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Peepal Tree In Tamil,English And Its Wonderful Uses

Updated on October 29, 2015
Peepal-Tree | Source

Tree is the important for human society.They give us oxygen and takes harmful carbon dioxide.They give us shelter from scorching heat and gives fruit without asking anything from us.

Peepal tree

There are some trees and plants that are very auspicious and worshiped by Indian like any deity in the temple.They are Amla,banyan or peepal,mango tree and basil plant.Peepal tree holds important place.It brings wellness in the life of worshiper.Keeping it in home , purifies the house.

All tree have this common feature.However some trees that are important religiously as well as medicinally. Among them, Peeple tree is main.

Peepal tree And Its English Name

The english name of Peepal tree is Ficus Religiosa. Peepal tree grow fast and expands and create another tree there with the help of its branches. It grows up to 100 feet and bridth wise up to 10 feet. Peepal or Banyan tree contains many chemical also,some of them are lupetol, bergapten and varieties of acids.

Its leaves has size of heart with small tail at last. People make beautiful painting on it and sell at good price. Flowers of tree are red which looks beautiful in spring season. The bark of the tree remain thick and gray.

The fruit of tree has purple color It grows in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other Asian countries. In other parts of the world also it grows but there it is famous with its english name.

Banyan -or peepal-tree
Banyan -or peepal-tree | Source

Peepal Tree In Tamil

In tamil people call peepal tree arasamaram.Arasamaram keep importance place in tamil culture.For them it is sacred and Lord vishnu residing place

Peepal Tree In Telugu

In telugu language,peepal tree is bodhi-drumamu.In andra pradesh state of India people speak telugu language.Here the you will find peepal tree that is registered in guiness book of world record for largest spreading area.The tree name is expanded to more than 7 is also more than175 years old.

Why Banyan Or PeepalTree Is Considered Sacred?

Banyan tree is scared among number of trees in the world. Indian people worship it whole year. Especially in May-June of every year, a special day comes called vat savitri worship.

On this day, married Hindu women fast whole day and worship the peepal tree for the welfare of their husband. Vedic scripture says it will protects their husband from future dangers and problems in life.

There is interesting story behind this why pipal tree is considered sacred? Once demigods and demon were fighting.Once upon a time,demons were powerful, they defeated demigods. So Supreme lord Krishna hid himself in pipal tree. Because of Supreme lord touch, the peepal tree became transcendental, thus it is sacred.

One story says that supreme lord Vishnu received the curse to become tree so lord has accepted the form of peepal tree. Supreme lord Krishna considers peeple tree important and says that he represent this tree.

Worshiop-Of-Peepall-Tree | Source

Buddha Tree Or Bodhi tree

Another reason that it considered sacred because Lord Buddha achieved self-realization on sitting in the shelter of this tree. That banyan tree is still exist in Bihar state of IndiaIt is famous with the name bodhi tree or buddha tree. It is important for whole Buddhist community all over the world. They worship it as representation of Lord Buddha.

Peepal Tree Uses And Health Benefits

Peepal tree is pure and can cure number of disease also.Its every part whether it is leaves, root and fruit all are useful in curing disease.

1.Panacea For Snake Bite- When poisonous snake bites, then it guarantees that person will die and there is not good medicine available to check snake poison. However pipal tree can cure any type snake bite. When snake bit a person, then papal twigs are used to suck all the poison of snake..The two twigs are tightly kept near two ear of snake bitten person. Slowly pipal twigs suck all poison and person becomes normal like before.

2. In-Pregnancy- When a married women doesn’t getting a child, she takes powder of twigs or fruits of pipal tree with some liquid like water or milk then she gets pregnant.

Peepal-tree In Hawai
Peepal-tree In Hawai | Source

3. Cures Asthma- It can cure asthma,cold and cancer. When peepal tree twigs and leaves powder taken regularly in empty stomach,it relives you from asthma.

4. Relieve You From Ear Pain- When you are suffering from ear pain, the oil from its leaves cure the pain. For curing,heat the leaves in fire, by that oil will come out, on cooling drop this in ear, it will give you huge relief.

5.Dry Boils and Pimples- When you have boils or pimple in any part of your body and it is not healing. Take peepal tree leave, heat with butter and apply it in boil or pimple, next day all bad contaminated puss will come out from boil and it will be cured.

6.Cures Heart Disease- Peepal leaves are useful in curing the heart disease like heart attack, beating of heart faster than normal. For that put its leaves in one bowl containing water in night and next morning, drink this water. It does miracles and cures many heart problems.

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In A Nutshell

Peepal tree is called king of tree because of its auspiciousness and benefits. Take full Benefit of it remembering the fact that anything related to Supreme lord Krishna is auspicious. So if you just worship this tree with faith in Krishna, then it will automatically bring auspiciousness in life and all your ailment will cure.


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