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Peaceful Mind and Peaceful Existence

Updated on September 28, 2016

When any person starts inner development considering her/ his emotional and mental status or say that the development of both the element of mankind which have been used intensively and exhaustedly; s/he starts always with cooling down thinking about things which were before provoking to do something immediately. The need for this cooling down is a primary and basic sign to become little more mature. As per psychological interpretation the making of peaceful mind is a state of mind which is advisable for betterment of life but its process is highly complex and as per individual matter such process has so many varieties! Some how Indian and most of the eastern life philosophy always consider body, vital and mental power are the part of universal body, universal vitality and universal mind.

If look this process of making of the peaceful mind, then we have to count that we have to deal with universal mind also. One has to accept that without dealing simultaneously with universal mind, one can not achieve the state of peaceful mind. The simple concept of peace is relative and at the same time it is also not so easy thing to achieve! When you really mean for peaceful mind, the entire things of your setup must be change regularly and gradually. There are remedies to put one's own self in this process and Indian and eastern teaching regarding this process has similarity because of their continental exchanges as well as existential basics.

Indian YOGVIDYA, popular in western countries as YOGA, has a multiple exercises and practices of physical body, vital body(vitality) and mental body training to deal with yourself individually and then universally. If we see this simply then find out those yogic exercises help body to keep fit with its elasticity and cell wise refresh too. Breathing practices help to control vital element of a human being; which is reflecting through emotions and different kind of behavioural aspects. Then one can go for meditation, which is the most important part to gain peace. Most of the people know that meditation is not really easy thing because the mind always doing so many things and harass you when you sit for meditation. The wisdom of yoga suggest that our mind if like drunkard monkey! But it is also suggested that don't try to force the mind to concentrate, just observe the mind: What is it doing? Just see, watch and you keep yourself behind. Shri Aurobondo has said that observe the mind like you are watching an on going thing! Nothing doing more! Don't add anything from you, as well as don't get anything from that! In short, this process is more powerful to keep you cool as well as to make you more aware about your mind and its direct contact with universal mind. You can then make out that everything coming out from the universe and you really start to become an individual mind! This is unique thing and you start to gain peace from within and some time feels that it comes from atmosphere also! And then gradually you achieve peaceful mind means what you want to run in your mind, you can allow and what you don't want then you can just deny all such. The real spiritual activity of the mind starts after this and the peace leads you then.

When a Peaceful mind become a normal status for the concerned person then and then it starts to touch our deep existence as a whole. Those who know that the manifestation is the important factor of any kind of peaceful activities. And so on, such peaceful mind starts to deal with vital mind and physical mind. Generally the process of evolution has evolved gradually life forms and when the mind was evolved the manifestations of man become a reality on this earth. But this also indicates that the possibilities of evolving vital from the body and mind from the vital was inbuilt in the manifestation process and it was just hidden till its evolution gradually come up as a reality.

After having peaceful mind the person then, starts work on vital mind and tries to make aware the vitality to accept the peace with becoming cool and observer. The time factor some time played a positive role and some time played stranger's role too, because time is part of manifestation. This way the peaceful mind affects vital mind and vitality as a whole and then vitality becomes also a tool to transform the physical mind! Mostly peaceful mind works nicely with other tools and starts to participate in evolutionary process!

... And then one moment, one fine-tuning with vital body and physical body starts to respond and it becomes a day-to-day reality. This is the way to reach for peaceful existence! And when it is achieved or the grace has really done it that way the each cell of the body also feels that something is changed! This brings a making of peaceful existence and it is different than peaceful mind! Peaceful existence means the manifestation become a part of existence and so that its impact would have a range of unbelievable possibilities. These possibilities include so many things and surprises of life and life forms. That's why it is said that a peaceful existence naturally spreads peace around and who ever achieves it will have tremendous impact on existence itself! Then the Tiger will sit quietly in such surrounding and a goat will be also able to sit there without having fear of the tiger!

Well here I should stop for the comments, if any one has to add and say something about this, here is comment box. So please, use it...

Peaceful Mind

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    • healwell51 profile image

      healwell51 18 months ago from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA

      Thank you friends for your valuable comments! I appreciate you.....

    • profile image

      Ravi 7 years ago

      Really eye opening article and better than fake gurus. Really a very very very wonderful article. keep writing this with humbleness.Thanks a lot.

    • maxwelljr profile image

      maxwelljr 8 years ago

      This is a good article, very informative.