information, even if it exist, is totally irrelevant. In other words it is the wrong question. Thanks for another great hub!