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Perhaps the moon is darkness, the sun is light. The story of creation. God and the Devil.

Updated on January 30, 2016

The moon, sun and the story of life.


Perhaps the moon is darkness,   Perhaps the sun is the light. The true story of the beginning of day and night. The God and Devil.

Perhaps the moon is darkness,
Perhaps the sun is the light.
The true story of the beginning of day and night.
The God and Devil.
Choice, when atoms and molecules spit to form smaller forms of life and matter.

The moon could be the coldest form of gas, the purest extreme energy.
The sun could be a hot extremely flammable gas.

When the universe with the power of time, were ready to pollinate, when the space and atmosphere was ripe for the forces, which could be the source of all life to combust, and have a chemical reaction.

The Moon:

One of the coolest planets in our solar system.
The sun:One of the hottest planets in our solar system.

The creation of life.Be it the big bang?Natures fairytale, and the birth of wisdom and knowledge.

The moon:

Gave birth to water.Perhaps that is why we still have glaciers and ice bergs in the ocean, and countries that are frozen and made of ice, all 365 days of the year.

The Sun:

Could have given birth to the earth.The soil, Was nourished by irrigation and favourable weather conditions.Vegetation, with the aid of day and ‎night.Seasons.Rain‎.Photosynthesis.

This is the primary process of the life cycle of life.

For life to sustain itself there needs to be food, water, sunlight, air, and a moderate body temperature for all animals, beast, as well as vegetation.

The moon:

The sun:

The stars:

Are all forms of gas in its purest form, FACT.

Yet these elements are physical attributes, which cast a physical form‎ in a dimension and realm of one earthly and Heavenly reality as well as others beyond the gasp of our five senses.As our knowledge is based on the elements that are known which to us, which stem our fears.Giving birth to the primary form of paranoia, the seeds of neurosis ‎as well as psychosis, and other forms of depression.

So should we be able to define, with clarity, the manifestation of the earth and the definition and formation of life in its simplest scientific form.

What is the soul?
Where does the soul come from?
Who or how was the soul created?
Knowledge and wisdom, have enslaved us.
Yes there have been many great inventions.

Yet look at the quality of life of the majority of most of the souls on earth?
We are living, in that state we dread, drilled into our minds the soul only burns for eternity when you can breathe no more.When you are a victim of crime?When you have lost a loved one?when you are raped?‎When you lose your job, your girl, then your car and home, that could not be worse that an eternal fire, you shall be scared all your days on earth, some never heal, the fortunate recover and better their life, for a worthy coarse.

Perhaps when there is no more happiness, suicide is the quickest out of this hell, what are you thinking when you kill yourself?It can not get any better?No one cares?Who will miss me?

Perhaps we burn our own bridges?
‎Lessons don't come with age or maturity, they catch us by surprise, like when you give up on finding the girl of your dreams.Yet when she came along, you were so cool chasing other skirts, you let an angel walk out of your life, without ever loving and treasuring the chesity ‎of the miracle.

What are we to do with our time on earth?explore other planets and other forms of life in our galaxy?Take better care of the earth?Love the next soul, without being venerable or being compromised financially, emotionally and physically.Yet in reality should you trust as a human being you are bound to get hurt, society and humanity sees kindness as a weakness?

Let us be children.Let us elect a government that will cherish our lives and natural resources.Let us have one common currency around the earth, so all citizens of all nations, may afford to go on holiday to their favorite destination for their birthday or Christmas, that would bring so much joy to humanity, perhaps even suffocate and aliainate povery and greed, the root of all evil.

Let us believe in self.Let us have parents that can support and maintain our household.Houses should be free.
‎No man should pay for basic home for survival.The materials used to build that home, bricks, cement, tiles, carpet, cupboards, the bathroomare free from nature.The labourers who construct these materials and the actual home are paid minimum wages, and can not afford to manufacture a home for their family.Where is the logic in this reality?surely it is unjust?

Perhaps this is all in God's plan, should I say for the spiritual?Perhaps, the universe for the scientific scholars?


The moon:

The sun:

The stars:
Seem to be source of light, day and night.
Perhaps the creator is closer than the holy books lead us to believe?
look around you.what is it that your mind can grasp?

Be thankful.

God's Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala


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