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Perform Actions Without Any Desire for the End Results!

Updated on July 9, 2017

Fine explanation

Pride of scholarship spells disaster!

Pride of scholarship is one of the worst pride. Besides that, the pride due to spiritual practices spells doom to the spiritual aspirant. In material life, we find many people who are proud about their wealth, power, position and scholarship. But the pride of spiritual disciplines is the worst pride. While pursuing spiritual path, one must become meek and humble. Of course, all sort of prides spell doom to the person who is proud. But more examples could be given by the fall of spiritual aspirants. Sage Viswamitra was proud about his rigorous penance and he wanted to become “Brahma Rishi”, a highest title in spiritual excellence. At that time, only sage Vashista was called “Brahmarishi” because he was humble yet mastered the disciplines of spiritual paths. Seeing him, Viswamitra nurtured a secret desire to equal him. Viswamitra was previously a King and once he came to the hermitage of Vasista where he saw the celestial cow “Nandhini” which is capable of providing food and other articles by her mere will. Hence he requested Vasista to hand over the cow to him since he has the responsibility to maintain a Kingdom and the cow will be of much help to him. Since Vasista is only a recluse, he could manage the affairs without the need of the celestial cow! But the sage politely declined the request. Then the King Viswamitra challenged Vasista to a war. The Cow Nandhini seeing and hearing the prattle of Vasista willed thousands of warriors to issue forth from her body with mighty weapons. They drove the King and his retinue out of the boundary of the forest in no time. Humiliated thus, Viswamitra vowed to attain the same status as Vashita by undertaking severe penance! Since he was burning with anger, his penance has not progressed. Again he resolved to undertake penance without anger or greed! When he advanced to higher levels of penance, he realized his folly and he went to Vasista and prostrated before him and begged his pardon for his adamant acts. Vasista knew that the sage has left his evil tendencies and hence he lifted him up and embraced him and pronounced the title “Brahmarishi”

The gist of Bagawat Gita taught by Krishna!

How the sage Viswamitra failed due to pride?

First of all, it is the pride of Viswamitra which brought his downfall. Later he realized his mistake and surrendered himself at the feet of Vasista who accepted his attainments! We find many in politics who are arrogant and self serving. One day the pride will bring their downfall for sure. Alexander the great was once travelling on horseback to enter India. On the way, one elderly recluse was lying on the road unconcerned. When the soldiers who clear the route came near, they shouted at the recluse, “Hey there! Alexander is going to pass through this path. Hence you clear the path and go to the sides! It seems that the recluse was stone-deaf and he was unconcerned about the shouting. Meanwhile Alexander himself approached the spot where the recluse was lying. He roared, Hey man! Clear the path. My soldiers will cut you to pieces. Hearing that the recluse replied, “Let them cut my body; I am unconcerned; I am the indestructible Atma and your weapons cannot cut me! Alexander was astonished. Here lying a old man who is unconcerned about death. He has no fear in himself. When an ordinary recluse could exhibit such wisdom and courage, how can I conquer India? He immediately asked his soldiers to retreat! The great emperor while returning from Indian borders contacted a strange disease which had no cure. He was sure that he is going to die. He told his Ministers, “When I die and my coffin is carried in procession, make two holes on the top cover and let my empty hands project out of it. Let the people know that the great Alexander who conquered the entire world carried nothing while leaving this world! Yes, he earned the wisdom by conversing with the recluse on his way to India.

You are the Master....

Our life on the world is just a drama!

The wisdom of our ancient sages is vast like the sky. They knew that the life is three day drama and when the screen falls, everyone has to retreat back from the stage. The world is a big stage; we are all actors and actresses playing our allotted role. Someone wear the role of king and someone else takes the role of beggar. But they knew their real identity even while acting on the drama called life. God is the conceiver, play write, script writer, costume designer and Director of this great drama called life. He assign each individual their role in the play and teach them how they should look, talk and behave. Our duty is to play our role perfectly, earn the approbation of the Lord when the play ends! During the great Mahabharata war, Lord Krishna teaches very beautiful lessons to the warrior Arjuna which is more relevant today. The Lord exhorted Arjuna to perform his legitimate duty and leave the rest to Krishna. He said, “Do your duty and surrender the results to Me! Being of warrior caste, your duty is to participate in the just war. You have not aspired for the war. You were forced into the war by your wicked cousins, who refused to apportion your share of Kingdom. They were not ready to spare even five villages to the five brothers. Even Krishna himself went to them to negotiate peace but they were refusing to spare even a pinhead of land. Hence war has become inevitable. Perform your duty in the war. Do not worry about the results. Ultimately rely upon me and surrender everything to me. I will safely take you across the miserable earthly life without any sin adhering to you due to the bloody war.Oh! Arjuna! You were perturbed that you are going to kill your own kith and kin in the war. Remember that they are already slain by me. Be thou my instrument to perform the actions willed by me. I will protect you from the results of the war!

One nice prayer!

Perform all tasks without aiming for the results!

We are all performing many tasks in our life with a view on the results that will accrue. Without a tangible result, none will enter into any tasks. But that is not a correct method. Without aiming or anticipating any results, just perform actions for the sake of duty. Leave the rest in the hands of Almighty. Thus we will be rid of the consequences of the actions performed. No doubt that every action will surely produce some appropriate result but one should never cast his eye on the outcome. If we perform ‘desire less actions’, our inner conscious will be rid of blemishes, and we will reach God for sure. If we enter into any deed with a motive, our actions will not become perfect since our aim is on the results. One pointed focus could be achieved if we perform the actions just as duty!.

Perform actions without any desires!

Do you believe that desire less actions lead one to God quickly?

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