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Pendulum Dowsing: Finding Answers Using Your Unconscious Mind

Updated on April 2, 2013
Pendulum | Source


Pendulums are flexible strings, chains or wires with weights at the end of them. You can often find them in old fashion clocks. People also use them for obtaining information from their unconscious. This is known as dowsing. Dowsing can also be done with rods. One of the most common uses for dowsing rods is to locate water.

There are a lot of different dowsing pendulums because people have different preferences. You can buy one or make your own. The exact material and weight does not matter. You could make one with thread and a paper clip if you wanted but I would suggest something that weighs a bit more. Just make sure you can comfortably hold it. You should start with a long string because they are more sensitive.

To use a pendulum hold it between your thumb and index finger. You can also use you middle finger. Bend your wrist so the fingers are vertical. Some people say you should use your non dominant hand while others say you should use your dominant hand. I would recommend trying it with both to see what works best for you.

Relax and keep your hand still so the pendulum is not moving. Think "yes", "no", "maybe" one at a time and wait for a response. The pendulum should seemingly move on its own. Keep track of the responses so you know what the pendulum is telling you when you ask it questions. Then ask yourself some base questions that you know the answers to. The questions should have yes or no answers like you are taking a lie detector test.

For me a yes was a horizontal swing, vertical for no and a circular swing for maybe. Before you move on to the next phase make sure you are getting accurate responses. Practice if you need to. It worked right away for me. To get answers for questions you do not already know the answer to relax and ask a yes or no question and be specific as possible.

Pendulums are not magic. They are tools. When a pendulum looks like it is moving on its own it is being moved by small muscle movements. Your unconscious communicates with you by moving the pendulum. This allows you to obtain information you can not access on a conscious level.

Sources of information

When asking questions that you do not consciously know the answer to using your pendulum the answers need to come from somewhere. The answers could come from your conscious mind, your unconscious mind or possibly ESP.

The conscious mind refers to your current thoughts and the things you can currently remember. If the information is coming from you conscious mind it could be wishful thinking. For example if I ask "Am I going to win the lottery this week." I might get a 'yes' answer because I want the answer to be yes.

Your unconscious mind contains information that you are not consciously aware of. For example I can type quickly but I do not consciously remember where all the letters are. Sometimes I forget things that I later remember. Long term memories are contained within your unconscious mind and your conscious mind can only access a small portion of those memories.

If you are exposed to subliminal messages your unconscious mind will be aware of them even though you do not consciously notice them. Your unconscious mind can process a lot more information than your conscious mind. It can pick up on things that you do not consciously notice.

Extrasensory perception refers to perceiving information with your mind instead of your physical senses. Psychic abilities like telepathy and remote viewing can provide you with information that was not processed by your 5 senses. A lot of people say they have obtained information this way. I am not saying you will obtain information using ESP. However it could happen.

Self-fulfilling prophecies are predictions that cause themselves to become true. The expectation changes your thoughts and actions. So if you use a pendulum or another method to attempt to predict your future you could make it true. Instead of seeing the future you could be making it.


It is hard to tell when you are getting correct answers. Your expectations and desires can interfere with the results. With practice you can improve your accuracy by asking better questions and being more objective.

I recommend trying out for fun.


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    • Kimmie Kingsley profile image

      Kimmie Kingsley 6 years ago from Petaluma, California

      wonderful hub very infromative, voting up

    • profile image

      Binaya.Ghimire 6 years ago

      Interesting, I'm going to try this.