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Perils of a Dwi-Janma Year

Updated on September 2, 2012

Beware of the “The Dwi Janam” or the “Do–Janam Year” in Solar Return. When the birth ascendant recognized as the ascendant in the Solar Return Chart, it is described as the “The Dwi Janam” or the “Do–Janam Year”, such a year is generally very adverse, and leads to anxiety, disappointments, illeness, loss of name and fame and monetary loss etc. the following points must be seen in Solar Return.

a. If the cusp of the ascendant in the Solar Return Chart is described with that of the ascendant at birth the whole year proves troublesome.

b. If the birth nakshatra i.e the nakshatra occupied by the moon in the birth chart of the ascendant, and if the moon or the Jupiter are weak or placed in the sixth house or eight, and under melific influence, the year proves very bad. If the birth chart too shows an adverse Dasha (Antar Dasha) the year may be prove very fatal.

c. The moon in the sixth house and Jupiter in the eight house, during “The Dwi Janam” or the “Dwi–Janam Year” may cause serious illness or death.

Case study [A high ranking police officer attacked by Dengu Malaria] while I was having lunch late one afternoon, I had a call from my friend Kumar Ashutosh. He asked whether I know any one with O negative Blood group. I said that I shall find out and let him know. I called some of my friend regarding the blood group but no one had it. It is a rare blood group. About seven in the evening Kumar Ashutosh called and told me that the police officer’s condition was very serious and his wife wanted her husband’s horoscope to be read.

The case:-

Here is the vedic astrology chart of the officer. It is a Scorpio ascendant chart. Notice the Raj Yoga in the horoscope. In Scorpio ascendant, Mars and Sun are together in the eleventh house. Both the Raj Yoga forming planets are very close in degrees and are excepted by a powerful retrograde fifth Lord Jupiter.

In the Dashamansha chart its Lord Saturn is placed in the tenth house and its Lord mars is placed in the eleventh house. Both the ascendant and Dashamansha chart are very powerful. This conferms that this is high ranking police officer’s natal chart. Then I analyzed the horoscope from the angle of the problem pointed out by the wife of the officer. The question was when her husband would be released from the hospital. He was struggling for his life.

So I examined the ascendant and its Lord and present Dasha/Antardasha. Notice carefully that the ascendant is placed in Mirtyubhagya, its Lord mars is in deep combust the problem doesn’t end here it is also associated with debilited seventh and twelth Lord Venus in Virgo. Enemy sign its Lord Mercury placed in the twelth house. It is not a good combination for sound health of a native. Whenever there is a bad Dasha and Antar Dasha in the native’s life. His health may be seriously affected. Because the ascendant Lord mars is not strong in the horoscope it had only got 2.64 RupaBala in the Shedbala calculation. In this case the effect is that his body inherent capacities to fight disease

Analysis through Vimshottari Dasha:-

The Dasha running was of Jupiter/Saturn/ Jupiter. Jupiter is the second house Lord and placed in the fourth house. Antar Dasha is Saturn, placed in the eight house and lastly the important Pratyantar Dasha Lord is once again Jupiter. Here Jupiter is a malefic planet for Scorpio ascendant and Antar Dasha Lord Saturn is the third house Lord placed in the eight house. Does the story end here? No. The main part is still to be considered. The police officer’s running Dasha Lord Jupiter is placed in Mirtyubhagya in the ascendant and in Trimshansha chart it is seen for misfortune Jupiter is placed in the twelth house and its Lord and Saturn is placed in the sixth house.

Now let us have a look at the transits of the planet, Jupiter the Maha Dasha Lord was to delibited in those days. I worked which date is transiting got relief . I had seen on my laptop that on the 16th of November Jupiter got relief because it came out of Capricorn sign in the transiting Trimshansha.

Jamini Chara Dasha

In the case of this officer Jamini Chara Dasha was leo/Sagittarius (K.N.Rao has repeatedly emphasized that great caution and care is necessary in the case of Sagittarius and Leo Rashi Dasha.) Leo /Sagittarius has implications of accident and illness.
The Leo/Sagittarius started from 6th july 2009 and it will end on 6th June 2010.
• Sagittarius the Antardasha rashi was aspected by three malefic planet Mars, Saturn and Sun and it was also accepted by debilited Venus. Here Saturn is the Atmakarak in this chart.
• From Karkamsha ascendant Sagittarius falls in the eight house.
• From Sagittarius no beneficial planets are placed in the Kendra/Trikona.
• Dasha rashi Leo and Antar Dasha rashi Sagittarius Lords both were transitting in debilited sign. It is clearly indicated from the Jamini Chara Dasha that the running period has very great and serious threat of his life.

Solar Return Chart Analysis

Solar Return chart – Analysis

Now let us take a look at the Solar Return chart of the native.
• Dwi- Janama Year:- In this chart the native ascendant chart has recurred. The cusps of the two ascendant, however are not too close. The ascendant Lord mars is afflicted by the Rahu Ketu axis and it is debilited sign cancer.
• Affliction of mars:- the ascendant Lord mars is represented of physical well being of the native. It forms an almost Poorna Ithasala with the eight Lord Mercury.
• From the Muntha: The Muntha is placed in the adverse twelth house. The placement of the Muntha in Twelth house is not only adverse for the physical health of the native but it also keeps him mentally upset and uncomfortable throughout the year.
• From the Year Lord: Mercury is the year lord here.It is Poorna Ithasala with the eight lord Mars.It is also clearly indicated that serious physical illness will occur this year.
• Punya saham.:- In this chart the Punya saham is Gemini 6.58’. It is the adverse eight house but its Lord Mercury is placed in the eleventh house with exalted sign and is extremely powerful in the Panchavargeeya Bala. So it indicates that the situation is under control. There is no threat to the life of the native.

Tri – Pataki Charka

It will be interesting to have a look at the Tri – Patki charka chart of the native’s thirty six year (expanding form October, 2009 to October, 2010.) The Scorpio is rising in the ascendant in the Solar Return Chart. In this year the moon is under the Vedha caused by the Rahu and Ketu. It is also Vedha from Saturn. These Vedha indicates physical ailments, windy complaints, severe illness,phobia and generally undesirable developments. But the saving factor is also present there in the year because the most beneficial planet Jupiter is Vedha the ascendant and its Lord mars.

Dasha Period:-The Patyayini Dasha operating at the time of serious illness due to Dengu Malaria was that of the Saturn (Oct 23, 2009 to November 22, 2009). The Saturn is in Ithasala with the eighth Lord Mercury.

The Hudda Dasha was that of Mercury (October, 06, 2009 to January 12, 2010) the eighth Lord Mercury in Poorna Ithasala with the ascendant Lord Mars.

The Patyayini Dash and Hudda Dasha clearly indicated that during this period the officer will face major threat to his life.


:- The over all conclusion from the analysis of the native’s chart, from the angle of the Dwi- Janam year indicates serious illness and danger to the health of the native. However, no indications were found of any disaster happening. There is no indication of his life ending in near future, so for alleviation of his suffering and relief from ill health Jupiter mantra japa was recommended by me. Jupiter transitting Capricorn in the Tramshansa chart was the main cause of his problem and suffering. The transits ended on November 15, 2009. The next day he was released from the hospital.


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