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People Believe God Did This

Updated on April 16, 2020
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Shining in The Glory of God.The earth is the Lord and the fullness thereof. We have no made ourselves but are the image of something greater

Did God do This?
Did God do This?

The Church teaches us the Bible. But Nature teaches us God.

— Clive Williams

Not God But Man

There are many people who believe that every single hardship that they go through in life was done by a ‘Good God’ who somehow test his people on faith based upon their pain and anguish. They get Cancer and other diseases, they lay in hospital beds praying to God telling him they are thankful for the Cancer and pray that he heal them and bless them. To me, if God is a God of love for his people, why would he need to test their faith in him by letting them or someone close to them suffer or die? My good friends, your suffering is not from God but from mankind. The king of kings gave us a world in its natural state of Paradise and mankind wrecked it with evilness. Diseases, famine, wars, mutilation and death all belong to mankind. All the pain many people go through in life is based upon someone else wants and behavior. It is not based upon a test God is putting you through. As soon as we as people realize who the true pain bringers are, the better we understand how to stop the pain.

People will do just about anything for monetary gains. They will sell you things knowing that it is harmful for your body but cares not if a few people suffer while using or consuming. These people are the true evils of the nation and their idols are pounds and profits.

An Enlightenment

Most diseases are created by man in labs for their diabolical purposes. This is not something God cooked up in heaven and rained it down on mankind. Diseases are created for secret biological wars and for population control. The foods we eat are genetically modified to fight the natural properties of your body. They contain chemicals and substances which erodes your natural alkaline balance and fosters the growth of cancerous cells. This food genetics is done intentionally for a couple of reasons. They want big profits from foods and they want it fast. They want to reduce population by allowing cancer to fill as much of us as possible. Remember, most of us pray for our plates to never go empty which is good. But it isn’t God who put the poisonous foods in our plates.

God has given us the earth with its natural vegetation which would see us humans living long healthy lives. The earth blessed us with vegetables, fruits, sunlight and fresh running waters. If we all ate from the earth directly, many of us would have never became ill. The sunlight is placed in our dome for a good reason. We also need that sun for vitamin. We need rain water to replenish the earth and guess what else rain water replenishes? Your entire body. The next time the natural rain falls, go get a jug and fill it and drink a glass of rainwater every day.

The Beacon is the Truth.
The Beacon is the Truth.

Don't Fear God - Embrace God

When you get older you begin to question a lot of things. People has always told you to fear the Lord thy God. But I have always asked, why fear an entity that created you and the planet you live on? How would fearing God help God or you? Does fear mean respect? Well from my own elderly experience, people who fear other people don’t normally respect or love them. They just fear them because they can harm them or cause someone or something to harm them. This harm could be physically, emotionally or financially. I have no fear of God. I just marvel at the wonders of the world and wished that I could get some interesting questions answered. I fear man because they are volatile beings. They start was for riches, personal feelings and just about anything a baby will never understand. The more you love God, the more you seek him and the more questions you want to ask about his creation. You see, many of us has the God thing all wrong. You don’t find God by simply singing and clapping in a church and filling up the offering bag with cash hoping to buy some blessings. You find God by living in and understanding the world he has given us. The Church teaches us the Bible. But Nature teaches us God.

My Parting Message

God is within you my friend. He is part of you and you part of him. He has never done anything to hurt mankind. There are stories about God's wrath pasted all over the Bible. But was it God who wrath or was it man? What is your opinion?

© 2020 Clive Williams


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