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Perceive the Unity behind the apparent diversity!

Updated on November 7, 2015

Unity is colorful.

Be united in spirit!

I+I+I…. = we and this unity is an essential element for global harmony. Instead, today we have negativity everywhere which affirms I-I = 0. Hence all talks of harmony and peace comes to null and void. We must have unity of mind, unity of thoughts and unity of actions. Hence great souls who occupied the earth have stated “Unity of thought, words and actions makes one a saint. On the other hand we do not speak what we think and we do not act as per our words. When there is disunity between thought, words and actions, one becomes a veritable demon!

We look at the apparent diversity everywhere and never perceive the underlying Unity. All the human beings constitute ‘human race’. This is the perception of Unity. We have to look at them as human race and not as individuals. Even if we perceive them as separate individuals with a distinct name and form, the soul or self within is Only One. This aspect is reflected in the basic elements. Earth is one but the huge ocean systems divide the lands into various continents. Actually, the entire earth is one uniform mass surface albeit difference in levels. Even below the ocean, earth is extending continuously all around the globe. We have one Sun above which illumines the entire cosmos. Due to the rotational effects of earth around the sun, we have alternating day and night. Likewise, space is common to the entire world. Till now, no scientist or astronomer was able to calculate the extent of space. When the color of the blood is red for all the people of earth, how can we distinguish one and other? Due to climate, terrain and natural resources, each one looks different from another. But human race is one.

Here, I recollect a beautiful couplet sung by the sages of yore. “Cows are many but the milk is One. Stars are many but the sky is one, Flowers are many but the garland is one. Everyone must try to see the underlying Unity amongst the diversity. A little frog living in a small well considered the well as all. One day due to a severe storm and consequent flood, a frog from a ocean happened to be thrown inside the well. The frog in the well got curious and asked the new entrant, wherefrom you have come? The new frog told the old one, I came from an ocean! The small frog asked, “Is your ocean is as big as my well? The frog from the ocean laughed at the ignorance of the small frog from the well. The ocean is very big and none can measure it! But the small frog never believed the version of ocean frog. It surmised that the ocean frog is lying! This is the condition of human beings in the world. Everyone thinks that his well is the biggest one since he has no knowledge about outside. We must come out of the well mentality and embrace the ocean mentality. We are confined to our families and friends. We never interact with others nor bother about the problems faced by other. We never go out to help others.

If only, we become aware of the reality and identity with the all-pervading Self, we will never consider ourselves as separate from the rest. This is the whole Truth contained in all the scriptures of the world which emphasize the underlying unity of mankind. A flower garland contains flowers of many colors and hues. Yet there is a connecting thread which is not visible from outside. That thread is God. Do not judge people or form opinions by looking at their outer features or manners of speech. Inside everybody, there is immortal Self which is an eternal witness of the drama called life. The very purpose of our life on earth is to retrace our eternal connection with the God within who is formless, nameless and attribute less. Hence we can call him by any name we choose and He will respond for sure. One man is called in different manners by different members of the family. His wife may call him ‘dear’. His son may call him “father”. His mother may call him “son”. Is he different or the same person? In a similar manner, God is called Shiva or Hari in Hindu tradition, Yesu or Jesus in Christian religion, as “Allah” by Muslims. But He is One only. For our own convenience, we call him differently. He is One only. He unites the entire mankind by the common thread of “Pure Love”. Realize It and get released from the miserable ocean of existence in this mundane world!



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